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  1. Raislin


    Looks like this is another case of copium from someone who doesnt have a single % of resist. As the game stands warlocks are probably by far the worst class for pvp. Even wardens and seekers have something going for them now and dks are at least somewhat tanky and have decent stuns as long as they arent fighting a bladedancer. Priests are still kind of terrible though. So might be a tie with warlock. Warlocks have poor survivability, they have no health sustain other than life steal as exhaust is pretty much a completely useless skill even after all the buffs over the
  2. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  3. You might want to see in what context i was talking about it before firing out snarky comments. That thing causes massive stagger hits multiple people and in combination with the other aoes mcs have makes it so that nobody can move without even needing a stun or root. It has its uses and being ignorant about them isnt going to change the reality. I wasnt suggesting a "nerf" in the first place just offering my opinion that reducing the stagger effect from it and skills similar to it would be helpful.
  4. Yes. Was close to 60% dodge without buff and around 25% parry. But hp was low. Mixed it with a speed build using strike hurricane. Worked out pretty well. Kinda terrible in group pvp which is the topic here but whatever. Saved gold in not needing to reset skills for pve. And how to nerf bd isnt as straightforward as it seems. Could just say nerf pob but generally speaking that isnt even why the class is good for pvp in the first place these days. Mostly its due to the stun immunity from the newest skill but some classes can deal with it just fine or some combination of classes
  5. Not really they got so much damage they are fine without it really. Used to play mine with it lv1 and was one of the top dps in guild at the time. (lv28) Worked in pvp just fine too. But depends on the player really.
  6. Group rage. Activates rage when 2 or more party members stunned.
  7. Collection almost complete
  8. If just focusing on auto attacks and you aren't using merman set, just cape with mana regen, belt with mana regen enchant and rings enchanted with mana regen should suffice. When it comes to gear though, ship set can be hard to obtain but its overall pretty good. It kind of depends on what weapons you have. If you have 2x spring daggers (attack speed, not double pen) You probably should consider going mixed nadir sets. Warrior set helm and glove, Assassin set armour and boots. Optionally if you reach 50% critical chance with just Assassin set bonus, going fo
  9. 2/10 not enough resist but the ls is nice
  10. I didnt even have the skill myself when i used to play wlock but from what ive seen from others it can be useful but most of the time it doesnt really help much. The mobility and damage reduction would be pretty nice, seems like reasonable buff to it. But if i had to add something to it myself it would be to let people still target the wlock so if opponents arent paying attention they would be wasting skills on the wlock while its in an invulnerable state.
  11. I know all the people in the screenshots except the stabxdiego guy and they arent botting. Its just the mc demanding on their alt accounts to give easy wins to their mains. So there isnt any real problem here, its just unfortunate circumstances.
  12. Templar is more of a support which automatically makes it just average for pve at the best of times(depends on the player and amps) and dead weight the rest. It could probably use either better support skills or a bit more damage to make it around charmers current power level after the buffs. Id say 5-6/10 pve As for pvp they seem to be fine at the moment. Flow is strong for any group pvp and templar is pretty tanky. They also have arguably the best healing skill for pvp depending on how you use it, since it gives invulnerability. Theres also a shield that is actually useful now if
  13. Seems same as every dg if not better. And theres also bonus loot from repu chests.
  14. Who cares about resellers. 300k gold is very little. it barely buys anything of note. Maybe 1 dmg accesory and thats it. How long did it take for him to get that? Few weeks? If you want to try your luck botting mobs on your main characters be guest but dont come here to cry after you get banned eventually. I think this would be a pretty nice feature for people who want to farm mobs and i see no downsides to it.
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