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  1. I agree bro. Today there was a war at DG 32, but in area chat we see people saying to not kill certain elf guilds, etc...B/c they are "allies"...Totally took the fun out of it bro.
  2. 100% with everything you said bro. I love WS a lot, so I guess it's something I'm just going to have to get used to. I just started back playing again about 2 months ago, but yup, I think that's true bro.
  3. I hear you bro, appreciate your opinion on this seriously. You make a good point.
  4. What are your honest thoughts about the MC/ELF alliance guys? My thoughts: I kinda miss how it was back in the day when you would kill the enemy side no matter what guild they were in. We used to have HUGE wars back in the day as well, etc.That helped make the game so much fun, but, since there is this "MC/ELF Alliance" thing going on, that doesn't even happen anymore. Anyways, this is not to cause drama or anything like that, I would just love to hear what the community as a whole thinks about it.
  5. Yup, I see him a lot in world chat. Real good guy, funny as well 😄
  6. Thanks a lot bro! Really appreciate it! 🙂 DK is really fun hehe!
  7. Hello guys! As the title says I have finally returned to WS 🙂 Unfortunately my rouge is still gone, but I've started playing a DK (currently level 23, trying to level up fast :p) his name is Sneakymee. Looking to reconnect with players I played with back in the old days 2012'ish, a few names I remember: Chronoz, Warlion, Pattystar, Poley, Erii, Wulfgar, Cigma, Ulti, Sixshadows, Daciousx, Zythus, etc... Anyways, feels really good to be back, didn't realize how much I missed WS. If you remember me please add me. Also, to anyone on map 1 or 2 that's finding it hard to get help with quests, etc. I'm always down to help and if you need low cost items for the Mshop I'll help out as well (Repair Scrolls, Teleportation Scrolls, Runes, etc..). Best Wishes Everyone!
  8. +1 And the skill is worth getting, trust me. My favorite new skill now.
  9. Thanks man really appreciate that, and wow that's crazy man, didn't know that happened
  10. He is bro, he's signed to a rapper named Rich The Factor, Boy Big is a real good Hookman, he's one of the Hookmen I looked up to when I first started out, so this a big deal to be nominated in the same category as him.
  11. Lol!! , thank you for voting bro, truly appreciate it man seriously.
  12. I'm praying I win it man hehe, if I do I will for sure Time
  13. Hi Guys, like the subject says I was nominated for Best Male Singer , please stop by and vote for me when you get a chance, only 2 days left to vote, no registration needed, just scroll down to my name: Ligahde, and click vote , thank you in advance guys, appreciate the support, here is the link -> http://irepmedia.com/kansas-city-music-awards/best-male-singer/
  14. Like I said in subject, I don't really care who you are are how high your guild rank is, you NEED to be helping your community out period. Both guild leaders of the highest ranked top 2 guilds on MC side -and some of the members used to be in my guild back in the day at one point so I honestly don't understand where this selfish stuff comes from, because we were all about helping each other AS WELL as the community, regularly, even the leader of the top ranked guild on Elf side used to be in my guild when I was over there but Zeus actually has his members helping out in the community...Hmmmm........ But, as I said before you once needed help guys, don't be selfish ignore/not help when you see your fellow MC needing a hand, it's not cool man, at all, I'm not bragging or anything but a lot of you used to be the lil newbs begging for help back in the day, and we got you help - Help out more then what you have been doing and watch how strong MC becomes.
  15. And If anyone knows Chronoz's number or Facebook please have him msg me on here or in-game please, thanks.
  16. Whats up guys, I've just been sitting back and observing the community for the past 5-6 days since I've been back, and I have never seen MC in this kind of shape before guys, just keeping it real, the #1 concern is how there are MANY people (High lvl's included) who still have not completed CL, a lot have not even killed Genie yet, and it's really no excuse for it guys, you can't use the excuse that the Elf/Chosen have to many people on that side, because if we trully work together we can get the quests knocked out with np at all, It's been done MANY MANY of times. The selfishness needs to stop, if you have completed CL or any other quest for that matter help your fellow MC/Forsaken complete it to, YOU once needed help so return the favor. Also you that are in the bigger/higher ranked guilds, you guys should really find time to assist the community, doesn't have to be everyday by any means, but find some time during the week to help out, I know you guys are busy, trust me I understand, but the community needs ya. In sum, I mean no disrespect at all, I say all this in love, it just sad to see MC in the shape it's in, but I KNOW we can turn things around and unify like we were in the old days, if any of you need any extra help you can PM me and I will try my BEST to help you out, that's a promise. Love you all, lets get it MC/Forsaken
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