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  1. mine hv left,right and back view but it difrent from what i see in the internet
  2. i dnt realy think it same lol it same but..............my design is better
  3. wow evryone post have replies mine0 :( mine is the most bad?:(
  4. hy all this costume is called super night killer it a killer just like asasasin but it could be faster than a asasin because it a super fast atker it only come out on night and kill anyone in0.30sec quite fast right?:D hope u all like it
  5. Hy all I less online cuz no phone haha almost 1year. Lol xD um today it my b'day I'm so happy haha xD now bzy school haha
  6. wew why many ppl get book of......gift ,hair colour gift,baber gift lol why i dnt get all my chr gt def ll,leser potion and im rnger i needbook too to make my skil back i cant help ppl kil boss in map1 when no update i can kil alone and now i cant even kil my skil=0
  7. duck plz dnt reset my new ranger lv16 i play free tic my poin2800+ plz dnt i need the point for arena wpn and why so ugly the ques giver plz dont reset if u reset i gona let pay for it >:D
  8. The first tine i join but lose nvm :( i wont join anymore i knw i will ways lose im a looser "L" :( bye congratz to the winner bye
  9. Im just bac from school n I wnt play warspear n it say maintenance :(
  10. Anyone Help Me Plz :( I Just New Game A Ranger in Us Sapphire I Always Lose In Arena :( Im Poor No gold For Gud Wpn,Equipment My Ranger Already Lv 13And He Always Lose In Arena And My Wpn Is Lv10 :( I Dont Hv Gold For Arena Tic And For Mcoin :( Can anyone Teach Me How To Win And My Noob Wifi Is Bad :(
  11. duck my ducking bullshit dad always use internet make me fuking lagg iI cant even ques and always die die die die Die die die die die die die die
  12. why there only a little people see my comic and less comment maybe all people hate my comic and all peop love me lose :( :( :(
  13. I Wish I Will Win Even If 2nd Or 3rd I Will Also Be Happy :) ;) :tease:
  14. Ty And I Forget Tell The Topic Lol Topic"Warlock The Kidnaper" :lol:
  15. I Already Done My Comic Hope U Like It Wish U All Enjoy :rofl:
  16. Cn u tell me how u make comic using android phone plz
  17. Hy i would like to join n i alredy scren shot it but cant upload it it has25pic how :( the pic cant be stick together
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