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  1. Looks like the icon to craft items from the first season. So id wager its complete x craft tasks.
  2. You need more resil and hp. anywhere between 40-50% is more than enough and then just use a resil scroll. And ideally youd have around 6.5-7k hp
  3. You can use skills in grotto while holding torch and thats the problem. Well its a problem since chieftains can use their speed skill specifically. While seekers need to be out of combat to use stealth for their speed boost and having torch agroes all the enemies in the room so no stealth. So basically its impossible for any elf guild to get the best time in that event. Dont care about it myself all that much but would be great if you could compete for it on even grounds.
  4. Whats the point of costumes getting skills. They are for cosmetics only and many of the bosses that drop costumes also drop skill books.
  5. Dunno who you fight in arena(or in general) to get away with using magic maces but if it works for you guess its fine. Other than that a great guide.
  6. Idk if this would even be a buff since all rogues and their nannies use axes for everything and crit seems a bit useless, unless he meant crit dmg. Also this doesn't account for mixing weapons which is fairly common for pvp scenarios. I wouldn't touch extermination myself, just leave it as is as its the best attack speed skill by far anyway. Frenzy could use a rework though. Accu and crit % seems kind of terrible but could make it work if min-maxed I suppose.
  7. You have answered it yourself, you have 5 of them. Not like they are bad either since one of them literally gives you pseudo immortality with the right buffs.
  8. If necro needs the shield, chances are they are dead already anyway. Necro and priest shields are still too weak to be useful. Kinda like the idea.
  9. Druid is the last class to need any kind of improvement to healing skills. If tanks are dying when they have a druid healing them, its the tanks problem not the druids. Also if "average" wardens are dying in pve, they should probably throw away the lv20 gear they are probably using because theres no other way they are going to die in current pve content with the exception of maybe merman dg or just delete the character because clearly the problem is between the device and the player. As a side note T5 content in general is highly dependant on talents to reduce the damage you take so if ppl are dying in aos tell them to level the damage mitigation talents.
  10. This event be like: There's a problem though. Anyone who was maxed before this event started (like me and many more) will get a big fat 0 benefit from this whole event. Talking about it now is probably a bit too late. But next time you do something like this, maybe release the content first and then come out with the event so everyone regardless of progress actually gets some benefit? I guess the concept of a "catch up" event is fine and all but anyone who isn't getting ranks in gvg's (chances are they aren't maxed rep) probably still wont get ranks in gvg to get more reputation from there and therefore making this whole thing pretty much completely useless. Strong guilds just wont suddenly stop showing up for gvg's even though they wont benefit much from them.
  11. Really interesting ideas. Especially the passive skills for weapons.
  12. Reason being its no good at max amps, but i suppose its good build to start with but it just doesnt hold up in the endgame.
  13. Raislin


    Looks like this is another case of copium from someone who doesnt have a single % of resist. As the game stands warlocks are probably by far the worst class for pvp. Even wardens and seekers have something going for them now and dks are at least somewhat tanky and have decent stuns as long as they arent fighting a bladedancer. Priests are still kind of terrible though. So might be a tie with warlock. Warlocks have poor survivability, they have no health sustain other than life steal as exhaust is pretty much a completely useless skill even after all the buffs over the years. They have no good defensive skills as the only one they have is likely to get them killed instead of helping(stone body). Only thing they do well is CC and all of the stuns can be resisted and even if they are long duration stuns (circle) or silences (whatever the most recent skill is called) a single resist is enough to completely negate the whole effect. Fading/puddle combo can be resisted twice or 3 even if neither the stun after puddle or fading get resisted your puddle might not even work if it has a wrong type of offensive relic placed in it and that gets resisted (unless that was fixed at some point). Kind of remember that they made it so that fear cant be broken with damage anymore but that used to happen as well. In summary If nothing else warlocks need a major rework or massive buffs to be competitive in anything else besides irselnort wars and some gvg scenarios. And no i dont main a warlock.
  14. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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