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No, because I don't spend money on Miracle Coins.

Seriously though, they should add a confirmation thingy when you purchase something.

Comeon, do you have any idea how much they earn with misclicks? If they added confirm button, thhy'd lose half of their income :D
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Well My Fellow Rogues our Time of a good Class has passed now were as soft as rangers except with less damage YAY 



No but Fr Reflex garbage now and so is new skill.


Bds plausable to hamstring every few seconds



But dont worry guys.... Shams new skill will heal us so mu-... Wait what it only heals 260 hp and increases by 500 and is all based on amp... Oh....


Sike Good Game elfs Im ready for my cornhole to be spread

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Let's hope devs make mage's new skill self cast only. If not, i don't know how on earth to beat mage bd combo's in arena anymore. You sit there and watch bd walk through your Dark Circle like  :spiteful: Then die in 2 hits because duck fero bds. (I cried when i saw that happen in test server arena almost put myself hanging from the ceiling then and there.)

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