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  1. Wow.. Devs are seriously being not fair to Warlock... Good Job devs.. I will just cry until I fall asleep. What a nightmare!!
  2. I want to trade my sign sets for your 2handed sword lvl 13 (+5or higher) PM : Jegeg ( EU - Emerald, DK)
  3. My astronaut is not winning anything.. I posted earlier :cray:
  4. WTF!!! Now it's off again :bad:
  5. How do you farm Echidna? Any link of videos about it? Need help here. Thanks :give_rose:
  6. I know :crazy: ;D typo :lol:
  7. Persain? ;D U mean Persian?? :crazy:
  8. Yeah and to make it worst, dev didn't inform in advance.I was about to get my doom weapon from eye (yea i am high) :wacko:
  9. You are lying :cray:I can see it from your teeth :rofl:
  10. Maintenance or Update ( :shok: ) ;D
  11. Awesome..add colors and dont forget side and back view :clapping:
  12. awe..thanks :) :give_rose:
  13. On a second thought...okay i wont edit it ;DLevel 20 weapons... hammer is gonna be one of it :shok: Who knows.. ;D Thanks for commenting :give_rose:
  14. I forgot to edit the hammer on my sketch.. lol :facepalm:
  15. So this Lost Moon Conqueror already has the main power of moon. He is wearing a very comfy aluminium moon foil suit very useful against Sun and Dark attack, meanwhile the suit has absorbed the power of moon giving anyone who wears it massive damages with moon magic. The bag is charmed that it has unlimited slots. The helmet is a handmade steel material. Carefully crafted, one heavy yet light to wear armour. The glass is made from a very rare shining item found only when he conquered the evil moon. The antenna is made from high quality steel and it is the ultimate weapon of the conqueror. No lag. Highly sensitive detector. Highly adaptive to any situations, any place, any era. After completing the noble task of conquering the evil moon, he was (randomly) teleported to Arinar. And is ready to join the army of Arinar, to reach victory against the evil. I just wanna post this. Good luck to all posters (including me) :drinks:
  16. The cloth on the belt.. is kinda disturbing :pleasantry: But overall.. nice look ;)
  17. Well i think i just lost my best friend over silly situation. But i still have some good ftiends. And still not enough to make me play any longer than before. Damn personal behavioral difference :(
  18. ameleea

    Road blocks

    Hi all... Just do your chainless at my office hours.. ;D I'd be too busy working :pleasantry:
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