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    Unending Glory

    mmmm.. im sorry i went along the spirit of contest :tease: also i didnt notice anything in the rules that read "posters should be ur originals!"i dont spend time playing ws now. but sometimes i log in just to catch up with friends and one of them wanted me to post for him. im no photoshop guy i just googled 3 posters n did it.. 8) so i dnt get ur point :pleasantry: if u r trying to name them, showing your trivia skills.. then good job :good: i will recommend you to google Co. thanks for watchin fellas
  2. raxit

    Bees Guide

    for lv2 bees damage on lv1 mob: 298 moon--- 99 dmg 0 moon--- 22 dmg 245 moon--- 87 dmg 109 moon--- 45 dmg that b enough i guess :blush:
  3. one more thing, put bees on enemy when you are getting hits from him, not when he is out of range and cant attack you. if u use root + bees, thats waste of bees. do root + bees on a magician, not melee
  4. heal lv5, bees lv4-5, root lv4, lightening lv2-3, barkskin lv1 this druid pwns any other class with same amp of attack and def. But problem is we get ganged in arena and war. Although lowering lightening takes away the bling. ;D go to this page for Insect swarm. every druid should know what his skill can do ::) http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=80244.msg427939#msg427939 about strategy: 1. Shield: barkskin someone else soon as arena starts. most probably one on the lead of marching. this way your shield will cooldown bye the time you reach the rendezvous point and now you can shield yourself. barkskin is important coz it adds to all type of defense. you are almost on a ranger's defense if +5/6 all and put on a barkskin. 2. HEAL JUDGEMENT: Stay at the bottom line of your army. If you do this, only a fine rogue can reach to you. as enemy always attempt to kill ranger/druid. put a pre-heal on someone you think will be attacked first or heal yourself, if you see a rogue going to stealth mode at a distance===> its gonna hit you. Usually stay healed yourself unless someone needs it more than you. a tank getting ganged up needs it more or an archer finishing someone off and getting hits from someone else. Please dont heal someone who is already healed, specially if you heal low. heals dont stack , they replace. If you like to work in moon mode, heal yourself always and stay dynamic, else your moon is all waste. your judgements of heal, turn the tables. 3. AOEs: Warlocks usually put circles. whats the rush its not inviting you to run over his skill. just wait the circle end with time and immediately root it, and run to behind of your herd again. Team work pays nobody's amps or hard work alone pays off. Party should run back altogether when shamans/warlocks are dropping quakes/circles. If shaman heals warlock, you let your party finish warlock and deal with shaman, root it/attack it whatever. 4. TURING YOUR GANG-UP AS FRUITFUL AS YOU CAN: if you are hit with 2x enemies on you: you should always be under heal if none of your party mates needs heal more. What could die faster than a druid=====> an un-healed druid! Someone in your party has to come to make it even when you're ganked by 2. if not, you have to work for yourself==> root one and run opposite to the area where your party is killing enemies==> put bees on the other leech and run to farthest end of map. you will be fine by then because even if the 2 reach you and kill you. your party will come and finish them. because if they were 2x1 on you, their pt remained 3x4 against your party. gang up guys don't think this through. what you did was trying to survive as long as you can and breaking the enemy pt team-work resulting in helping your own pt. In case the rooted person dont tail you till the corner, you can easily kill the solo leech, explained in next point. 5. Dont keep healing yourself throughout the fight if you are not under attack. Even if you r attacked with 1 person you can heal someone else, root the solo leech on you, change your spot and go support the party-kill by attacking least hp enemy, heal up. When roots end, put bees on that leecher and run out of reach. 4x bees damage will make enough distance for you to make his hp half and heal yourself. Finish him and goto your business, maybe your party did fine with the rest! Be a team player. if you are left 1x1 at last. root+run+heal every time you are left with 800-1000 hp. go full and attack again. and repeat the plan. no melee can survive it! shaman 1x1 could be a pain if you are not high on your bees. ^ hope that works for you
  5. raxit


