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  1. Theres always a flag in t1 when new arena season starts. So its going to be there again next week.
  2. Hard tech solo in 5 min and 2m damage Even hunter is better dps than rogue single target. You have never played this game before have you. Seekers have 25% auto attack damage and 25% critical damage skills that can be infinitely held up while having 50% critical around 30% pene(with the new dg set from merman you can get 50% pene and around 40%-50% accuracy too) and around 70% attack speed. Rogues are maybe third in single target dps. But more likely 4th if they are against a blade dancer with the proper build.
  3. That skill is old news, why would i talk about something i did complain about like what year or two ago already? Until lv30-32 came out barbs also had to give up skills or make them less good to make use out barbarian nature. I know because my barb has it levelled. To get it to lv3 i had to sacrifice 1 point in stone skin making me less tanky and 1 point in shield strike losing me probably 10-20% stun chance on it(idk never looked into it). now you can level all 3 of them to max. But i dont see very many people complaining about barbs these days because they are somewhat manageable. Bds who already beat barbs getting a better immunity skill than barbs is stupid. Get over yourself.
  4. Mind you i didnt mention the pala skill cause its absolute trash. Ill probably buy it for my pala, but it will never see any skill points used on it unless they give the skill a major overhaul. Ill just use it as a scuffed cdr book at 30% hp lmao.
  5. What are you on about. I main seeker these days and dont even play on my mc chars lol. I complain about op shit because i traditionally played every class. Only reason im not complaining about the seeker skill we got is because its only op in pve and its bad or even detrimental in pvp besides few nieche uses (give us actually useful pvp skill next time thanks). And regarding warlocks they need all the stuns and silences they can get since a fairly large chunk of the player base can reach anywhere from 20-50% resistance easily. Besides seekers and priests warlock is arguably the weakest class for pvp right now.
  6. You are entitled to your opinion but the skill is idiotic. Even if the devs deserve respect for their efforts, i dont give it out for free. Fact is that there is problems with the skills and im telling them what i think about it. Stop being a corporate stan like some idiotic lefty from united states. You also can go ask any pala if they are happy with with this "op buff" they got.
  7. Here's how to make bd skill "balanced". 1st: Get rid of the stacks, not needed. 2nd: Just make it a copy of barbarian nature. Nobody will complain. Maybe remove rush resist too since ideally you'd combo this new skill with rush to resist stuns and catch ppl fast instead of being able to have both. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Idk why yall charmers complaining to me buffing the minions seems good since you cant exactly kill them if the opponent is stunned most of the time as it is. making them harder to kill after you get cc'd seems like a good buff to me. Be happy you arent seekers.
  9. Cool update but why exactly are you buffing barbs and bds again. They are already brain dead to begin with.
  10. Would it be possible to freeze the Crafting related achievements that are in the Hero category to lv24? To me it seems a bit unfair that people who maxed the crafts out at lv14 or whatever it was at the time were able to get the achievements done, but newer players and/or people who just wanted a new character now have to get more than 5 times the experience in each craft category to get the same achievements for no better benefit. Not even taking in consideration the absolutely unreasonable time you need to even get maximum level in one craft. Newer players cant compete in the achievement ratings at all or get the best rewards in general without completely unreasonable investment of either miracle coins or time. (Being a long time player i dont consider small amounts of mcoins being unreasonable. Here we are talking about 100k+ mcoins each craft, and mcoin prices just so happen to be different for everyone.) In terms of difficulty getting these achivements personally id prefer them to be set at lv20 since its a nice round number and its also quite hard to get and takes a long time to reach but at least freeze them at lv24 if nothing else.
  11. Raislin

    Error c0000409

    Basically running warspear seems to be causing my graphics card to spaz out and pop out c0000409 error message while crashing the game. Found this out now because usually i have straight rebooted my pc because my monitors start losing connection and getting it back again and again. Basically just flashing on and off every 5 seconds or so, my 4k monitor never gets enough data for a whole frame so it just flashes between black and no signal states but my 1080p monitor does get few seconds of usable time between the cuts so figured id unplug my 4k monitor to see what happens and it turns out that worked and it stopped flashing my secondary monitor and i dismissed the error message and plugged my main monitor back in and it seems to work normally now. Figured warspear was causing the issues because its the only thing that had crashed after i got full control of the pc again. But then again im not sure. Just thought that could be something to look into. Pc specs: AMD Ryzen 3900x Nvidia rtx 2080 ti (using latest drivers march 23rd 2020) 16 gigs ram 64bit windows 10 This has been going on pretty much since i bought my pc last november.
  12. You will never crit on character with full arena awards no matter your crit if they enchant resi. If they dont enchant resi you have like 5% chance to crit at best. Crit is absolutely useless in pvp gear besides for casters with heal and maybe palas if they go magic build. I'd much rather have something else.
  13. It's a joke poll don't take it seriously. And Maximum resilience is 60%, and i can't 100% say that resilience negates crit 1:1 without developer confirmation, but it might as well do.
  14. Im pretty sure you know why its terrible, but sure ill entertain you. Crit is terrible in pvp cause resilience makes you not crit anyone. So any pvp'er who has 4 pieces of arena gear pretty much never gets crit making it a wasted stat slot on a weapon. Arena gear itself doesnt give all that much crit to begin with so not like you can even hit 50% with them in most cases. And even if you did, reaching 60% resilience can be done making crit completely irrelevant.
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