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  1. Rangers used to one shot people with stacked explosive traps so thats why its probably limited to 1.
  2. Honestly dont think your suggestion would ever become a reality because money is what talks. A pity system similar to genshin impact wouldnt be a terrible idea and if you set the ceiling for it high enough maybe devs would be willing to actually do it. I was thinking something like 50 sets 7-8, 100 sets 8-9. 200 sets for 9-10. You could put a token pity on the amps before that but the % to amp is still fairly high in those ranges so it wouldnt really be necessary most of the time. Having used around 200-400 sets of signs on each dagger on my seeker besides like one of them this would have been nice. (From +9 - +10 i mean) But there definitely needs to be a new system for calculating amplification gold costs. Because they are getting really ridiculous
  3. There's no need for any changes right now since we are waiting on 2 new classes that were supposed to show up at somepoint. Any changes made right now would seem pointless if the new classes are going to fix holes in the current balance of the factions. And why does everyone hate on paladins for some reason. They are only good for 3 skills (sacred, banner and foj) and everyone seems to think its the most broken class besides bd for some reason.
  4. I kind of agree that 10% dodge would probably be a bit much but you have to remember that accuracy makes dodge worse and only rogues can comfortably reach 60% dodge without much sacrifices. And as far as i know there's no cap on parry or nobody has reached it yet. I just want more variety in general. With some new stat books you could come up with some funny builds that could work better.
  5. So when are we getting dodge, parry and block book? 10% for dodge seems reasonable, maybe 5% parry and 3% block. I don't really know. All i know is that i want them.
  6. Because of fake news i thought it would be a fun experiment to see this "seekers do 2k damage hurr durr" So there you go. Both times had 10 stacks of dmg buff from shield and only difference being i had lv4 earth protect active in one. I realize this adds nothing of interest to the conversation but i cant be bothered to lose anymore braincells than i have already so ill just leave it at this.
  7. Considering the fact that rogues *can* reach 100% chance to dodge any attacks that arent quaranteed to hit i'd say their defensive capabilites are more than good enough. It's mostly against casters since they are notoriously low on accuracy most of the time but still. The fact that kick makes you have negative accuracy and its even fully loopable if it doesn't get resisted is ridiculous. So basically unless you are fighting a decent bladedancer with their stupid resist skill there's no reason for you not to have atleast 80% chance to dodge any attacks if you have had half a brain while gearing your rogues pvp set. My seeker is on the high end of accuracy in terms of pvp sets(25%+ thanks to accuracy bonus from greatness set) and i still go to -10-15% accuracy, which in turn makes most sensibly built rogues dodge 70-75% of the time. And lets not even talk about the stuns rogues recently got that made their life even easier. Of course rogues can reach this amount of dodge and barely lose out on any resilience or damage if any at all (havent checked calculator for a while but since my rogue is lv26 with maxed gear i can safely say i know what i'm talking about). Seeker's are indeed all about the damage, but they are very poor in terms of survivability. Yes they have a shield, but here you have to realize it doesnt block much damage at all, im sure someone has gone over the maths of how the skill works but i can say that in top level pvp it might take 1 hits worth of damage and a bit of the 2nd depending on the class you are facing and how well amped they are. But the big difference between seeker and rogue is that other than that shield they have no other defensive abilities so if you stun them the damage they gained from breaking the shield is irrelevant, while rogues dodge is a mostly passive ability they have that will have a "chance" to work any time and it also helps to deal with a large majority of "stuns" that are in the game.
  8. Rogues are just fine as they are. Well geared and amped rogues are one of the strongest classes in the game due to multiple reasons which i'm too lazy to go over in a wall of text. As for why rogues don't have a damage increasing skill as far as i'd guess is because they don't need one. Rogues can easily do similar amounts of damage compared to lets say hunters and bds since they can use axes and easily reach the maximum attack speed thanks to extermination still giving too much (imo) for some reason (if not counting seekers inspiration and solar power its by far the best buff skill besides maybe bd's PoB but that skill is an anomaly). Of course spring axes having "terrible" stats doesn't help but overall from what i've seen rogues carry themselves just fine in pve. There's no reason to compare any class to seekers in terms of dps since that's the only thing they specialize in and are fairly useless in every other regard (do note that seeker has to be the tank for the best results). Don't get me wrong, the mobility from stealth is nice but you cant even take advantage of it where it would make the biggest difference (mermen trials). It's kind of nice but not necessary in the least. Mostly seekers level stealth because it gives them a chance to stun when hitting out of it and because there's not many good skills to put points in besides the obvious ones. As a side note, not every skill has to be good. Seekers have plenty of trashy skills to go with the pretty good ones. And its the same with pretty much every class.
  9. Looks like the icon to craft items from the first season. So id wager its complete x craft tasks.
  10. You need more resil and hp. anywhere between 40-50% is more than enough and then just use a resil scroll. And ideally youd have around 6.5-7k hp
  11. You can use skills in grotto while holding torch and thats the problem. Well its a problem since chieftains can use their speed skill specifically. While seekers need to be out of combat to use stealth for their speed boost and having torch agroes all the enemies in the room so no stealth. So basically its impossible for any elf guild to get the best time in that event. Dont care about it myself all that much but would be great if you could compete for it on even grounds.
  12. Whats the point of costumes getting skills. They are for cosmetics only and many of the bosses that drop costumes also drop skill books.