    I noticed that too. I guess most of those who use it at start should have lv5 roar. so that it lasts long enough and still their mana doesn't get used for it. those who do it without this purpose, is just a fail..
  6. OII poley :blush: but isnt it fair to generate a feedback to GMs and improve the classes that are not as powered as Shamans/ Locks/ Archers / Rogues. Call it crying, whining, complaining... whatever, it brings order :) :pleasantry: although pala and dk dont need improving anything lol :give_rose: :lol:
  7. :shok: aaahhh man you got you skills studied wrong ;D :tease: circle is your first attack. then do damage and heal stealing >> then hit fear and damage skill again.... circle must be lv5.. fear skill is :pleasantry: "breakable" dont totally rely on it.. Have you seen yourself in arena? Warlock/shaman parties crush enemies and almost all survive. If you are still unsatisfied with the second most OP class in-game... I wont say anything more in this respect! Secondly, yes druids need at least one skill AOE. feels discriminated how non godly shamans have 2 CONTROLLING skills, one of which is mass control: quake. and all druid has got is Roots that still enable ranged classes to do normal damage, and it not even allows surrounding adds to suck your hp; like blind works for shamans by forcing us into adds. I'd recommend sange you play this class lv20 against its fellow ranged classes. its kinda helpless. OP shaman outshines all classes, even rangers!
  8. Here is my entry ;D . ik it doesnt seem like a great artwork but we as a non- professional, i tried... 8) Go hunt for the endless glory......... :pleasantry: :shok: :friends: :drinks: :clapping:
  9. Here is a recommendation for why you should level this skill up: I thought i will share the background process of skill that i researched a while ago with the help of a friend. But I had to start all new. because the skill's "curses" :pleasantry: (spell that reduces enemy parameters) are not same as they were when it was non-damage type. It still changes the speed of enemy though. Earlier Insect Swarm was not a damage type skills. those days it used to effectively reduce the crit-hit percentage of enemy as well as its attack speed. NOW: lv1 bees can do ~85 x4 dmg with 300 moon lv2 bees can do ~100 x4 damage with 300 moon And lv5 bees can cause damage of around 130 x4 with 300 moon. -I dont have a book of oblivion to test damage of bees with skill progress. although i know it improves with leveling. my lv2 bees do 97 damage on 300 moon. I hate why they removed the CRIT-lowering effect of this skill. But on the other hand, it does damage to halt enemy now and.... the lowering of enemy attack speed is a lot better. Here's how: lv1 swarm reduces enemy speed by 20% lv2 by 25% and with 5% increase each level, lv5 lowers enemy atk speed by 35% It is a very powerful skill against any class to lower their speed. Enemy attack speed getting negative means a lot as it adds to the attack delay of enemy weapon speed! lv5 bees on an archer wielding a bow means it will now attack with 3.2 seconds attack speed, not 2.4sec. Talking about the slowest class, DK with a spear, it will attack with a speed 4.6 sec, not 3.4 speed on you while under lv5 bees. AIN"T THAT GREAT!!?? Also you get increased bees damage every level up and it also improves with your moon damage. Root+ Run+Heal is always good but 1x1 no class can beat you for a little more/less amp if you got lv5 bees. The only thing to worry about is its cooldown because unlike heal or shield skill this skill cant be looped. lv5 bee lasts as long as cooldown is close to complete. but its not that bad. you get enough heal cycles between enemies consequent hits that are lowered to 3 second at least. This results in==> You heal every time you get hit. because heal tics every 3 second, and any class under bee skill cant be as fast as that. archers are the fastest and yet no archer with 30% speed exist to counter that. ;) example: archer with 15% speed, gets lowered by -20% speed and that will make his atk speed ~2.9 second that is almost like your heal ticking (3sec). ty for reading.
  10. raxit

    Bees Guide

    Hahhh I just found an anomalous behavior to your formula sir :tease: ;D my druid has 299 max moon, lv2 bees, does 95 damage only. that okay as per your theory?
  11. raxit

    Bees Guide

    i dont believe it they handicapped bees skill. i thought i would go check if the skill works like before. but it does not. it does not change enemies crit anymore. :facepalm: still see my post about background effects of bees.
  12. raxit

    Bees Guide

    Aaahh! I get in now. thanks for explaination ::) . +1 you for this ;) so you are saying that this equation will result in a parabola, right? I have known that bees increase damage with level and also with moon. But parabola explains that bees damage will not improve with improving MOON at one point. Have you any calculation to approximate that max bees damage? because I have more to tell about bees apart from damage!! ;D
  13. WOW thats sassy but i agree :shok: :lol: :lol: :give_rose: if u dodge a skill that is blessed u still get the extra damage. theres no provision like dk-stun hit , that if we dodge the hit we also miss extra damage. you should dodge both hits to dodge a blessed hit.
  14. raxit

