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  1. Playstation 4... DS3D.. WiU... Guess everyone next..
  2. Nah ! you dont count on me posting lmao xD Nestly
  3. hahahah es que jode mano ! siempre anda buscandole a uno algo, bien stocker ! de verdad que se vaya pal carajo, si anda aburrido que haga nuevos amigos jajajajaj !
  4. Lmao ! that sound so racist .. People from other culture that don't even speak english plays at the server and if that bother you I bet you need to handle that right ! wop Wow.. my good vibes for chronoz bring a lot of hater to critize me ! C'mon jarlaxxx keep trying to search for more things ..
  5. Awww you need to mention me always hater ! hahahahah
  6. Mamabicho pendejo te molesta mi ingles? Me importa un carajo lo que pienses.. Asi de sencillo siempre habla el que menos puede ! vete a joder pa otro lado ! Even he knows i talk spanish he need to bother like others cuz they need attention ! Dramalover
  7. I hope you put does wars to work on like oldtimes ! It's glad to see you back ! You were a nice leader for my time back then at mc and respectable person !
  8. Ya that's relative. Everything depend's in how battle turns or who is in !
  9. What you wish doesn't happen I wish i found a bag with a lot of money inside
  10. both cuz redbird could have a nest xD ! hahahahha What kinda of movies did you prefer to see?
  11. both cuz redbird could have a nest xD ! hahahahha What kinda of movies did you prefer to see?
  12. Everything depends who interesting becomes the game ! How many times in a day you will do arena?
  13. I dont even know were was the last time i show myself ! So a update about me and yes i become addicted to weird lipstick !
  14. Yeah it was curiosty, I know in expert exist that skill... But it call it by himself ! In other part i ask it cuz it stuns the opponent but they could put it damage as the barbarian skill that cuts you.. ! I just saying cuz in reality a trap like that not just stun only the animal's makes damage too
  15. I got a question ! I became pretty interested in rangers since i move from mc but I thought the trap will cause damage ! Basing in logic things and reality traps catch you and hurst you! Traps were always were like that ? Or are you guys considerate put damage to a trap in the future ?
  16. Oh sis !! its became funny in a way and I thought it will get closed ! but lmao i will live 1000000000! like you
  17. Awww you still in forum hyper pro' no chikn nab's !
  18. Lmaooo Hahahahah !!! So he claims that the bd is his property at his signature ! Perfectly without doubt' & now' is a "sharing account" which its okey.. cuz people do that or said that when they missed the rules in a way.. (IM NOT SAYING SHARING is Illegal.. ) ! Also i need to troll this so badly ! - Nothing more with the witness ! Besides dont worry, aigring isn't going to "block you permanent". The company aren't even follow their own rules everyone can see that . Also you aren't the first or last one ! Doing exchange I'm cured already about frights !
  19. Awww dont worry about my wisdom, cuz he does more effect by killing you ! when we are the last mans standing at arena.. 1 vs 1 Lmao So i will use that shitty quote to justify my bad decisions " I do whatever i want to do " hahahahahhahahahahhahahah B♥Tchass be like O m G ! he has no chance !
  20. Oh yeah that sounds fun ! :)Catch you later then ! I do pvp her before you came a few times back in time duhhh .. ! First you talk about pvp me? when? Cuz i just only remember when i pvp you when twerkforme it was no ONE.. plus ! that score i guess is lil alterated.. inverted. : Another thing.. "You need to learn how to use a ranger " / "our strategy isn't good against 2x ranger who will trap and run". That two things are so contradictory.... Someone pro' know's why ranger don't head' on .. Ohh well you are like starting to learn about warspear history and stuff.. Is pretty obviously you have no idea how to kill ranger's.. !! Emm emmm .. yeah you go with lennox and use a lot of pot's to win.. then you lose.. and then you win.. So you talk about the truth or what just happen when you fall asleep inside a dream. Second.. Like you are so newbie i will introduce myself ! And dont call me mean as always hater, so bad I dont have screen about our lil few conversations moments that you use to give me the reason (Thanks for give me so much attention by the way you need to take photos about me at the game) You know how many season.. years.. that characther has passed? NOP-- she just has his equip as it.. Meaning i dont amp it time ago! I being active in arena-season 3 year with this. ! Everyone know's that xlegolax isn't my fake boyfriend so you will understand why or when we play together right? Since mc... Also another detail of me, I usually go random in arena most of the people find me as you with out partner, and they do the same like you.. Die and revived in that quick moment when you kiss the floor and they even dont care what is the final result of the battle.. LOL And i do arena with my guilds mates too.. with any class with any low amp or high.. you're one of the worst ranger. You're mad because you wanted #1 go amp Now i know amp it's everything is this game hahahahahah keep showing yourself how pathetic noob you became in this days.. I did not remember when i was the worst ranger of warspear if you definition is that Im pretty skilled than you.. Bcuz of that I dont need to be 24/7 here ! I work, I had a life and I balance my self ! Certainly my signature fits you well.. :give_rose:kisses* hater
  21. Jajajajaj mereee!!!! gracias Linda ! hahahhahah yah i will blame google cuz he didn't difference when is boy or girl ! lmao ! thank you ! it's valuable for me when people try to speak my language its means a lot ! Yah except you ! Helll yeahhh ! cools girls can be geek ! Bravisiimmooo
  22. Hahahah why i knew it you will in a way scream about this ! lmao relax im in that same page about having babys ! Not for know and in a future i will like to have the couple -boy & girl- but i win you, i do have dog ! Hahahah and its true is a big responsability cuz i took him to his vaccines and he take his heart pills againts worms ... But you will love to have a dog is like a pre-training Idk that is culture.. Im spanish and we grow up with that type of things' !
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