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  1. Great job aiGrind for making the update transition so smooth. Keep up the good work.
  2. The wallpaper is awesome. Now players are expecting more awesomeness. lolz. Hope we'll not be disappointed.
  3. No really, I think it all make sense to me. Thanks, I think I got it.
  4. I have a question. Given that you have multiple signs, and you amp let's say for example your gloves and failed. You said stop and wait for the next wsd. But can you still amp your other gears (ie.: boots, armor, cape, etc..) on the same wsd? Or it would be higher percentage of failures for those subsequent ampings of different gears on the same wsd?
  5. Tough guts you've got there.. Even at war, RESPECT is valuable and that is what you've earned.
  6. Ok, so I found the following at http://warspear-online.com/en/rules/community. It's clear that admins cannot and won't ban users with foul names. Tough luck noah, the penalty is just renaming. But I guess admins have their hands full even without your concern so I suggest you just chill out and enjoy the game.
  7. I suggest Devs could either fix the server sync or bring earthquake back to 5x5 AoE. That skill became next to useless.
  8. I've tried all classes and found it most comfortable playing shaman and necro so I go for mc/forsaken.
  9. I was really disheartened when it was reduced from 5x5 to 3x3, but I still find earthquake pretty useful for pvp regardless. Besides, when doing pvp fight around mobs (like around Nadir), I don't have to worry to much that mobs will be included inside the earthquake radius and subsequently start targeting the caster. It's just about having a sunny point of view.
  10. Yes Devs, kindly do something about it.
  11. Additional item rewards for daily quests.. Cool.
  12. It's no big deal. it's just a game. I got characters on both sides too.. They even have the same name so that it would prevent me to spy on the other side coz hell, that would be so obvious, wouldn't it? Besides, it would be more fun to experience all adventures on both sides,
  13. So, Pvpdude got it all huh? :good: But I know one thing that can stop him... ;D
  14. Why is Genie not on the list? That one's so hot. pshhhhh...
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