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  1. Playstation 4... DS3D.. WiU... Guess everyone next..
  2. Nah ! you dont count on me posting lmao xD Nestly
  3. hahahah es que jode mano ! siempre anda buscandole a uno algo, bien stocker ! de verdad que se vaya pal carajo, si anda aburrido que haga nuevos amigos jajajajaj !
  4. Lmao ! that sound so racist .. People from other culture that don't even speak english plays at the server and if that bother you I bet you need to handle that right ! wop Wow.. my good vibes for chronoz bring a lot of hater to critize me ! C'mon jarlaxxx keep trying to search for more things ..
  5. Awww you need to mention me always hater ! hahahahah
  6. Mamabicho pendejo te molesta mi ingles? Me importa un carajo lo que pienses.. Asi de sencillo siempre habla el que menos puede ! vete a joder pa otro lado ! Even he knows i talk spanish he need to bother like others cuz they need attention ! Dramalover
  7. I hope you put does wars to work on like oldtimes ! It's glad to see you back ! You were a nice leader for my time back then at mc and respectable person !
  8. Ya that's relative. Everything depend's in how battle turns or who is in !
  9. What you wish doesn't happen I wish i found a bag with a lot of money inside
  10. both cuz redbird could have a nest xD ! hahahahha What kinda of movies did you prefer to see?
  11. both cuz redbird could have a nest xD ! hahahahha What kinda of movies did you prefer to see?
  12. Everything depends who interesting becomes the game ! How many times in a day you will do arena?
  13. I dont even know were was the last time i show myself ! So a update about me and yes i become addicted to weird lipstick !
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