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  1. Feels like a waste of dev time tbh. If you are using xp pots while questing on new characters and maybe guild buff too then you will be higher level than any of the content you are doing until maybe t3/4 ayvondil. And by the time you get there earning xp without having to do tedious collect 40 items isnt even a thing anymore. Well mostly anyway.
  2. I suppose but warlocks have been so terrible for so long in everything besides mass pvp(3x3+) that its a miracle that theres any even playing anymore.
  3. Lets be real, if you still playing warlock you probably wont quit or change classes. At this point anyone still playing warlock probably gets off on absolutely getting f in the a. Are you picking up what im putting down? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. Would at least make picking gear for pve and pvp more interesting. Currently you just go with auto attack daggers for pve and auto + fero dagger for pvp and no other good alternatives.
  5. Anywhere in t3-t5 really, lots of mobs everywhere. Dungeons included.
  6. I really like the banner change but I don't know what to feel about them cutting down Illumination damage. But I suppose Sun seal will help with that. Unfortunately it would seem like Lv4 Sacred shield and Banner + Sun seal/Illumination or Prayer will still be the meta. I also don't see physical build being more useful than it was due to how Repellent Strike works. Don't know whose idea it was to add push on that skill but fine i guess. As for the rest of the skills, i don't really know. To me it seems clear that devs are just unable to balance defensive skills properly, they are either too strong or too weak never in between except maybe BDs Enlightenment but there you run into the problem that you are better off spending your gold and skill points elsewhere than making a snowflake build. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Seeker just took a effective 24% damage nerf and shield that had low hp to begin with being twice as strong definitely isnt enough to compensate. This could have been avoided entirely by buffing other dps characters pve builds in some ways (like rogue) but its easier to nerf one class than its to buff multiple without breaking something, so i suppose we just have to deal with our ONLY good build for pvp being even worse without any real benefit. So i cant exactly relate with your "muh magic build saks now" because theres a good enough alternative to move on to by amping a physical mace. There is no alternative builds for seekers because 2handed weapons are ass compared to daggers and nerfing damage in general doesn't help. Making bleeds a bit stronger is a move to the right direction but thats not enough since one of them needs a critical to happen in the first place and you just dont crit in pvp. (After some testing it would seem like harad shield has around 630 health. I'm sure 1.2k health shield is going to be worth the 24% damage loss for pvp hahaaa.)
  8. While a good idea indeed and would do great for mid tier gear, i'd personally would like to see a complete overhaul of the crafting system by letting you put defence and any 3 stats of your choosing that show up in that category of an item to a crafted item. But yes, more varied loot please.
  9. Trashing is a root, and so is quake they stop you from moving. I guess i forgot templars silence. Even if it gets removed from damage doesnt matter, its still cc. If we go by that logic then we wouldnt count druid sleep either.
  10. Seeker(until this update),warden, priest, ranger all got no aoe cc. Paladin 2 BD 1 Mage 2 Druid 2 Templar 1 Warlock 2 Necro 1 Shaman 1 Chieftain 1 Hunter 1 And if you really want to nit pick, Barbs 1 if you count Roar with a fear relic. I guess any class with ice relic and rage on would also be aoe cc so maybe dont count relics but whatever.
  11. Bruv calm down. Have i committed a sin for pointing out that they fixed a unintended feature on a skill that came out when the game was released 10 years ago because such weaponry didn't exist back then. I wasn't complaining about magic chiefs being too op or them needing a nerf. Did you even read my post?
  12. Technically speaking its completely fair since a off-hand weapons are supposed to get a reduction in damage in accordance to the "Dual wield specialization" skill or whatever. I'd call it fixing an oversight. Maces didn't exist before chosen/forsaken were released and magic maces came a long time after that. Now, i have no idea why they are nerfing Chieftains magic because that's not what is literally 2 shotting +10 awarded characters but its the physical damage skills. Either way it was still a "bug". Rugged hide nerf is completely deserved btw, if you have even half decent pvp gear everyone hits you like 200 at best whenever you are at < 2k health its pretty ridiculous. It's literally a better defensive skill than dk's Dark shield and Blood shield combined and neither can be used on an ally.
  13. I wouldnt mind traps having a bit of an aoe to them since they are the weakest form of skill at the moment. But then again 3x3 seems a bit excessive for generally low cooldown skills. Something like a 1x3 where you could rotate whether the trap is vertical or horizontal would be cool but i dont know how it would be implemented.
  14. Lets be real, casters that have heals will tank damagers if they have invested as much as the damagers have. Eg. they have books and +10s as well. At least shamans and druids have no problem doing it, most priests and necros as well. But they are more susceptible against bds and rogues with their new stuns i suppose.
  15. Only classes in the game that get maximum accuracy are rangers and mages, Against literally everyone else rogues have a skill that makes them near invulnerable to damage if they have a good set around it. For example i have 26.1% accuracy on my seeker and thats on the high side because i have the 4% accuracy boost from award set, 26-45 = -19 add to that rogues dodge which is going to be 60% after one dodge and i will miss attacks 80% of the time even though ive literally got among the best accuracy you can get in a pvp set. Kick in the back is stupid strong as it is, youd have to be out of your mind if you want a buff to it. You can already keep the debuff applied 100% of the time too anyway so not like the other person can even get a comeback if they cant stun you. Also you can easily reach 70% speed using axes on a rogue without a single speed enchant. Which is by using the best speed skill in the game, extermination. And before you go "but muh skillpoints arent enough for everything", well no shit be glad you have too many good skills to put points into. Some classes still have garbage for pvp skills so they kinda suck in general and seekers have to use auto attack builds to be any good and building a proper auto attack build for pvp is not cheap.
  16. I cant remember what speed bows and xbows were originally set at but regardless these numbers seem really harsh. And like Higgs said, unlike rangers and hunters, melee weapons share many classes and many of them dont have skills that increase speed.
  17. Sure you will land dodges, but the investment is definietly not worth it. Source: trust me, i played a full dodge bladedancer build. Sure it worked but only sometimes. And mostly because many guilds didnt have the accuracy bonus passive unlocked yet. Now there is plenty of high level guilds to go around in most servers. I wouldnt mind more useful 2handed abilities since i have amped a 2x accuracy hammer mostly just to deal with rogues, not that i ever use it since simply using daggers and spamming purification potions from castle is much simpler. One of my ideas was to make bleeds do twice the damage when using 2handed weapons while also giving dots in general a bit of a buff. Damage over time effects should be doing more damage than instant cast skills to begin with, not the other way around.
  18. Raislin