    Bees Guide

    idk how u got on to calculating that formula and stuff. plus i think u r using some sort of translator to post these threads. I dnt actually make a lot out of your words. Sorry i said that, bt had too :unknw: :search: If it was only that you know about bees then i am getting on to post an allout druid post tested on one of the oldest druids in USS... check it out soon
  15. It is just about being both sides balanced and being fair at war/farm/pvp/pve. People who only play MC side or only elf side cant get it right. but those who have been everywhere would surely agree to what i am goin to suggest now. But mostly i want devs to hear what i wanna say. I came to see the update and this is what i see : 1. ROGUE BUG: why rogue stealth hit is now 0 damage? character loses all charm without it. any class can take it down now. IDK yet whether the stealth treatment is right or not, but sure feels unfair. ==>/Plz return the big hit or delete the useless class itself/ 2. AOE DISCRIMINATION WITH DRUID: Only MC casters got AOE area-plotting skills. dont miss judge mage skills with pure AOE it is more like Area Of Presence skill. nid to make a multi-effect skill for druid maybe. whole game is imbalanced with OP shamans and warlocks. would be a relief if their counterpart druid gets one skill AOE too. Brr skill can be made AOE too. ==>/no one likes to invite druids in their arena party unless high amped. need to notice that, work on druid tactics please./ 3. RANGER'S BLESSING: if blessing skill not lv5, its a waste of as even existing as skill. now that you guys have made it fail more. archers r still monsters while hitting off targets in war but easy for 1x1. why devs are not giving archers a choice to try other skills too. any less than lv5 blessing is fail and lesser duration. ==>/I dont want u to make it a sure double damage. Neither do we want its duration raise. But this could be the solution to trouble about this skill since begining : make the second hit done by blesses hit damage lesser than main attack of archer depending upon skill level. so that even blessing lv1 chances to do 2x hit remains considerable. not like a waste of using skill/ 4. SHAMAN'S CASE: quake has been misjudged and blinding got overlooked. all know quake is a post-presence AOE deop skill we cant pre-plot it like warlocks. warlocks can block paths to stop flooding. due to time delay addition of players on screen, network type etc.. quake gets to lose chances of holding the enemy. because soon as we see enemey on range and drop quake, animation will take time and enemy will run pass 2x2. 3x3 cell/blocks area was all appreciable and fair. not to mention quake is a momentary skill, not a lasting type like circles. it is the blind skill combo that makes this class OP and unfair along with quake. ==/quake area was never needed to be reduced. its the quake damage that bugs. while there is not much difference in quake lv1-5 damage people keep it lv1-3 and blind lv3-5. Devs should make quake damage progress with lvls such that people who opt more damage with quake, will have to level it up. say, for 300 moon lv1 quake does 160 damage and with 40 dmg increase per level lv5 quake deals 360 damage. then people will consider it leveling which will bring balance in skills else lv1 quake which damages like 310 damage with 270 moon ang 360 quake dmg at lv3 with 270 moon is not big deal. people will use lv1 quake with lv5 blind. I hope someone is getting this point/ (i wish snorlax and mioco pvp each other with druid and shaman 1x1 ro check how unfair is shaman to its nemesis) 5. CREATE LOOPHOLES TO SOME SKILLS: Apart from the complete support classes, necro and priest, all classes should have a breakthrough to their skills that enemy class can use. that will give place to skilled people in the WORLD OF AMPS. I remember how it used to be druids used heal/barkskin on gauged partners to recover them from gauge. idk if it still works or not. add brainy features like that. so there re-exist the people who were praised for how fast they react and not how high they hit. at least one enemy class should know a loophole to at least one of the enemy class. BD ham gets dodged, rogues do it often. Druid roots get rushed by barbs when charge skill b clicked before any delay getting 'ROOTED'. Archers have trap for rogues. But nothing can overcome a shamans blind or warlocks mass stun circle. ==>/Devs need to balance that. At least create a shorter blind-run-area for shaman blind. Oe do this: if blinded person random clicks===> he starts running around else it stands still. that will create a difference between fear skill and blind skill. Dying