  13. Dunno who you fight in arena(or in general) to get away with using magic maces but if it works for you guess its fine. Other than that a great guide.
  14. Idk if this would even be a buff since all rogues and their nannies use axes for everything and crit seems a bit useless, unless he meant crit dmg. Also this doesn't account for mixing weapons which is fairly common for pvp scenarios. I wouldn't touch extermination myself, just leave it as is as its the best attack speed skill by far anyway. Frenzy could use a rework though. Accu and crit % seems kind of terrible but could make it work if min-maxed I suppose.
  15. You have answered it yourself, you have 5 of them. Not like they are bad either since one of them literally gives you pseudo immortality with the right buffs.
  16. If necro needs the shield, chances are they are dead already anyway. Necro and priest shields are still too weak to be useful. Kinda like the idea.
  17. Druid is the last class to need any kind of improvement to healing skills. If tanks are dying when they have a druid healing them, its the tanks problem not the druids. Also if "average" wardens are dying in pve, they should probably throw away the lv20 gear they are probably using because theres no other way they are going to die in current pve content with the exception of maybe merman dg or just delete the character because clearly the problem is between the device and the player. As a side note T5 content in general is highly dependant on talents to reduce the damage you take so if ppl are dying in aos tell them to level the damage mitigation talents.
  18. This event be like: There's a problem though. Anyone who was maxed before this event started (like me and many more) will get a big fat 0 benefit from this whole event. Talking about it now is probably a bit too late. But next time you do something like this, maybe release the content first and then come out with the event so everyone regardless of progress actually gets some benefit? I guess the concept of a "catch up" event is fine and all but anyone who isn't getting ranks in gvg's (chances are they aren't maxed rep) probably still wont get ranks in gvg to get more reputation from there and therefore making this whole thing pretty much completely useless. Strong guilds just wont suddenly stop showing up for gvg's even though they wont benefit much from them.
  19. Really interesting ideas. Especially the passive skills for weapons.
  20. Reason being its no good at max amps, but i suppose its good build to start with but it just doesnt hold up in the endgame.
  21. Raislin


    Looks like this is another case of copium from someone who doesnt have a single % of resist. As the game stands warlocks are probably by far the worst class for pvp. Even wardens and seekers have something going for them now and dks are at least somewhat tanky and have decent stuns as long as they arent fighting a bladedancer. Priests are still kind of terrible though. So might be a tie with warlock. Warlocks have poor survivability, they have no health sustain other than life steal as exhaust is pretty much a completely useless skill even after all the buffs over the years. They have no good defensive skills as the only one they have is likely to get them killed instead of helping(stone body). Only thing they do well is CC and all of the stuns can be resisted and even if they are long duration stuns (circle) or silences (whatever the most recent skill is called) a single resist is enough to completely negate the whole effect. Fading/puddle combo can be resisted twice or 3 even if neither the stun after puddle or fading get resisted your puddle might not even work if it has a wrong type of offensive relic placed in it and that gets resisted (unless that was fixed at some point). Kind of remember that they made it so that fear cant be broken with damage anymore but that used to happen as well. In summary If nothing else warlocks need a major rework or massive buffs to be competitive in anything else besides irselnort wars and some gvg scenarios. And no i dont main a warlock.
  22. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  23. You might want to see in what context i was talking about it before firing out snarky comments. That thing causes massive stagger hits multiple people and in combination with the other aoes mcs have makes it so that nobody can move without even needing a stun or root. It has its uses and being ignorant about them isnt going to change the reality. I wasnt suggesting a "nerf" in the first place just offering my opinion that reducing the stagger effect from it and skills similar to it would be helpful.
  24. Yes. Was close to 60% dodge without buff and around 25% parry. But hp was low. Mixed it with a speed build using strike hurricane. Worked out pretty well. Kinda terrible in group pvp which is the topic here but whatever. Saved gold in not needing to reset skills for pve. And how to nerf bd isnt as straightforward as it seems. Could just say nerf pob but generally speaking that isnt even why the class is good for pvp in the first place these days. Mostly its due to the stun immunity from the newest skill but some classes can deal with it just fine or some combination of classes just deletes bds from the game. Shamans ofc being one of them. Weakness totems help alot in minimizing the damage caused by the bds, making them be able to be stunned easily and cuts down the damage since it makes them go 0% pen. Id prefer they changed how the whole skill worked to something completely different. As it is its just another 100% resist skill that is possible to loop vs some of the classes in the game. As a side note that paladin build from earlier would be total garbage. It being 1 handed and not having great phys or magic damage is just terrible. Banner would barely hit 1k on non +10 players and 300 on awarded full +10 players while other physical damage skills would hit like a wet noodle with the 600 phys damage. Im also an advocate for buffing banner and nerfing sacred shield(A bit, maybe cap the shield hp at 3/4/5/6k depending on skill level or something). Would make playing a paladin way more interesting and would help with aoe damage in gvgs and wars. In the first place balancing the game around mass pvp is hard due to all the variables involved. But removing the massive stagger from some skills would also help a lot. Necromancers poisons and chieftains aoes being one of them. Same with Mages blazing ground and and warlocks puddle. Banner hits are quite slow so it isnt much of an issue but id take a nerf on it to gain the ability to move a tile when vs legion side lol.
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