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  1. Raislin


    Yea but the class is garbage at anything else besides doing damage so its fair that it gets damage at the cost of everything else.
  2. Raislin


    The point is to make 2h viable not to nerf daggers, why do you want to remove speed for daggers anyway? That's where the speed would make the most sense, not 2handed.
  3. Everybody builds seeker like they do because 2handers suck and all the other expert skills seeker have for pve are hot garbage with the exception of instinct but you dont need it often enough to warrant putting points into it after it got nerfed. Why do you want to nerf key skills from a notoriously trashy pvp character just because they happen to be decent for pve. Makes no sense.
  4. Blood Protection had so much potential whenever it first came out. I tested it way back in the test server for that update and i was a bit short of being able to keep it up 100% of the time, but pretty sure my dk was only lv22 or something so youd definietly be able to do it now, too bad it was changed for the 2nd run of the test server and for release. Although i still think you could make it work these days using some specific builds but it wont be optimal thats for sure. As for making it a energy consumption skill, i dont know about that. You'd definietly want to adjust the skill if that's so. After all Forti is "only" 25% reduction these days and dks also got Darkshield already which will be more effective if damage is reduced with Blood protection.
  5. You used to be able to do this but it was later removed from the game because they wanted to keep costumes "rare". I suppose its true to a certain extent and they probably wont add this functionality back since it being taken away seems to have worked out just fine. I'd recommend Wild boy/girl and faceless costumes in the meanwhile since their parameter is still set to None so you can trade them away anytime you want.
  6. The title. Usually the worst is whenever we are on the last stage 6: Shadow maestro, but it might also start earlier than that. EU-Emerald server btw. But i'd assume its also a thing elsewhere.
  7. I have a full 10 rogue and i see no reason for basically any of these besides pve buffs.. lol Also bitterness is a trash buff skill, only good thing about it is that its a passive. You wanted damage accuracy and penetration all of which are great in pvp. Rangers cant really use dodge because of how they need to distribute skillpoints so + dodge from it is terrible as well and of course crit is useless.
  8. 25% block wait soon If you want to be fair then screw the crit belt and make it parry instead, so theres a parry and block belt. Make more item variations in general like hp speed resil boots and gloves etc. Multiple weapon variations. Or you know make all crafts and arena items customizable. Cant make clever builds if pvp items only support one or two real builds.
  9. Thats why i agreed with the frenzy change except it shouldnt do aoe. It's single target dps and chiefs are aoe. Except atm they probably have higher single target dps but that would be fixed with giving frenzy some critical damage for example.
  10. No, dodge on rogues is already stupid good. No, single target kick is already bad enough so unless you make the effect like -15% accu instead of -45% thats just terrible. No, increasing 3 stats from 1 skill is stupid (i guess damage isnt a stat but thats not the point) No, but not being able to be parried from stealth sounds nice, but no buffs to the stun % because rogues can perma cc now if built for stun. Well maybe i suppose but tricky is already a really good skill so idk about buffing it. Frenzy rework to make it more useful for pve is fine but adding aoe damage to it is a nono. Rogue is a 1v1 character so i have no idea why people want to make it more useful for groups. Just make another character or join a guild that doesn't care.
  11. I mean honestly the heal skill would just be a waste of time, top tier damage whether or not its bd is better off doing damage than using a healing skill. Just cast buff skills and auto attack everything, maybe use sap once in a while. For pvp things are different but yea. Bds are kind of useful in gvgs since rush has aoe stun and if levelled up resist skill, it guarantees at least one successful rush regardless and lets be real, they dont die that fast so probably a few more.
  12. As much as you think they have everything, you always have to sacrifice something. If going for dodge/att speed build have to sacrifice stun, resist or damage. If going for resist build have to sacrifice att speed, stun or damage etc etc. Yea some skills are over tuned but lets not muddy the waters by saying they have everything. Their kit might have everything you'd want from a character but you cant use all of it at the same time.
  13. Bro he knows. He's in the same guild as my seeker and i do over 30k crits with autos in sea. Point is nobody cares about pve in this topic. Crit doesn't even do anything in pvp in the first place and only meme builds will get crit in pvp therefore the book is completely irrelevant where as octo book would even work for pve but nobody buys it for pve so thats irrelevant as well.
  14. This and also buff banner a bit. Magic paladins hit like a wet noodle, only reason i levelled banner is for the debuff and not having anything better to put points in.
  15. Thats just standard strategy in pvp in general, be it seeker or not. Rogues do the same thing except they do more damage and have better survivability in pvp.
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