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  1. Raislin

    What is the best set for bd lvl 28???

    I have the skills maxed so i can fully cycle them as much as i want. With guild buffs.
  2. Raislin

    Necromancer and priest shields

    Maybe scale the damage they can take before disappearing also with character level. They do seem fairly useless as they are.
  3. Raislin

    What is the best set for bd lvl 28???

    No guild buffs 2x daggers
  4. Raislin


    Just warcry 3/4 is enough to hold mobs if you use it fairly fast after its off cooldown. Then again i haven't tried it with the top dps chars in pt but id assume its enough. 5/5 aggro skill with relic and you shouldnt need to use points on warcry if theres no aoe damage chars in pt, even then if they dont constantly hit the mobs just 1/4 warcry might keep them on you.
  5. Raislin

    EU Emerald - ABC Family

    Come play nuub. Barbar op af.
  6. Raislin

    Why is warspear so laggy

    It has been a problem since forever. Unlikely it will ever get fixed so you will just have to deal with it like everyone else.
  7. Raislin

    tree event bug

    It's not bugged, done it a few times. But only one specific type of monster counts toward the kills. Can't remember which one.
  8. Raislin

    Discussing nerfed and op classes after update 7.7

    https://db.warspear.pp.ua/calc/en/37345 With any dmg buff its over 900 damage. And he meant your damage value not what he hits on other people. Although you can still hit over 900s on +5 pvp tanks with that probably. Since about 45% ferocity if you have the skill.
  9. Raislin

    Discussing nerfed and op classes after update 7.7

    Hunters have mana regen gear, what are you on about, There's now plenty of boots with mana regen on them and nothing stops you from using a mana regen amulet or cape.
  10. Raislin

    Axe or mace - pvp

    But muh damage. All go mace so my bd dodge build works better.
  11. Raislin

    Ayvondil Fourth Town Bait Quests

    I suppose but since only 2 baits cannot be gone around of i dont think its that big of a issue.
  12. Raislin

    Ayvondil Fourth Town Bait Quests

    Yes he wants to reduce the respawn times of baits. They take forever to spawn and you cant know when they are active and where. So while you are doing a round some other parties can activate them because Sky islands are really busy at all times of the day pretty much. Sometimes it has taken me up to 3 hours to get all quests done there. It gets pretty ridiculous.
  13. Raislin

    Discussing nerfed and op classes after update 7.7

    There's barely a difference in damage between bds and dks or anything that can wield a mace. Bds have 2 weps and more damage but maces have higher base damage so they get more out of damage accesories and they have a shield which gives you 15% more defence, Barbs and dks both got a damage reduction skill. I find this fight completely pointless. Both classes are stupid. Barbs still rekt and charmers are still broken. Move on and stop giving me notifications.
  14. Both heavy gauntlets have accu in imperial shop.