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  2. The controls are just fine. Unless you were playing on pc and didknt know you can use hotkeys and mouse to move around? No xp from monsters is a good thing.(Less bots) and gold from mobs scale with the rank and level of the monster. You need to be few levels lower than the monster to get good gold drops. (Again less bots) Not sure if you are referring to chat window or quest dialogues. Player chat has few annoying bugs but the quest dialogues cant be changed all that much since this a multi platform game and those need to be fit on every screen resolution thats out there. The looting system is kind of bad yes. Probably small aoe looting option would probably be nice. 3x3/5v5 around the player or something. And just go do quests to level up. Fairly certain that none of the bosses are mandatory for progress until a lot later than what you probably are. You just need to kill elites to progress during quests.
  3. post what you're listening to right now

    Dead thread. Lemme fix that.

    Harad tears op pls nerf

    You can get that without mcoins. I made over a million with a single set of staminas first week of the event. And the gold i bought the stams with was made from questing. Sometimes you get lucky sometimes you dont.
  6. You can already replace expert skills for free. Rest i dont care about.

    Demono and snorlar? Bah. The stupid slime was the best. Dragonslayer cloak
  8. The over powered classes

    I complained when counter was completely broken. After they nerfed it for the first time i was happy enough to kite bds all day with dots.
  9. The over powered classes

    This is what they told us way back. All i can say is git gud and stop cryin when its your turn to get smashed.
  10. Chinese cheap miracle coins

    I dont see why it should lead to any player bans. They were still paying but the one who provides the miracle coin purchases ducked up. It's messed up if anyone who bought those coins gets banned imo. Annoying that economy was ducked but it will stabilize eventually.
  11. Chinese cheap miracle coins

    I dont think he has sold anything from mcoin store in a long time. He has millions on many charaters... All he did was bring tons of items into the game by spamming dgs all day by giving free stams.
  12. Hotspot-resilince

    Im not sure why ppl want all these stun duration lessening effects. Charmers would probably be affected and druids (Nuup dev ruin my sonk combo wft mi noe can kil al class animoer AJAJAJAJ) . High level locks with 5 Circle/Fear and 4 Fading/Hex would still be able to cycle stuns quite easily.
  13. For some reason the beta client has an issue with Windows Defender on my laptop. The process starts hogging cpu quite a lot. Desktop is fine but i dont know whats going over on laptop. Checked settings and all. I'll try reinstalling i suppose.
  14. The over powered classes

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