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  1. Is this topic not used anymore?
  2. Hehe thanks :3 Yeah, I am out completely, good luck to you aswell. :)
  3. Thanks, you too. :) XD Did you copy me? :3
  4. Thanks Livi, same to you aswell. :) Thanks, you too. :) Yeah, take a break.xD :D Thanks, it was a pleasure and I also wish you lots of luck and fun. :)
  5. Well, let's start this off by saying, that I know that nobody cares, but I just wanted to say Goodbye, before I leave. I want to thank all my friends and haters for making this game funny and exciting, especially at PvP Cave. :D I made lots of friends by joining the guild HORDE. Thanks for that. I've been a member for a very long time and it WAS a very funny and nice guild, but unfortunately it is not the same anymore. Friendship is more important than some Guild Points and Arena Seasons, you know? I also want to thank everyone who is following or used to follow my YouTube Channel, which I almost gave up, because I already gave up this game. Some might say, that 176 Subs are nothing, but I am very proud of this number. And a special thanks AND apology to all the players I embarassed in my videos. :D That was not my aim. I just wanted to show everyone that even if you are super broke and low amped, it does not mean, that you cant kill a high amped player. Even when Counter Attack was OP. Most BD videos were recorded at that time. You simply need a good tactic. (Psssst! I know a SUPER epic Skill build, which would help to win 90% of all pvps, but im taking this idea with me to my grave. :3) If you see me around, then I probably might be recording a Goodbye video. :) Sooo.... I wish you all best of luck and fight your Warspear addiction like I did! :D Goodbye :) The one and only: DieInPeace ~ D.I.P PS: Shut the fu** up, nobody is going to touch MY account, but ME!!!
  6. That rhyme in the first sentence made me high even though I do not smoke...
  7. A white cat sitting on you with the Warspear logo painted on it would have been awesome! :O Edit: Just noticed the teddy ;3 But the logo on him would have been awesome too. :D
  8. Yeah, I also know some good people who would not do that :D But anyone you don't know = Goodbye Gold^^
  9. But do not trust everyone...seriously, like almost everyone would scamm you.
  10. You gotta find it. Where could that question be hiding?
  11. It used to work for me some months ago, but not anymore
  12. Already did not like the music at the beginning, so I will probably not like the rest :3 Which part of your body do you like most?
  13. Exactly! Or the kik messenger :3
  14. Oh, ok thanks, but chatting with these noobs ingame is enough for me. I don't want any other contact :3
  15. What is a Warspear Discord Channel? :3 I seriously never heard of that^^
  16. I keep switching between both sides and I do not care what people call me :3 Do you hate the upcoming update as I do?
  17. I would appreciate if someone would post the links here tommorrow, because I will not be home, so i can not do that. Thanks in advance. :)
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