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    Quite a few ppl have got eth ess from those. Got energy ess and eth cata myself.
  3. Random game ideas

    Eh most of them seem fine.
  4. Some balancing suggestions

    I'd be fine removing the dmage penalty on warden or making it a bit less but that doesnt solve what's "bad" about warden. And wardens are the best tank over all reagardless. It baffles me that ppl seem to think forti has to be on 100% of the time. without it they do the same damage as a dk or a barb pretty much. And if you are running dgs with a healer you dont need forti on to decrease damage unless its a bit of a lower amp warden. +8/9 warden can run tp fairly easily without forti due to all the block heals. Only dungeons i dont see warden being all that useful is in event dgs. And i think that has scewed your vision of it since theres been events constantly ever since october.
  5. Some balancing suggestions

    Warden is fine tbh. With proper build it can kill pretty much any tanks and dps at similar amp. Ofc healers usually wont die to it but its not easy killing the warden either. If anything give them a better gap closer than switcheroo or change it a bit to make it better.
  6. Some balancing suggestions

    Right i forgot about that. Why did they change it in the first place.?
  7. Some balancing suggestions

    Most high amped ppl use them but since they usually have to be bought with mcoins or pay astronomical prices in market its understandable most ppl dont have them. Also noticed that barbs actually cant use it on any skill. Gotta fix that.
  8. Some balancing suggestions

    Yes but every immunty source can deal with all of the stun sources. Its not 1 to 1 now is it.
  9. Some balancing suggestions

    Exactly the reason i'd be hesitant about giving it that effect. There's way too many immunity sources these days as is. Which is why i wanted to cut down on them in the main post lol.
  10. Some balancing suggestions

    If you honestly think that tanks dont deal much damage i'm not sure what you are smoking as a paladin main. 2 handed dk and barb would be great still but since 1 handed builds are way better against other melee classes and can still kill casters in one stun cycle. It's just a way better option. I think mages kind of need their immunity to work like it has been. And it's fairly easily avoided on a caster and on a melee you can just ignore it and stun right after it ends if you can. It would be good in 1v1. But since priests already have redemption to remove status effects and with other immunty effects i feel like fighting a priest and any other class in arena would get really dumb.
  11. Some balancing suggestions

    I quess its a common shared trait the two share. In ws tho i feel that necro is much stronger overall now that they have the skill that gives dmg buff for pt. I'd much rather have a necromancer as my arena partner for example than a priest. And i personally had no trouble beating druids and priests on my necro when it was up to date with equipment.
  12. Cheating In Arena Season (Multi Logging Client)

    Well you really only need to use 1 char with weapons in each party and have the rest be nude for fast kills. It really doesnt need the attention you think it does.
  13. Cheating In Arena Season (Multi Logging Client)

    Staying up for 30 hours i s actually quite easy. I used to regularly stay up for about 35-40 hours last year. It has a lot of drawbacks and i wouldnt recommend doing that ever if possible. By the 40 hour mark you feel like you had drank a full bottle of vodka.