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  1. Whats the problem to get an android? All the problems will be solved.. Peace out dudes
  2. We all already know who is going to take 1st place around girls - Miss Charming Warspear Online. They look kinda the same.. :rofl: ;D
  3. Goodluck bro, do your best as always :drinks: :good: :snorlax:
  4. Lol, someone deleted my previous post here :facepalm:
  5. Find a life.. what you said its ducking ridiculous and they will never make it lol :rofl:
  6. Escs


    If you want gold that badly then play on US-Sapphire elfs side.. and you will get twice of Emerald ;D
  7. Its not real right? Made with photo-shop right? :wacko:
  8. Escs

    Arena Contest

    Its good like it is, no need more tournaments ;)
  9. Yes, those items are personal and can't be traded.
  10. I also had same problem after 1 year not playing so i can tell you some advice. First try to check other pc's or phones where you was loged in with your acc for personal info, if you won't find then try to check warspear official website, maybe you bought mcoins from website and there is your info, I dont know what else, try to think a little where your info could be. Good luck ;)
  11. Why you cant just write an email to support and ask to fix it?? :facepalm:
  12. Cant you guys speak on private messages? :crazy:
  13. What's the problem to get an android?? Symbians are out-fashioned.. :facepalm:
  14. Hah, I thought Im the only one with that problem ;D Re-downloaded game from google play, from web, still dont work :crazy:
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