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  1. That rhyme in the first sentence made me high even though I do not smoke...
  2. Booty contest Peacespear Offline

    I know who the winner is. :3
  3. A white cat sitting on you with the Warspear logo painted on it would have been awesome! :O Edit: Just noticed the teddy ;3 But the logo on him would have been awesome too. :D
  4. Not again something I can not participate in...
  5. Gold Transfer

    The hell is SSDD? :3
  6. Gold Transfer

    Yeah, I also know some good people who would not do that :D But anyone you don't know = Goodbye Gold^^
  7. Gold Transfer

    But do not trust everyone...seriously, like almost everyone would scamm you.
  8. ( Forum game ) Ask the person below you a question.

    You gotta find it. Where could that question be hiding?
  9. ID Recorder.

    It used to work for me some months ago, but not anymore
  10. ( Forum game ) Ask the person below you a question.

    Already did not like the music at the beginning, so I will probably not like the rest :3 Which part of your body do you like most?

  12. Warspear Discord Channel

    Exactly! Or the kik messenger :3
  13. Warspear Discord Channel

    Oh, ok thanks, but chatting with these noobs ingame is enough for me. I don't want any other contact :3
  14. Dragonskey The Dragon Slayer c:

    Chill :3