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  1. Also nothing stops you from partying with lv17s while spamming if you are lv20. That way not even lv21 players get to meet you.
  2. Its one of the better speed skills in the game so i see no reason to change it and i main a seeker. Actually hope they wont nerf it since its kinda good and seeker needs every help it can get.
  3. Same shit every bracket. Its worked this way for a long time and dont see it changing.
  4. Does this work after you have used a hotkey to make the skill "selected" or is it just by clicking on the skills bar with rmb?
  5. Seekers also have a skill that makes them take more damage and its 30% at lv1. I'd say seekers skill is overall better since it gives crit damage instead of accuracy but thats not the point. If we are going to cherry pick some stupid buffs then why do rogues get 35% speed(and cooldown) from extermination while everyone else only get 15-18% from their speed skills. Either way if you dont like the skill then dont use it. Sinister strike is a good alternative for pve or whatever the def reducing skill is called.
  6. Lets be honest the whole soundtrack is great. Definitely like this one as well it's just that the ones i posted are my favourites. This is a not that well known artist i found a few days ago. Love his stuff.
  7. I think seekers are fine since they can only do one thing well and that is dishing out a lot of damage but thats mostly just pve though. Problem is rangers and bladedancers in the dps department. Other has free flat 40% auto attack damage with no drawbacks that should probably be made into a active skill instead of a passive and rangers blessing is still kind of stupid even after all the nerfs, perhaps make bless only work on auto attacks(wouldnt make much of a change in pve but pvp their damage would get cut a lot and there would be more build variety). If those two skills were changed to som
  8. If every mob in a new expansion got a damage mitigation like the event bosses seem to have(raid bosses like serpentus to different degrees ofc) then the issue would be fixed to some degree, but the problem is nobody likes the damage sponge bosses/mobs that take years to kill as a single party and you fall asleep doing them. Ofc seeing low damage numbers is also depressing so not many would like that part either.
  9. Well theres no tanks healers or support in sentinel top parties since seekers rangers and bds can tank just about anything with lifesteal which should also be possible with rogues hunters and now chieftains, but i quess there is a lot more tanks and healers overall in legion side so might be the reason why there isnt full dps parties. Sentinels have enough top tier amped dps characters for half the population and the +8 and below amped players will get all the +10 healers and tanks they need since nobody else runs with them. You win some you lose some i quess.
  10. At least its something and lets be real at least aura gives damage and defence so you do a bit more dps. And 100-200 damage on +10 gears is already a lot since most things hit you 400-600 anyway, which is why i said you might as well have a dps tank and leave the tanks out all together. Its dark times for tank mains.
  11. Theres no reason to compare the 2 classes, while they share similarities paladin is a dogsh*t tank regardless how he specs since you need to have maxed illumination regardless to keep aggro from any decent dps which makes them lose 1 of the actually decent skills that makes them somewhat tanky. Having the lowest base hp out of every tank class doesnt help either and they dont have decent damage mitigation skill like the other tanks, dks have dark shield, barbs stone skin, wardens forti. (Nobody cares about bd since they tank with pure damage instead lifestealing hp back.) Meanwhile on paladin
  12. Any light armor class can reach 70% speed quite comfortably with the right gear and accesories, and if you want to min max you obviously need books but if you add those then the sky is the limit. Personally ill be maxing all attack stats on seeker once i get the rage books on xmas event, assuming those even drop since game was really stingy with ls books. At the moment im missing like 5% speed when im not buffed thanks to using a craft dagger and regen cape instead of speed ones. Also 20% attack speed buff would make it the 2nd best attack speed buffing skill in the game behind rog
  13. Hide is the best tank skill in the game currently and it isnt even a contest and no havent made a chieftain. Too similar to mages in pve and i have a mage under works if i got off my lazy ass and quested a bit. None of my friend group really playing on legion either besides one or two so dont really care to split my time just for a new class on a different faction. Doubt it since both make you invulnerable and unable to be targeted.
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