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    I quess it was kinda worth for that us guy. There's like 3 ppl spamming dgs in eu. All of them have now used 10 sets+. One of them will get Top dg and one top quest. While a poor guy who came to talk shit to me while i actually quested and was the number 1 will be #2 in both categories. 500k Well spent in staminas to get 14 sets of shitty chests.

    I was hoping the quest portion wouldnt end up as hey i have more mcoins than you. Which is why i participated. But since dgs apparently give quests too well duck it. Dk on his 6th set and seeker starting 4th soon. Better fix this shit before next ranking competition. Wouldnt be hard either. Just make the progress quest cancel when leaving the dungeon instead of complete.
  3. Skills to see invisible

    Since devs wont balance for 1v1 i see nothing wrong with rogue in pvp. They do their job well enough. They have a hard time against bd druids and wardens. But they are a special case of their own.

    It's going to be a tough competition. Not sure how i feel about Noob island t2 dg completion counting as a quest.
  5. Skills to see invisible

    I did also say destealthing using any other technique besides those 3 require skill and or luck hence they are fine. I don't get your point?
  6. Skills to see invisible

    There's exactly 3 ways to spot rogue from stealth. Mage eye charmer eye. and a random chance when they get near. Destealthing rogues and seekers using any of the other ways besides maybe shamans fire totem and pala banner require some skill and luck. Dont change anything. Rogue's don't need a buff. And seekers when built correctly are just fine.
  7. Monsters despawning randomly

    Title tells it all. I was killing pontifices at around 19.40 -50 gmt+2 (18.40 cet) and he just straight up disappeared mid kill at around half hp. I tried to record some video incase it happened again but i wasnt succesfull in recreating the bug. I did ask guildies and some of their mobs and bosses had disappeared too. I'd appreciate if you looked into it. Would a shame if elm straight up despawned mid kill.
  8. Skills to see invisible

    the skills are fine as they are. You need to learn how to play around it.
  9. How to get gold fast and become rich?

    It's not. There's nothing wrong with it. If you find someone selling something cheap because he needs gold quickly or whatever. go ahead and buy it and sell for higher. Also please dont make it so obvious when you are reselling thanks. It's annoying when you see someone selling your item in trade chat 2 minutes later...
  10. Basic Suggestions for WS's good.

    Dont know about this one. Good idea. Not sure about displaying it under name and between guild even though it would probably be able to be toggled then. Perhaps you could choose 1 to show under your name in equipment/inspection screen. Also would be added to opposing faction kills and chaos potion kills. (Assasin [Player] killed player x) Achivements themselves have some pretty good ones as is. Assasin, Adventurer, Some of the pvm challenges could be shortened. (Elm kill shortened to Lumberjack etc.) Yes. Please. Badly needed. There should be plenty of space for few hotkeys. Even pc can fit 2 consumable hotkeys with reasonable layout on the current resolution.

    It's been changed to full sets now for 211. Quess they changed it once they noticed after they came to work.

    Mind. Blown.

    if you activate point shooting at the right time they keep running while staying in the same spot.
  14. How do you actually start any of the guild events? Do you need a castle for it or is it for all guilds.