    All stats work in combination obviously, even piercing. Daggers arent the problem with seekers being high damage. Seekers are the only class in the game that gets critical damage bonus from a skill, which is Sun power and that in combination with other things such as auto attack damage and summons like the new lizard that gives a passive critical damage bonus + priests gods help for example are what makes seekers the best dps in the game. If seeker isnt using Sun power, im pretty sure blade dancer with auto attack build will do same if not more damage than a seeker, same with a ranger. Of course seekers are only good at doing damage so i dont see it as much of a problem.
  19. I think harad shield is fine as it is. It does help to get higher damage so lifesteal works better. So in a sense it does give more survivability but its very minor. Any dodge buff it would give would be relatively useless since seekers dont have a accuracy reducing skill or another source of dodge to reach dodge cap. There is two things id like for them to change and those are increasing the silence duration of Attraction by about half a second or so and removing dodge reduction of exhaustive blow in exchange for a bit more damage or stun duration. As it is levelling Attraction only increases chance of silence not duration. That extra increase in duration would let a seeker use a expert skill afterwards and since both cc that seeker has besides stun out of stealth are experts, its pretty obvious what youd go for. As for exhaustive blow, it has such a low duration you might as well not use it if you reach 70% speed. It does give extra oomph versus castle potted healers, sometimes enough to kill them but most of the time it just doesn't have long enough duration. So having it at least do a bit of extra damage wouldnt hurt because currently it only does 60% of your damage and thats just terrible when compared to for example rogues current stuns lol.
  20. Raislin


    Yea but the class is garbage at anything else besides doing damage so its fair that it gets damage at the cost of everything else.
  21. Raislin


    The point is to make 2h viable not to nerf daggers, why do you want to remove speed for daggers anyway? That's where the speed would make the most sense, not 2handed.
  22. Everybody builds seeker like they do because 2handers suck and all the other expert skills seeker have for pve are hot garbage with the exception of instinct but you dont need it often enough to warrant putting points into it after it got nerfed. Why do you want to nerf key skills from a notoriously trashy pvp character just because they happen to be decent for pve. Makes no sense.
  23. Blood Protection had so much potential whenever it first came out. I tested it way back in the test server for that update and i was a bit short of being able to keep it up 100% of the time, but pretty sure my dk was only lv22 or something so youd definietly be able to do it now, too bad it was changed for the 2nd run of the test server and for release. Although i still think you could make it work these days using some specific builds but it wont be optimal thats for sure. As for making it a energy consumption skill, i dont know about that. You'd definietly want to adjust the skill if that's so. After all Forti is "only" 25% reduction these days and dks also got Darkshield already which will be more effective if damage is reduced with Blood protection.
  24. You used to be able to do this but it was later removed from the game because they wanted to keep costumes "rare". I suppose its true to a certain extent and they probably wont add this functionality back since it being taken away seems to have worked out just fine. I'd recommend Wild boy/girl and faceless costumes in the meanwhile since their parameter is still set to None so you can trade them away anytime you want.
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