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  1. Gladiator's point: -Paladin was weak, we deserve this. -classes are op in 1v1 we deserve this -I don't talk about arenas and wars anymore.
  2. I give a reason to not give extra magic. I want a nerf because it affects wars and arenas. What is your point?
  3. Fact#135 Tanks were usually used to reach eye after which they were forced to commit honorable seppuko xD (suicide).. Because they were of no use at eye/they died at the boss... And were given a measly compensation money of 4k -.- Fact#136 Every raid boss can be killed with one party(without broken relic) except for elm.. That too, given that no one knows a method of killing him efficiently.
  4. False.. whenever a class got nerfed..it was usually in regard to war based skills...when you see a full +10 party get taken down with ease by a mage pala group it's bullshit. To your arena rewards...given the chance to get magic based rewards you would not get the 15% one...and pala still is a melee class...so no
  5. A blockhead who doesn't follow the logic of its already op..make it op'er' Some people actually play the game..give relevant facts to support claims...and complain when shit isn't fair... especially when a class (classes...)nuke without limit. So yes....give me a relevant reason.. otherwise you're just a waste of time. What more did you want me to say? Idiots...
  6. This logic is undeniably idiotic... Moving on Yes aoe makes pala and mage special... But amazing dmg output with a somewhat aoe stun either in the form of a direct stun (call foj) or invincibility from opposing stuns (stun bypass skill) Makes the specific class/es broken. Ok..a -10% no limit def loss isn't massive in wars to you..(which stack yes?) And 6 targets in 20- (MAX)30 (US SAPPHIRE LOGISTICS) 20% of the war being affected by one pala/mage.. Along with Illumination hitting all 600+++++ Per pala .. Don't matter.. Forget about it.. Then what about the arena aspect.. When a full+10 mc party dies without hitting the pala mage pt... Bullshit.
  7. I don't like it when a class is broken in a war game.. aka no.. Call needs to turn back into how it had been before (jump inside and Illuminate) Illumination needs to be restricted(still think this is bullshit)
  8. Fact#128 Fact 127 is wrong.. He has the ranger burst skill. Fact#129 Killing the totem in the Norlant swamps instantly spawns a new one.. Leaving No corpse whatsoever ... Tested XD. Fact#130 Killing high HP bosses is not profitable.. more than 15 confirmed kills using the bugged relic on spawn..5 kills on faceless.. 8 kills on kronus... One engineer kill did not drop anything whatsoever. (Luck based) Fact#131 Bug positions might be the main cause of death in game. Fact#132 If you're a forsaken player who's finished the first island you're supposed to be ruling moraktor.. Considering you know nameless' real name. Fact#133 The first DGs in game (Xmas) used to drop armor sets and weapon. This same DG dropped the first misspelled weapon I had seen (r'E'berius staff) and the strongest staff for a week after which the magical set combined and made it weak. Fact#134 The pvp cave once had bats (I think)
  9. Illumination... Wars ... Enough said.. Keep pdmg nerf aoe.. Now
  10. Idk what I have to prove here... Is this a question of how good I am.. Or whether I'm lying.. Because in either case I'm stronger than you and I don't ♥♥♥♥♥ out by saying shit like PvP doesn't matter. I will always be better kelvs When I didn't have shadow.. Resi... Def... I still killed you.. it's just a matter of who plays better.. And I clearly do.
  11. The other brackets sound stupid considering arena is already there.. But I'd join the 1v1
  12. Your pt vs my pt...so the party who's luckier wins Because the chance of stuns working/critical procing is much greater since theater the numbers..but I can deal...I know I'd still win xD And you want an ss...fine
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