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  1. Oh look at that, this board is still pinned and alive!
  2. zhark

    Warspear world map

    True. Well I don't play this game anymore so I guess map update isn't coming
  3. Oh cool this thread still alive. :shok:
  4. No way ;D No time for games, need to live ;D
  5. Hotkid and you still playing ;D maybe I need to pay visit once.
  6. All this way for nothing :rofl:
  7. zhark

    Labas Lietuva

    Zhark US-Sapphire, bet deja, jau nebelosiu ;D
  8. Rapgear, wouldn't you be angry if you would get free advertisement in some magazines for free? I'd be really happy 'cause it's for free and surely Kuz will hang that magazine copy in their office as cool thing happen.
  9. Also posting other drawing, and yes, I know, I can post just one, but I'm here not to win anything, just painting for fun It's pixel based, painting and description... emm, kinda... ehhh... don't know... magmor rising from his house in underground.
  10. Step 5 looking nice, I like orange :) may I ask, It's because you burned them with propane gasses?
  11. Nice :) If you don't have HD camera use scanner
  12. Yes that two blue "spots" are his eyes :)
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