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  1. You gotta find it. Where could that question be hiding?
  2. It used to work for me some months ago, but not anymore
  3. Already did not like the music at the beginning, so I will probably not like the rest :3 Which part of your body do you like most?
  4. Soft
  5. Exactly! Or the kik messenger :3
  6. Oh, ok thanks, but chatting with these noobs ingame is enough for me. I don't want any other contact :3
  7. Chill :3
  8. What is a Warspear Discord Channel? :3 I seriously never heard of that^^
  9. Thank you Daria!
  10. I keep switching between both sides and I do not care what people call me :3 Do you hate the upcoming update as I do?
  11. I would appreciate if someone would post the links here tommorrow, because I will not be home, so i can not do that. Thanks in advance. :)
  12. I did not get any either ^^
  13. Links are available in the first post. Have fun :)
  14. I nominate Zeus :3 He is good at PVP, but i know nothing about PVE, but I do not think that he sucks in it.^^ I once read he does not use any money on this game, because he can not buy Coins in his country...respect! :o And most IMPORTANT!: I like him, because he is funny :3
  15. You can test the 7.0 Update on 30th May 2017 (Tuesday) at 15:30 GMT. Download links will be available in the first post of this topic. :)