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  1. Raislin

    Remove axes from Bladedancers

    Theres a bunch of bds now using swords because of the parry they give, (quess ppl finally found out that its not all about the damage) myself included. While i cant use my bd as any kinda of a standard for anything since its a dodge build which like 1 or 2 ppl in the server besides me use. Removing axes at this point wouldnt do jack shit to nerf bds. I almost think its hopeless at this point. Not like bds even max hamstring these days cause sap and parry are way better for pvp.
  2. I can kill a full award druid lv28 with my full award lock lv22. I think it just depends on the class combination and gear. Nothing is impossible.
  3. Raislin

    Druid's Invigorating Stream

  4. Raislin

    Report hack(or bug)

    Dont guild event chests drop items or whatever. Might have been opening those. Well getting many of the same item is unlikely but not like it cant happen.
  5. Raislin

    post what you're listening to right now

    Dunno why this one stuck with me for amost 10 years already. Must be the quality lyrics cough cough.
  6. Raislin

    Arena Tickets

    This has been suggested a few times in the past. I'd personally really want it, but it seems unlikely at this point.
  7. Raislin

    What is the best set for bd lvl 28???

    Vava has way more dmg in his pve set as far as i know. But even still ill do 2x your damage in any dungeon besides tech because i have way higher dps than u nub with 2 axes.
  8. Raislin

    What is the best set for bd lvl 28???

    I have the skills maxed so i can fully cycle them as much as i want. With guild buffs.
  9. Raislin

    Necromancer and priest shields

    Maybe scale the damage they can take before disappearing also with character level. They do seem fairly useless as they are.
  10. Raislin

    What is the best set for bd lvl 28???

    No guild buffs 2x daggers
  11. Raislin


    Just warcry 3/4 is enough to hold mobs if you use it fairly fast after its off cooldown. Then again i haven't tried it with the top dps chars in pt but id assume its enough. 5/5 aggro skill with relic and you shouldnt need to use points on warcry if theres no aoe damage chars in pt, even then if they dont constantly hit the mobs just 1/4 warcry might keep them on you.
  12. Raislin

    EU Emerald - ABC Family

    Come play nuub. Barbar op af.