from ads is worst thing to happen. All noobs got staffs in hand now a days. magician class has to be more mind work not just being untouchable and enjoying imbalance. Warlocks that do nothing but drop random circles while others kill on there stuns enjoy this too. they should get a breaker that can work through circle/ 6. DK skill ill-trated: why is DK threads of darkness 30 second cooldown? I don't think it is worth that 20-22 sec is enough as long as you keep the "heightened damage during the skill" under a passable limit. ==>/the addition to thread could be increased penetration instead of improving its damage Or keep the damage improvement to DK itself and not for its partners. after all its a tank class not support/ 7. Miscellaneous Stuff: - there dont exist bg amulets for mage/warlock and mages dont have lv17 cloak yet. -unequipped same level paladin compared to BD, BD got more HP. Dont know why. -bg items had equivalent arena replacements or better cc cover, nothing to look aside from lv18 stuff for same level replacement. like there were parameter variations. rach set of same level had some speciality, cc set: the nice healthy set that only dont have set bonus... - remove sanctuary quest. worst thing with least reward. - make cc pvp/kill quests interesting gold/rewards. so people do them often. create more cc quests with more value. Give the currency reason to exist. - with arena sets out there warlocks/shamans dont need chainless anymore. give it a cause too. - why people can equip boots / gloves of bg and lv18 items if they not done chainless! and many more, just not getting all my thoughts together... HOPE i get response. it took a hell lot of effort to draft this post...thanks for reading
  16. this has to b a major bug : Rogue hit from while in stelth is reduced to 0 dmg WHY SO?
  17. = = devs, u better pay jeheweheqr (ik his bg guard costume barb since ws1.5 or bfor, always wondered of it means somdthing or just the sound of chewing gravels lol) for the amazing maps now... Ik they r so practical. id like to know why a square loop map is erased in which whole mid was filled wit water and we cud see our enemies...the one in witch sneaky people used to hide in top left corner in a tree and rangers killed em ruthlessly xD and a last one...something changed while moving between maps. If u notice while taking boats from Nadir to Black Mist island and reverse, the map now moves focus in a strange way. We teleport almost out of screen and screen shifts focus. That same thing happens in the volcano map too. To resolve it, we have to click one random. U guys getting it ryt? One more place i cn give example, Norlant Treasure Houses Portals. Time wastage and rong click chances increase.. I mean it wasnt like that bfore. Idk bout yall bt it annoys me, specially on tab and touch screen fones.
  18. hehe ;D :shok: :shok: :shok: what !!? wts ur wlock?we could be arena partners wen i return :spiteful:
  19. blackness/agny/eridnas here ;) the guy is a big headed old farrt :mega_shok: , egoist, ganker, self-centered, badass, ♥♥♥♥♥y :fool: but still he is kinda my frnd :lol: cz all the funny ♥♥♥♥♥ess frm trade chat fights r my frnds... :give_rose:
  20. :shok: Kickzzzz!!!! :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok: you still play WS USS !!???? I never knew :cray: Its cool to know frends still remmber me but the game is making a mess every update and every time its about mcoins :facepalm: 8 high lvl chars, all the hard work, in vain... :nea: Anyways the post is about frnds, so. Most my old frends are on both sides. I'll write all their names as I remember. all from us server IN ORDER OF THEIR APPEARANCE: Gagalady (we shared acc) Merceed/speedie/speedzz/Kickz/Push/Mercede (so many names) traxxracer/Imsaiyan Knee/sammil Rethgif/Rethdruid/Rethger/Retheist Kree/Avenger/Inferno Baldo/xbaldo Lvinz Vie/whitedove Shubhs/shubs Jumboa/jhanjhat/blossoms Meowkitty/sorath Serioussam Whiteness Blackness shj/insik/monsterx wsbr/iamshin excaliburr/minusme these r the names of people i've spent most of my time in game and the list goes on. because there are many people like me who mostly stayed in game coz they didnt wana lose contact ;D kiezsha, ascetic, brilliant, poley, reu, callie, flowhunter, foysal, basics and many others name to include... bcz 18 months in this game takes a lot more. I didnt include all those names that ended with a bad note or changed sides for selfish reasons. forgive me if forgot smone's name. Remind me if i did :diablo:
