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  1. PoleyKathi

    Old days!!!!

  2. PoleyKathi

    Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    What did i just read?
  3. PoleyKathi


    Welcome onboard
  4. PoleyKathi

    Old pvp video montage just found

    Have fun watching :) Old times missing
  5. PoleyKathi

    Lost guild leadership due to inactivity

    Please hear this person Putting my hand into the fire for nab "Vortex Issue similarities" pls snorlaxboss
  6. PoleyKathi

    Vote To Get Counterattack Back

    My opinion is that bladedancer is the least class who deserves a buff in any particular way lol Aren't there other skills from different classes which should receive a buff?
  7. PoleyKathi

    Vote To Get Counterattack Back

    Why would a skill get a buff when it alrdy received a nerf?
  8. PoleyKathi

    Vote To Get Counterattack Back

    Oh lord pls
  9. PoleyKathi

    What is BladeDancer?

  10. Mhmm yes!
  11. PoleyKathi

    We Want Counterattack Back (at least for PvM)!

    Stick this topic kappa pride
  12. PoleyKathi

    My staff is missing :'(

    Hello you! Just contact the support via my signature and write a ticket! One is more than enough , and will be answered as soon as possible Good luck dear
  13. PoleyKathi

    Octopus of Azure Rings

    Karamba and karambita ! Is there a superlative of creation even possible? In my eyes the finalists hit the stage alrdy ! Well played friendos! Well played