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  1. You can teleport to any major city using a tp scroll
  2. Most accounts that has been bought was banned.
  3. Buffs in DOTA 2 for controlling points?? Please tell me where, I must have missed that
  4. Wow this sounds really good! But... I'm sure we will have to pay for it some way or the other?
  5. Hmm Blink Dagger kind of died on Shadowfiend in Dota 2. Lothar's is still meta. Meh
  6. Buy a blink dagger and you "flash" every 12 seconds as well ;D ;D
  7. I give you a post of 30 May 2013, which is more than a year ago: At least we got Ayvondil and well, level 22. But things are going too slow :cray: There hasn't even been word about anything like new PVP for over a year...
  8. It depends... If you want more hp then you use one. If you want more mana you use one. Everyone will use their own one that fits them best.
  9. I'm not sure if you are trying to troll or not... Why would WS mess up WarCraft?
  10. I'm sure your PC won't lag because of a 40mb game... If it runs WarCraft it should run WarSpear :)
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