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  1. Whats the problem to get an android? All the problems will be solved.. Peace out dudes
  2. We all already know who is going to take 1st place around girls - Miss Charming Warspear Online. They look kinda the same.. :rofl: ;D
  3. Goodluck bro, do your best as always :drinks: :good: :snorlax:
  4. Lol, someone deleted my previous post here :facepalm:
  5. Find a life.. what you said its ducking ridiculous and they will never make it lol :rofl:
  6. Escs


    If you want gold that badly then play on US-Sapphire elfs side.. and you will get twice of Emerald ;D
  7. Its not real right? Made with photo-shop right? :wacko:
  8. Escs

    Arena Contest

    Its good like it is, no need more tournaments ;)
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