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  1. Raislin


    They gave some mcoins to iOS users a while back since their update was really late. If i had to quess thats where those came from.
  2. Raislin

    Make dungeons more interesting!

    Sure i quess.
  3. Raislin

    Random bans in eu

    Some accounts were shared in the past i was told but most of them not now and not any time recently. Also at least one of my accs should have been banned if this was the case either way.
  4. Raislin

    Random bans in eu

    There was quite a few random bans in eu last night. Is it possible for you to look into it. Some of my friends have been affected and supposedly for no reason. I cant say whether or not there was a reason for them but as far as i know there wasn't. @Reivenorik
  5. Raislin

    Achievement point shop

    Make medals great again.
  6. Raislin


    Nah. Hoel done like 1.5m of that alone. He really wants that Rottung Air costume.
  7. Raislin

    Warden , need nerf?

    https://db.warspear.pp.ua/calc/en/18530 This is his current gear he has on the warden with guild buffs. i quess with forti active his damage would be just over 400. On top of that he has def book, hp book and obviously resi book also arena hp buff from top 10(them sweet block heals). He is also a highly skilled player. (He's the reason eu got first kill of rottung air out of all the servers right after release lol) While the barbs in question arent best at all and the probably lost because they hit him less than 150 and are full pene which is half useless against wardens since they got forti and fairly low mana regen with high energy. (most of them have energy on body and cape and they rely on stun cycling with high energy and high pene to kill in one or two stun cycles). Cant say i've ever seen him lose a pvp lol.
  8. Raislin

    Punishment Fail

    Yes accuracy only affects enemy dodge chance. Block and parry are flat chances to ignore damage.
  9. Raislin

    Warden , need nerf?

    Wardens are just fine where they are. 1 full +10 warden (With proper gear setup) can take on 3 full +10 barbs and win. I dont see any problem with the class lol. Against ranged classes they have a harder time and anything not full +10 without decent resi/block/50% fero isnt good in pvp at all. For pve they are just fine imo.
  10. Raislin

    Suggestions about skills of bladedancer

    4/4 Enlightment gives 15%. Its nice. My base dodge is 25.7. lv26 dodge cape and amu, 26 rings with dodge enchants and axes w dodge enchants. All charmed.
  11. Raislin

    Suggestions about skills of bladedancer

    Dodge bd's are op. Mine has 40.7% dodge in full resil set with non dodge rings lol.
  12. Raislin

    post what you're listening to right now

  13. Raislin

    Achievement point shop

    Pretty self explanatory. Make a shop that has all the achievement medal rewards for sale except smileys. 10k or so would be a good price. As it is you can only use the skins on 1 weapon or set of weapons and then they are gone forever, same with haircuts. You might also not want to keep the costumes in your bag for whatever reason, not enough bag space etc. [Edit: Of course make the items available as you get more medals. So you couldnt buy them unless you had the correct amount of medals to get them in the first place.]