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  1. Yushiko #1 pro rogue chicken nugget eater.
  2. Hello Aigrind, Would it be possible for you to add an Email and Password recorder on PC, like the one we have on android? I mean, As we all know, Android's phones can remember a max of 2 accounts without having to write them again, i think it would be better if you add that to pc as well. I little request From one of the oldest players in this game who rarely ask for something.
  3. I just know that i killed a lv21 bd and he coldn't touch me a single time haha.
  4. Roar 5/5 plus the relic that makes your physic dmg lower is = to 54.6% less dmg
  5. I want to see despair's pic. I'm just curious about it
  6. How you dare to ask that to you ex heir in TSPFighter.......
  7. That's true Young grasshoper... You learned very well from Yushiko.
  8. in what topic was turtle banned? i want to see dat drama :v
  9. wait... lmaoooo, says the one who currently do the same....
  10. You haven't played for enough time to know that.
  11. Lets say thanks to Manley and swaaz, the ones who started ganking at pvp cave lol xD
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