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  1. There's nothing wrong with their tanking. It's just that the alternatives are too good which is why they aren't wanted.
  2. I'm not entirely sure how a defense buff would help with speed of dg clears. Neither class should have trouble doing fast clears of dgs with the proper build theses days though.
  3. Shamans and druids are still stupid tanky. Chieftains are still overtuned, their kit is way too good overall. Bladedancers are a bit better now with the PoB changes but resist skill is still stupid, could use some further changes but besides that there isn't anything particularly wrong with it anymore. Warlocks are completely useless in everything that isn't 3x3+ players, they need a complete overhaul or devs need to fix how dots work which I've suggested many times to no avail. Seekers are still garbage in pvp but I guess its too much asked to give them usable skills from the people who designed Bds resist skill and Rogues high damage ranged stun and a healing damage dealing stun. Staff Templars could use some love still, they have nothing of note going for them despite a few changes. Deathknights are still kind of bad but its looking a bit better these days. They are a few changes away from being good again. Charmer has that one stupid relic but otherwise they are fine. Barb still seems a bit strong compared to any other tank but I have no idea how to fix them tbh. Wardens remain the most tanky class generally speaking but the current meta is pretty much all about damage so they could use a buff in duration of Power steal or something else. Generally speaking they are fine though. Priest/Necro are both as useless in anything that isn't pve. Ranger/Hunter are about the same power level, could argue one or the other being better. Mages are meh, decent at everything but never the best in anything. To me both factions seem to have about the same amount of bs with the exception of warlocks being completely useless most of the time. Tanks in general are bad in pve because you don't need one in any current content except maybe Orcinus so there's that. But you cant remove life steal anymore either so there's no easy fix.
  4. To quote yourself: "stop crying". Just because one class has something you don't doesn't mean you need to have it. Arguably Hunter is better for pve and pvp than ranger because Hunters don't actually need the accuracy buff for anything while Rangers can at least make use of it against Rogues. Nobody uses Hail of Arrows because its low damage and a waste of time 99% of the time, majority of the end game rangers don't even have the skill because having any book over that skill is objectively better. Pathfinder arrow at least is high damage and has some aoe to it with the bounces. To me it just seems like you want something just because your neighbor has it.
  5. I don't think taking damage from doing damage makes sense on a already squishy class. Also don't think that waiting out the duration of shield is a good solution either since if it doesn't break it takes quite a long time to go away. In short there's no easy way to fix it to be honest.
  6. Its broken on charmer because you can have 3 dogs permanently up and anytime you have rage (which is almost always and you don't even need that much rage % to make it happen) you automatically double their damage for the cost of a single relic. Meanwhile using the relic on any other class you might get to use the skill once or twice depending on the skills cooldown and if you use it right after rage triggers. Even if you can hold rage permanently it barely affects your overall dps. Lets just say you are a mage that can use it on 2 skills and they hit 1000 non critical damage and when you critical its around 2200 if you add in critical damage from guild. They will have around 6-7 seconds of cooldown (if you have a decent amount of cdr) so lets make it easier and put it at 6 so we will have a round number. So in a minute you would technically be able to use the skills 10 times making your damage increase from 20.000 to 44.000 in a span of a minute if using skills optimally. Now to breakdown charmer it gets complicated because I don't know the attack speed of the dogs but lets say its 3 seconds since that's a good compromise. They get to hit a target 20 times a minute for around 1500 damage per hit (check the first page of the thread for a video where they hit over 1.8k each to know I'm being generous here) As far as I know they aren't affected by critical damage bonuses so critical will do 3000 damage. And because they are "permanent" 20 attacks a minute aren't an issue. 30.000 damage non critical damage and 60.000 with critical. Now you need to remember charmers can have 3 of these things out at the same time which would make your total damage from 90.000 to 180.000.
  7. Why does Rogue have almost free 100% dodge against majority of the classes, better stuns than seeker, better dots than seeker and more damage than seeker in pvp? This adds nothing to the discussion, this is about relic being broken on charmer not about whatever else issues you bring up. (Also Deathknight has a skill that increases damage and defence so I don't know why you are complaining. Just because you don't level it up doesn't mean its not good. Deathknight mains currently playing in legion just have no imagination for builds.)
  8. I guess it would work and be probably a bit better than druid since even with that skill point allocation youd have some aoe damage but its automatically suboptimal because its not a priest. Aura and Gods help are too good to pass on. +7-9 hammer and you should be good to go with maybe some gear with cooldown for more stable healing output.
  9. Why do you insist the description being wrong when its more likely that the skill interaction on a single class is way more likely to be incorrect instead? Makes no sense since rest of the skills work like they are supposed to.
  10. Title is the idea. Basically you would be crafting the books using extra knowledge AFTER you have maxed the talent tree. You'd unlock the books in the talent tree as "talents" after you have maxed out the tree. The books would be split into 4/5/6/? pieces depending on the book and you'd spend 50k knowledge and maybe some gold to unlock the pieces of the books. Once you have unlocked an entire book you would receive it into your mailbox and it would have the "Personal" parameter so you wouldn't be able to sell it. And by non event books I mean books dropped from raid bosses, guild events and pirate chests.
  11. Typo in the costume name assuming you meant "Portals", pretty sure the male version is the same.
  12. While id love to agree that chieftains are op, you do need to face reality that seekers are by far the best sustained dps class. Its not all that useful in most content but its great if you like soloing stuff where you will definitely see the difference.
  13. Seekers damage in pvp was already cut by almost a quarter, what more could you possibly want?
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