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  1. Yo. US Servers went Down mid events like wtf. all 3 Where up at once and server went down. Also the scaling for the health of the mobs in 32 is way to high. even as a +10 full pt we runnin lowest 7 min run and low amps cant even do it if your below +8 u cant do DG almost on any level. Should Fix the Scaling.
  2. if your Past lv13 No items drop from DG etc and it doesnt give you anything i understand this is normal however it also doesnt allow you to complete the quest can you Guys Fix it Please? thanks.
  3. thats totally fair, I understand that but its sorta dissapointing because in 2012-2014 it was around the Change to Fall (Late September Early October) but they just slowly kept pushing it one week out. last year it was a few days before halloween. My point being that at one point they Fully made an entire map and New items/Island and brought it out earlier. Whereas now its alot less creative then it use to be and alot of repeated items yet its coming out later and later.
  4. its not about how long it is to wait. its the fact that Halloween is my favorite Holiday and Horrors my Favorite event. Rather then drag Horror out till Christmas starts like they did last year. I think they should start it early to build Hype for The holiday itself. its not as festive after halloween passes.
  5. Soooo Perhaps my Guess on Thursday is Solid? also Nice Pumpkins would of never guessed that . Ima guess Horror will Come October 22nd or 29th. Even though i personally believe they should add Horror earlier to build up hype for halloween...
  6. that would never happen. cus that would be insanely broken. Armor with LS and a Stun book is already Broken enough depending on the class. Update by the Latest will Happen on Thursday. unless some Major Bug presents itself it should be released wendesday in all honesty. but knowing the developers they like to keep a strict update schedule and will still aim for thursday. Which is why I asked cus I can tell the Servers are Ready to be Updated Right now.
  7. Soooo... Seems like most the Test has Concluded. Im assuming well see update tommorow? or Thursday? I think we deserve to know in advance thanks.
  8. no they are solo Now. and they took a few away @Peony Will The Chieftain hit Physical Damage with his Basic or Magic Damage? for me this is Crucial in Knowing what Maces to buy. As well as what build to go for. if He does not Hit Physical Damage (Pure Magic hits) Will there be New Maces introduced that are Only Magical Dmg+Stats? Because as of right now these dont exist. and if you make it hit Physical and all Skills magical itll be sorta... Useless unless running 2 Handed. Please Let everyone know. Thanks. (Or if someone saw where it said and I missed it Thank you) Also what will happen with low level dungeon Achievements and Running other Characters through achievements will these be Auto Filled Now for those who have not done them? or Will they just be shit out of Luck and the people who have already done them have an Advantage?
  9. Turtle

    EULA Guidelines

    As he has been Banned, ( Atleast his full Greatness Chars that he cheated with have been hopefully Permanently) If any Moderator wants to close this topic they May. Thank You for all the Support and Hopefully this is a Momentous step to banning Cheaters in the game.
  10. Turtle

    EULA Guidelines

    Yeah its ridiculious they run quest bots constantly. then transfer gold off. maybe I should add to this ive Only Seen FEMALE moderators abuse this especially when Roland was around. Dude was a Simp.
  11. Turtle

    EULA Guidelines

    Yeah Moderators also get special ingame priveliges like reporting straight to developers to get people chat banned. Ive Seen it. Abuse of power. This sums it up perfectly. I got a false ban and it took forever to reverse it yet people like this are botting randoms nonstop as we speak and the Developers straight have no care in the world lmfao.
  12. Turtle

    EULA Guidelines

    which is Sorta Ridiculious Ngl. think they make more people refund when they dont ban cheating Fags.
  13. Turtle

    EULA Guidelines

    So, Ive never understood this as theres so many issues on so many Servers and you Never Permanently BAN the users who break this rule a thousand times or who have been abusing these guidelines for years. May I ask why? what Decides the Ban Hammer. as someone who has been falsely banned and been playing the game for 9 Years watching people develop new and more expensive way to cheat why dont you follow up and Ban them permanently? to me it seems your support team is utterly worthless. it took them 2 years nearly to Reverse my False Ban. Can you Imagine? yet the real cheaters who are blatantly obvious because they purchase Pilots left and Right dont get banned at all. Heres the Laydown so you get it cus I know in EU its alot worse then in US in US Botters plague Randoms. Anyone in Taichi you know there just on nonstop Bot. Same With Taunyan. Never Move nonstop bot. Deathsigns Rle all have been banned around 10+ Times nearly half of the seasons theyve gone (Cheated every season) yet none of these Bans are permanent. Kochu as shown in the SS has been around for years. i even helped him out a couple times is a Known Cheater. He pays people to Log His druid Seeker Paladin and Warden while he logs BD and a BOT char to spam. He shells out a ton of cash paying people to win him lv16 Rewards every Season. Every Month. Every Year. Ive noticed. How havent you? All im asking for is for you as the Software Developers to Take some responsibility and follow your own EULA rules as they are a Mutual Legally Binding Contract. It goes both ways so i expect you to uphold yours.
  14. That’s what I thought it was saying . Which imo is gona make it hard on low level guilds from the opposite faction to ever have a chance either A lv12 guild from opposite faction farms it kills any who come near or B. Your own faction kills it so fast no one has a chance to get inside the area for 30 seconds.
  15. Okay first off calm the attitude. Ngl that came off as rude. Second thanks I missed the reputation part that’s why I asked. And alluding to the question what I’m asking is are the bosses farmable? Example if I have guild event done and I Farm Demonoligist can it drop me costume. Or does it have to come from the chest. Because if you can farm it there will be issues between the 4 hour periods and elf will run all over Mc
  16. Got a couple questions, is it like the past where no rep is required to run Dg? Because that’s what made this event Unique. And allowed players to level at a semi decent pace compared to normal leveling procedures. As well as is beholder demonologist etc drop those items? And respawn is 4 hours don’t you think over farming will be insane? Guilds below lv12 won’t have a chance and wars will break out at each location. Just curious thanks
  17. sooo.. will u be nerfing ringmaster in the lv6-12 dgs? cus Non healers cant do it? Never its been there for years it depends on device.
  18. All they do is Bot need to be permanently IP Banned but Developers dont give a shit many people have reported and they give them 2 week bans instead of permanent. @Akasha Any suggestions? Reporting people like this doesnt work 2 week Ban then they do it next season again. Idk why yall dont permanent Ban them. Favoritism to Chinese Again.
  19. Turtle

    Ringmaster Fix

    The Ringmaster is WAY to strong. I like the Dungeon but many cannot run it because of the high HP values the mobs have Ringmaster/Guards Need a Heavy Nerf on Health. about 50% Because in dgs 6-16 if ur not a healer or +10 ls set Your screwed. I even tested with Heal Minion and my +10 full greatness lv6 Ranger and even my 24 +10 Ranger has issues with Ringmaster and My Mage in lv30 as well. because its Health Value with Defense bonus is ducked.
  20. Wtf you mean you pmed me like 2 days ago on Vampire LMFAO Since server down test is up? i wanted to check something before we drop in to see if its worth spamming DDG to exch for craft Points i wasnt able to see the exchange rate
  21. Always been like that on test to include server ID. btw y’all should launch this update today since we’re stuck inside and test was basically flawless
  22. Thats why I stated that?... its just a statement i didnt even have an oppinion attached lmfao but Okay Ya Bot. BTW Class choice is huge to only dmgers have an issue with solo dg healers tanks are fine choose a different class then. Or go Farm M1 or M2 till u can afford some decent stuff 😂
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