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  1. Is this topic not used anymore?
  2. Hehe thanks :3 Yeah, I am out completely, good luck to you aswell. :)
  3. Thanks, you too. :) XD Did you copy me? :3
  4. Thanks Livi, same to you aswell. :) Thanks, you too. :) Yeah, take a break.xD :D Thanks, it was a pleasure and I also wish you lots of luck and fun. :)
  5. Well, let's start this off by saying, that I know that nobody cares, but I just wanted to say Goodbye, before I leave. I want to thank all my friends and haters for making this game funny and exciting, especially at PvP Cave. :D I made lots of friends by joining the guild HORDE. Thanks for that. I've been a member for a very long time and it WAS a very funny and nice guild, but unfortunately it is not the same anymore. Friendship is more important than some Guild Points and Arena Seasons, you know? I also want to thank everyone who is following or used to follow my YouTube Channel, which I almost gave up, because I already gave up this game. Some might say, that 176 Subs are nothing, but I am very proud of this number. And a special thanks AND apology to all the players I embarassed in my videos. :D That was not my aim. I just wanted to show everyone that even if you are super broke and low amped, it does not mean, that you cant kill a high amped player. Even when Counter Attack was OP. Most BD videos were recorded at that time. You simply need a good tactic. (Psssst! I know a SUPER epic Skill build, which would help to win 90% of all pvps, but im taking this idea with me to my grave. :3) If you see me around, then I probably might be recording a Goodbye video. :) Sooo.... I wish you all best of luck and fight your Warspear addiction like I did! :D Goodbye :) The one and only: DieInPeace ~ D.I.P PS: Shut the fu** up, nobody is going to touch MY account, but ME!!!
  6. That rhyme in the first sentence made me high even though I do not smoke...
  7. A white cat sitting on you with the Warspear logo painted on it would have been awesome! :O Edit: Just noticed the teddy ;3 But the logo on him would have been awesome too. :D
  8. Yeah, I also know some good people who would not do that :D But anyone you don't know = Goodbye Gold^^
  9. But do not trust everyone...seriously, like almost everyone would scamm you.
  10. You gotta find it. Where could that question be hiding?
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