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  1. You can teleport to any major city using a tp scroll
  2. Most accounts that has been bought was banned.
  3. Buffs in DOTA 2 for controlling points?? Please tell me where, I must have missed that
  4. Wow this sounds really good! But... I'm sure we will have to pay for it some way or the other?
  5. Hmm Blink Dagger kind of died on Shadowfiend in Dota 2. Lothar's is still meta. Meh
  6. Buy a blink dagger and you "flash" every 12 seconds as well ;D ;D
  7. I give you a post of 30 May 2013, which is more than a year ago: At least we got Ayvondil and well, level 22. But things are going too slow :cray: There hasn't even been word about anything like new PVP for over a year...
  8. It depends... If you want more hp then you use one. If you want more mana you use one. Everyone will use their own one that fits them best.
  9. I'm not sure if you are trying to troll or not... Why would WS mess up WarCraft?
  10. I'm sure your PC won't lag because of a 40mb game... If it runs WarCraft it should run WarSpear :)
  11. Please explain the "Another area skill"? Druid has 1 unreliable aeo spell, so please don't complain about that.
  12. Yep just as you rocked MC while warlocks were OP
  13. I bought 1 set, opened the first chest and got a costume. So I decided to sell the rest because you only get lucky once :rofl:
  14. Yes no amps or enchants. Just a 1 stat without anything else.
  15. Many MMORPG games has them and the game needs something new...
  16. Why don't we have an accessories/ trinkets in game? And no, not accessories like a medallions or rings, but something like an item that gives you more mana regen, or more hp. It should only have ONE stat. Here are a few examples of an extra accessory: Gives user +[amount] HP, gives user +[amount] mana, does % return damage to enemy that attacks user, more hp regen, more mana regen, gives user more xp per quest. Accessories/Trinkets can also have rarity, just like any other item. But this kind of accessory should only have [1] stat to for a specific purpose. This is only a simple idea. Maybe people can help improve it? :good:
  17. Does anyone perhaps know what is the percent that the Skill Forest Song has to be successful? It says in the skill description "With an element of chance", but what are the chance? And that is on level 1 skill. How much does the chances increase as you skill it? And on level 4 what is the chances then? If anyone knows please tell me. Thank you
  18. After server crash all daily quests reset. At least reset stamina points aswell for those you screwed over while in tower
  19. Yea this is pathetic. After wasting 2 stamina and 3 revives and countless hp pots the server goes off. :facepalm: Well done. Very well done. Will I ever see those items I WASTED now for nothing? Nope. Never ever. :unknw:
  20. There is no arena level 19? :wacko: It's lv 19-20
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