  21. ty for still not forgetiing lol ;D ;) :blush: when the amplify update started.........for me.....the game ended :lol: hope it is still fun around with the unfair arena rewarding n stuff :P u must b healing 790 or so by now, is it so? About shaman, if i ever had a full-fledged shaman I would use it like yimmy :D Also i think Bemyhoe is maybe twistd, the old ranger. A while ago i faced him in pvp in noob levels.. Idk how but sometimes by noticing someone's gameplay/pvp we can tell.. either he is swaaz or twistd :!
  22. logged in after a while... find this amusing, lv19-20 2x2 arena 22 points !!!??? that is so low... even if u award 5x5 arena win with a bit more points, it is still useless. bcz 5x5 is too messy to have fun and and win on the terms of actual gaming skills and class skills. About converting AP into gold, that's unfair conversion bcoz one set arena tickets = 3000 gold and even if we win all 10/10 fights, which hardly happens, we get = 220 Arena Points(2x2) , at most 450 AP (5x5) take an impossible case of buying 10 Arena sets worth 30k gold and winning all 100 arena 5x5 fights to get maximum points, we get 4500 AP That is ridiculous coz we just spend 30k gold to get 4500 Ap !!!!!! And u repay us with 4.5k gold for 4.5k AP !!!??? to sum up in a word, UNFAIR. About arena maps, u guys should do something different for 5x5 arena. In non-loop maps its a disaster, its for kids who love watching special effects not knowing whom they hit or who hits them. May be not on computers but on cellphones we dont have a chance but to click on the first person that we randomly see in a mass of 5 Red Names running around us, instead of selecting the target as per the tactics. there's no place for instincts, perception, team-sync and tactics in that, let alone the matter of fully-amped enemies. This is why most people never applied for 5x5 bfore this AP reward system changed. those who applied for 5x5 did it to try 1x1/pvp. 5x5 should be, but in a way that it doesn't suck. Most people might like it at first coz its a 5 seconds of action. and of course of all the classes, warlocks and shamans have the upper-hand in 5x5 AoE stun and atk skills. try something new and different for it. like when the 2 parties appear in arena, place all 10 players separate and not just in 2 box for 5 each. So that everyone reaches to the rendezvous-point at a planned time, unlike a haphazard. So that its not a messy gangbang. so that we get to use more brain instead of random clicking. idk bout others but i find 5x5 linear map fights senseless.
  23. 1. about first one, i think the pots were in the arena supplier shop already. :blush: 2. spheres in shop, good one.. :clapping: 3. third doesnt mean much, bcoz the quest in circus r creative, innovative but reward is trash and exp is minimal, i dnt think people like this....last halloween was way better than this, dark dusk rings and amulets were worth something. also the quest difficulty was matching all levels.. pumpkin bosses wreak havoc. for me this is just update for some cool costumes. :unknw: :facepalm: :wacko: 4. this is something that adds meaning to stopping servers. :lol: 5. fifth one is a reason to why horror circus will b left empty. coz that makes it norlant without exp and rewards. all the struggle for nutin but loss of repair... :facepalm: 6. is it about the island of forsaken? coz i see forsakens of same quests are behind MCs in exp.. :unknw: 7. hope all quest isnt found are fixed by now :give_rose: 8. Nice work with the dead bodies BTW and weapon looks. the lv14 staff from genie quest, please keep that look to only that staff. ::) Something for future: 1. after a long time, i suggest again please do something to make elf/chosen drops on elf side and mc/forsaken drops on mc side. OR let the inter-faction trade b open in nadir, like good old WS 1.5 times. 2. people have turned it from warspear to business spear, no one will notice undergoing trades if there is a continuous war going on. i suggest the old nadir respawn b resurrected. nothing better than a war-all-day spot. 3. with all casters getting kite or aoe skills, preist sucks big time with none of those. anyone can escape a preist. even if used truce skill they can fallow u wen u try to outrun a hunter. No stunn for this guy :( :aggressive: even necro gets to do that.. 4. need to rethink that, everyone has defence against forsakens but not all have defence against sun atk of chosens. seems to me unfair advantage :bad: 5. also mages/warlocks too low on hp, bad because they cant heal.. their equips r not fairly treated, amulets frm bg get sun/dark +astral :wacko: . a full 18 set warlock lv18, has 1980 hp in US server, how bout that when u get 20% def and no heal... anyways thanks for finally listening our queries
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