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  1. i got my 2k mcoin gift code. my question is can i still be able to use it after 2 to 3months? i dont want to use it right now. i hope i can still pm the support about it after 2 to 3months if the gift code is not working. i had troubles with mcoins in the past like reviving or add bag and some unwanted purchases xD
  2. better sell those chests and stash and buy the costume itself.
  3. goodluck to everyone. this contest soon be over.. hope more artistic contest to come.. :friends:
  4. ii would like to say if you want this contest to be fair.. these are the options i suggest should be done: battle of likes/polls :*the liker will post what is her/his like number/count *authentication of the liker's in game char/email should be posted right under the like count number (if you only wanted gamers likes) *reason why you voted him/her *a fansign stating the name of the competitors name/id which he/she wanted to vote every contest has its pros and cons. beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we happen to live in a community full of eccentrics. :)
  5. im totally agree with this.. doesnt mean a twin or something theyre the same person.
  6. 1. greeci 2. Sarah 3. 29 4. Philippines 5. college level and a graduate of 2 vocational courses 6. none. im just an online gamer since year 2000. 7. i was a forum moderator and later became admin. my job was segregating forum threads to their respective categories and give a little entertainment to fellow forum readers e.g. forum games, creating talk-about topics, some current events which i concluded my fellow readers were interested in. i doubled check the banned accounts, topics that have been reported or topic that contain harsh materials, words, pics, videos or audio, and users with malicious doings that make him a threat to other guests, admin team and site itself. we gone through several meetings how to make the site better and we have been given tasks. everything in the site shall be reported to owner/admin 2-3 times a week depends. checking personal messages frequently just in case something's gone wrong out of hand. ive been a jury,forum-game maker and a judge several of times to some sites. i left the forum when i bumped into warspear. :) 8. most of the time +8gmt and sometimes i logged as guest. 9. based on my experience its a tough job as well as rewarding. 10. this is a forum for gamers. users and guest seldom check forum unless there is maintenance or have something to report. conduct forum games during maintenance hours and give in-game rewards. 11. games that can be done in game but should be reported to forum. put an object/npc/char in game to kill or give a task to be done and ask the players to report it on game. :) 12. i love this game and that makes me want to apply and help warspear community. 13. either contest, general discussion, new players. :) or ill suggest a new category under international for filipinos. 14. no 15. eu-emerald, odiktus
  7. my anticipation with ayvondil will come to an end. heuheuheu :diablo:
  8. im watching a documentary about king cobras till servers back. xD
  9. haha i was there when the kid came to cave.. i had laughs cause he talked like a professional tv host. :! goodluck lil fella.. and goodluck to your chosen career. pmpl
  10. oh thats the reason ive never seen you online for quite a while.. dont worry pheo im still in pvp cave.. you have my back and all my chars and borrowed chars.. i stopped helping elfs doing cl for a while.. im leveling a shaman now. goodluck. :)
  11. its ok if the reward goes to top 1 rank. i dont mind getting those things.. my rangers level14 ratio is 8:10 and 40% of my arena taken from random demand.. random 2x2 or random 3x3.. just a thought, if its for the ratio.. what if someone gets a new char, amped it to +10 got also all +10 partner and flood arena sweep wins and boom.. ratio 1:1.. xD
  12. congrats to the owner.. :)
  13. omgee.. my entry didnt make it even for a conso. :'( congrats to all winners.. especially washememew.. i'll have my signs later.. xD
  14. its not.. took me 8-10 days to made it. a pro can make it 1 to 2 days.
  15. ive thought of this dress before xD
  16. ill add little details of the dress later.. xD
  17. my maidens nearly done.. drastic change coming out. xD cant wait to post it :'(
  18. you done all pixel form? try to make 5-8 shades of 1 color the pixel form will look amazing xD
  19. dont expect too much :| but i really really want you to win... xD
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