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  1. Would have to go for a Heavy craft belt or a belt with no % hp so its still less than ideal. With the newest award gear I could see 1h magic mace working for pure support and okay ish damage on your aoes at least. Banner is used more for the debuff than damage anyway. But I really like illumination myself so remains to be seen I suppose. Of course another problem will be the fact that mcs do most of their aoe damage with things you cant parry anyway and some bypass block too. All things considered chances are that Ret pally will still be more effective overall and you can just get extra healing to party though aura in combination with bm tree/redemption/ 4/4 stream from druid for better/safer healing anyway even if they will be kinda weak.
  2. Since it forces you to be in a 1h build to make proper use of and the best use for pala is 2h magic for mass pvp, hopefully never. Considering the amount of time chieftain has been busted lets make it a year at least.
  3. At least on paper Legion seem to have a big advantage in mass pvp related talents this time around. They are already winning all of them anyway so can't really say I'm looking forward to this.
  4. Yea making it anything else than rep if maxed in everything would also be appreciated.
  5. Anything cross server related is basically impossible as it has been stated by developers many a time so no even this won't be possible. (At least without massive game engine/server tweaks I'd assume.)
  6. Basically no summon/minion attack targets that are in cc that's breakable by attacking. I think that's what he meant. So you have to awkwardly sit there and wait for the ice block in this case to disappear. It's coding from ages ago to stop minions breaking necro nightmares I believe.
  7. Penguins with balisongs. Now that's an e-sports teamname if i've ever heard one.
  8. You do know you can just "hold" down the hotkey to use it on yourself on phone no? Or what drako said.
  9. Raislin


    I believe its 1 account per steam account. And as far as I know if your login details were already saved on the steam game client/account you should be able to login without knowing details. Don't remember needing to put in details ever after the first time.
  10. EU raids be like
  11. Thats a druid thing. No reason to have 2 skills that are the same. Although I guess druids is instant and flow kinda sits there but still.
  12. Raislin


    So what i meant with the pets thing was that they'd be totally cosmetic, unless you summon a minion in which case that minion would take the form of the pet working as a skin for it. And they'd drop from bosses or I guess you could put them in chests and or mcoin store too.
  13. A bit late on the topic but Mari is still around. Plays mostly on his bd Nineoneone and has his own guild Memoria running. Pretty sure he also got lead of FoF but it's probably full of alts or smt.
  14. Raislin


    I don't really care for mounts but something like pets which would be miniature versions of bosses could be cool. Could just make them a really small version of whatever monster is in question and use same animations as the big version. could also have them work like skins for your minions that you summon also.
  15. Could be wrong I suppose.
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