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  1. wait im gonna turn clown mode on as well my friend
  2. its incorrect that chieftain without t5 books would be broken, there is even classes that are broken with no any t5 books when we watch templars and bm's, but no, we dont talk about that I guess. Good atleast here is no seekers talking about "shaman can crit heal on totem".
  3. Seems like unity used on forum, that shouldnt be coincidience. Altough I find all these adorable comments so cute I don't think mastermind or other honorable warriors can tell more of "how this class works" on "your daily basis". all over again (wait, let me bold the text so you don't miss it this time.) If you die by orci chief, it doesn't mean that whole class must be nerfed. As I see you kill other chiefs on 2v1, and it become whip tears off whole day cos not happen to win always on 1v1 against full booked chief. Anyway you made my day, I'm curiously waiting for other clown posts and comments, entertain me please
  4. It's not easy to be legion-side always when it comes to hygiene-stuff, you can imagine it pretty messy, all the barbarians and rogues all way dirty after having manly lab adventures, however, what we still do care is the shine of our teeths, so here's my paste, with triple action I can ensure I will go to the next battle with fresh shine despite of result of the battle
  5. just go to mc side, we're dark, often referred as bad and evil, but we are actually very nice and humble.
  6. there are bots already for dynamics, can't really stop bots
  7. devs also rejected idea of "mindless grinding", but well, here we are
  8. still it doesn't require to "click object", and honestly I don't understand either, if you say "hunter this, hunter that" but it's you using mages instead of rangers for some kind of reason not even my dear seeker friend have no purposely clues about as long it's the own team having benefit from it rather it to be fair
  9. This reminds me from 2017 when everyone played BD until counter attack got nerfed
  10. 6 targets "perma silence" that can be removed easily even if not resisted, versus 30/45 target bubble that can't be removed if it's not resisted, honestly you should find better argument than totem for bubble. Yeah you're right it's based on 4 templars placing bubbles and blocking 90 people from 3 yards road and then you're allowed to say ThAT WoNt EvEr HaPpEn iN rEaL GaMe SiTuAtIoN if 1 happened to resist it
  11. I like to be rude when they're spreading lies about my class, no offense I would quote of someone else saying shaman totem can crit so it's fair bm can crit-heal on tree as well but everytime I hear it just makes me laugh to that big nerfguy who didnt know it
  12. Good one, circle got nerfed long time ago having dublicated cooldown, now it's just 2 templars who cabable to "perma" bubble, 2 locks cd not even enough that bruh templar played detected, ofc not need nerf Nice you already know my friends on here so well, wont bother to ask why their guild 50% of mages
  13. Now I gotta clown myself around too
  14. Meanwhile the players planning for raid bosses
  15. So as we know there is option to longtap to use skills easier, it works good, but, when I do click it too early, it doesn't activate the skill and I have to longtap it again, which takes time to realize behind my fat fingers, and, I don't see skills behind my fingers because I don't have x-ray vision yet, but, yeah. I would like if this can be either improved to doubletap so it's easier to spam on action, or, let the skill automatically release on longtap after the cd done, thanks bye
  16. kick in the back is already obsolete, so is many other skills that are removable in arena with castle purification pots, not speaking just for rogues but for many other classes as well, it just hurts more to rogues because it was one of their key skills but not really relevant skill if it's removable just by clicking purification pots, I'd call it pve skill besides honorable 1v1 pvp
  17. yeah, goes to same category as mage ground skill on wars with no need of clicking target, or 2 templars balling people on infinite loop circle is one resist/skill, let's say you have 50% resistance, it's pretty simple math, 50% to resist circle. Then we go to reverse flow. Unlike circle, reverse flow make 5 cycles from 1 skill. That being said, with 50% resistance on my char, I have numerously 20% chance to resist them with 50% resist, all from 1 skill. just to let you know.
  18. So why would you use these buffs if it doesn't work? use other ones, problem solved
  19. yeah my boy, even dk can move ONE ppl out, while mage can move 3+ people instantly within one click. Even if the case was warlock vs mage only, it's up to their gameplay who captures the seal, warlock better capable to stun ppl while they're out seal, while mage can pull them out seal as well resist himself for avoid the capturing. I dont see why would lock skills need be affected by them, this is something unique they gave to lock for represent the warlock's first purpose, even if they get changed, it won't fix anything 2v2 5v5 seal because it would be then locks with 4/4 sphere/full dmg build and you'd then complain about the warlocks damage, so I guess you're more worried about GvG and war perspective. Well, I wouldn't be, as long you got templar on your side pal
  20. It was bigger thing for those who liked warlock than those who liked priest cos experts didn't exist, and priest's normal skills were mostly protecting/awful just like necro. Mages and paladins got their place easier as I recall. Rogue was most pro class, even little after the experts came out, passive dodge, and the massive dmg from aoe skill was nice, now rogue is just ruined, I gotta stop before I make this to rogue topic
  21. *calls templar skill useless but makes them 20 for some reason*
  22. is there anything wrong on magical and physical toughening books(or something else)? I see some characters taking only 7-10 dmg from auto hits, and they're not wardens
  23. haha, sorry but the description was wrong then, sorries
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