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  1. Personally never had any issue dealing with druids patronage after several nerfs were made to it but if you feel like its still somehow too good probably should make a topic for it somewhere else? Same applies to bd ranger and paladin, although many topics already have been made about these classes and so far nothings been done about it. Mage should even be brought up at all as somehow even needing adjustments since everybody makes fun of them for being useless most of the time, mostly due to EU mages being braindead half the time. I wasnt asking to nerf rogues dodge. i was asking for it
  2. Fighting rogues since 9.0 be like: csgo.mp4
  3. The state of this skill at the moment combined with the other skills rogue has is stupid. There's a few fixes i propose. 1. Make rogues debuff be the only one that doesnt go to the negative (makes no sense really so not my preferred option) 2. Make kick disappear after the one that has the debuff attacked x times. (used to be 5 long time ago but thats a bit low so maybe 7, dont really like either but its an option) 3. Make the cooldown of it much longer than it is at the moment. (Fully loopable with pretty much 0 cdr and easily loopable with lv4 extermination that most ro
  4. I was going to make a pve dk when blood protection was released, but then they nerfed the cooldowns even during the test server because for some reason it was bad that you could keep the skill up 100% of the time if you had enough cd. So in the end i ended up shelving the whole idea of a nadir warrior set, high crit, light armor build with tons of cdr to loop aura and blood protection for damage and defence and spam steel hurricane for tons of life steal. I actually appreciate that wardens got a dmg buff skill. Not that all that many wardens actually make use of it, at least those
  5. Making stupid forum topics should also be bannable.
  6. As the title says. Mermen trials had all kinds of weird shit going on today in eu. Ppl were able to use skills and whatnot. Also seems like the dungeon isnt broadcasting drops in world chat either.
  7. Templars could stun ppl with flow when it was active. So if i had to quess they fixed that.
  8. amu and cape for phys sak if its the 7%, only rings sligthly better
  9. It was mostly barbs and charmers but i never said it was just those. Also fought a fully awarded shaman and rogue team, shaman and necro necro and charmer, barb shaman etc etc. As i said it all depends on your partner. If you are losing on a paladin you are doing something wrong or your partner sucks. Won best shaman and charmer in the server with paladin/ranger team 8/10 times and we went on for like 2 hours. Also i have no idea how you can say warlocks can stay safe vs paladins when palas have a jump skill that can hop over aoe silences and dark circles and if positioned and timed correctly
  10. I main fully awarded seeker(with a ton of books and full +10) while i occasionally play around with a award accesories paladin(full +10). That also has nothing to do with "selfish persona" more damage instead of defence is the way i like to play this game. Although there's obviously limits to everything. For example i'd like seeker to have a more defensive skill or something that would give them a bit more survivability in 1vX situations since they are basically rogues but with none of the dodge to compensate (squishy af). Played paladin without sacred shield for the longest time
  11. Do you ever stop complaining. Seen few trolls but haven't heard of any books dropping so maybe you have a few screws loose in the head or something if non existent books keep dropping.
  12. No changes needed. If your partner dying in arena either you arent +10 or your partner sucks. Fix either one and you dont need to worry about 1v1. Sacred shield is busted af and doesnt need any kind of buff. Or the issue is between the chair and the pc, that's also a possibility. Got a awarded paladin and id rather they nerf sacred shield to the ground and buff banner tbh. Way more exiting, but in the meanwhile gotta play the boring way i quess.
  13. Fought a full awarded shaman and charmer both on full buffs on a paladin with a ranger similarly fully buffed, won most if not all of the arenas. Cant remember anymore. It can be done. Ofc 1v1 shaman is one of the hardest classes to kill but not like it cant be done. Also killed a shaman with at least award accesories on my awarded seeker. Its all about builds and maybe some luck involved. (Think i resisted a blind or something)
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