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  1. No I mean Rotting Garden and Termitary dungeons. Satrap and Pontifices are a thing of their own and should be doable depending on which boss you decide to go to. They vary greatly in difficulty, for low levels anyway. A strong healing minion and set or two of potions should do the trick.
  2. The first 2 dungeons of Ayvondil are also mandatory to progress the questline. At which point would you stop making them solo friendly?
  3. Barbs got everything bd's have besides cooldown, What barbs lack in damage they got it back in being much more tanky with block and stone skin. In some cases barbs even got comparable dmg than bds so I see this as a complete non issue.
  4. Raislin

    NERF MAGE!!!

    Barrier has been nerfed on several occasions, not to mention other changes mage has received, I really haven't kept track since I've not been maining the class but there has been several nerfs and some of them quite recently. Mage only has area damage it's single target damage is lacking behind even some healers these days Both barbarian and Chieftain have superior form of Mages skill and chieftains can truly make it infinite unlike mages. As I said its been nerfed on several occasions not to mention that the barrier generally speaking only absorbs 1 hit which in small scale pvp is easy to do without wasting several skills on it. In larger scale pvp it does absorb more than that but several Legion classes have better damage mitigation skills than it overall so I don't see the problem?
  5. Technically yes, in reality not really. Daggers do the same job and are viable vs everyone and not just weakest of enemies.
  6. By constantly moving around you are also shifting around the pathfinding game might put him on which works the same way as him walking back and forth on a corner. You'd be much safer by standing still until you seem him taking 3 or more steps in one direction. And no there's not many ways to fix this to be honest. Any skill that moves an enemy to a "set" location would work such as Templars punch and flow, Mage chains and Palas repellant shield. Only mc skill that immediately comes to mind would be Deathknight threads. Well chieftains got swooping but they don't really need to care about it due to the other skills they got. Besides them any aoe damage that stays on ground for a while would work such as Shamans fire totem and Hunter traps.
  7. Well yes that's why I suggested puddle as you wont get caught in a nightmare relic. And captivity relic is easier to see as you got the big warning signs spinning above your head when its active so obviously don't drop puddle when captivity is in play.
  8. Engine and server level related bs which has been in the game since the beginning, doubtful it's ever going to be properly fixed. This bd also knows how to do it like a professional. And you were also cooperating with him with your movements making your device and server easier to desync. If you see someone walking around corners back and forth as he was in the first 2 videos you should drop a puddle to scout if he's coming from one direction and start walking away from that corner as its clear he's trying to desync himself.
  9. Its the same for all skill with talents. I'm pretty sure none of them update. At least from the first 2 patches of talents.
  10. And circle doesn't do the same thing?
  11. People accuse me of not knowing anything I talk about but that sure was a load of garbage. Damage reduction doesn't stack, the bigger value is counted first. So you never get actual 80% damage reduction (Shield buff is 25% if fully broken). Shield hp is also irrelevant as it takes barely anything to break in real pvp situation. Shield.mp4 Effective shield hp vs a shaman is a whopping total of 588. Real Shield hp is 2920 btw. Now to get to the damage reduction part. As you can see after shield breaks the dmg I do on autos goes down to 73 but it should be 63 if they actually stacked properly. Not to mention I have the relic that actually makes the shield 35% damage reduction when low hp instead of the duration relic which is far more common. So my shield is performing better than it should be. Effective damage reduction ends up at ~71% with a 500k-1m relic and at ~66% without. Chieftains reach 66% damage reduction at 16% hp with the 2% Rugged talent at which point they will still need to be hit 5-7 times by fully amped dps characters with full books to kill. And depending on your buffs that 16% hp could be anywhere from 1.2k-2k health. Seekers have to give up 70% of their health pool and 50% less healing from all sources just to get a slightly better Rugged hide if you get the low hp relic. Shamans base damage on the char was 252 btw with talent turned off so feel free to do the maths yourself. Also I have most buffs turned off so you cant see the 3 rows of random buffs I got going on under the roof such as full castle buffs etc, so take my outdated lv28 shamans performance with bad enchants and no high level guild with a grain of salt. So yes 45% Rugged hide was too strong lol.
  12. Rude. Seekers are fair and balanced bro.
  13. You are reading way too much into what I said. Comparing the skills on paper makes it seem like barbarians are lacking but it reality they are the only tank that reliably kills like half of the classes in the current state of the game. When was the last time you saw a good Warden kill anyone if they are ignored in arena or Paladin for that matter. Neither of them do good enough damage to kill a ranged class reliably alone. While Barbarians can easily kill most Ranged classes because of their high damage output, good cc and anti cc from Barbarian nature. I was going to ramble on about builds but doubt you'd understand my point anyway so I can't be bothered.
  14. Compared to everyone else Barbarians also do 2x/3x the damage while having 100% resistance for quite a while. Barbarian has probably the strongest overall kit of all the tanks and they don't need the extra healing. If anything they can have lifesteal pickup the slack due to their high damage output.
  15. Obviously you haven't read enough of my posts, I was advocating for dk buffs for a long time since it was probably the worst tank class in the game. The reason I dislike your idea is because Barbarians already have a healing skill and it also gives a damage buff which is basically already a healing skill and a buffing skill in one while for other characters they'd be separate. Another reason why not on resist skill specifically is because the skill is already too good for a tank class like barbarian who can also put out incredible damage so you'd get double the benefits without needing to spread out your skill points and they are the most important resource in building your character besides gear obviously. Your reasons for wanting the buff on the skill is irrelevant. You may like a tank Barbarian but if the class already more than capable of it and already has a healing skill like you suggested there's no reason for me say yes to your suggestion, it may be bias talking but I do not believe Barbarian has any need for this change.
  16. Shaman's have been able to perma Lightning Blast for years already so I don't really see how druid is the problem. This is another 1v1 topic.
  17. That resist skill is already almost too good for a character like barbarian not to mention they just nerfed the healing on combat fury because it was too much. Nah I don't see this being a good idea.
  18. I could see some potential in this for crafted gear also for more customization. And the idea itself is alright as long as its on pve gear. Not like that has really stopped people of using some pve gear in pvp but that would keep it fairly limited still.
  19. It's not like I don't have other characters, and who are you to tell me what to do anyway. Not to mention I wasn't the one who came into this topic to talk specifics about shaman skills. You quite literally have 6 people in silence always with enough cd. Therefore you have 6 people permanently silenced. It might not be the same 6 people but you will always have 6 people. How is that not permanent. I just used the word in a different fashion that it's usually used in Warspear related conversations but that doesn't mean it isn't true. Did you test the 2nd method yet? I'm sure you'd agree with me then, but I suppose I have to be the one always in the wrong since I main a seeker.
  20. You are pretending to not understand what I'm saying on purpose now. Stop pretending. You will have 6 people on mute always, when the 6 people you first silenced are starting to lose their silence your 2nd set of of 6 ppl are going to receive their silences from your 2nd weakness totem.
  21. Congratulations you picked the worst possible situation to show this in. The 2nd totem will pick up 6 new players that don't have weakness totem debuff already and start silencing them. While its not perma mute on single target it's perma mute on 6 people at all times pretty much, once your first 6 are off silence then next 6 get it instead. Just cause I said it a bit bad don't mean it's not true. How about take 2 targets this time and have them be separated and put weakness totem on cd down on each of them and see how long the time between silences are that way. Bet it wont be much more than 1-2 seconds.
  22. Shamans can comfortably get cd of weakness totem down to 10/9 seconds easily, 8 will require some work but its doable. So in mass pvp situations where people aren't that mobile they will essentially almost always have 6ppl silenced. This isn't exactly rocket science.
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