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  • "Lol. Godsrange. All of what you said is a lie. I'm Blesskillz, Ryder messaged me on facebook. Dont you even dare lie. You deleted my BD ( Axekillz ) Because I wouldnt let you use my demonologist and because I was friends with people you hated. I will always be remembered as a pro and legend, and I'm not bragging but thats the truth. All you are is a selfish,lying, low amped noob. Okay? Okay. Just so everyone knows, Ryder is innocent. He hasnt done anything involving my Bladedancer or Ranger. Godsrange is a scammer and a lier. He used my money and my kindness for his self and I was ao dumb to trust him. I'll be checking this post for anyones questions or replies about this subject.
    -Blesskillz (: "

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  1. Turtle

    Stun parameter

    its still ur choice u just might not benefit as much as other classes will. btw Stun P good on lock too Pool stuns
  2. Turtle

    Stun parameter

    Those Stun... Necro Poison and Acid Rain and Pool of Darkness? BTW Stun DK is just as broken as Stun mage in my oppinion I use to have a stun DK and it Wrecked kids and Evill in US Sapphire has stun book and stun on boots + shield and he beats my mage 50% of the time. (Full greatness + STUN) classes with AOE skills and spam DOT Skills benefit most from stun. Necro and Warlock in my oppinion should be building for cool down.
  3. Just a Classic PvpCave Video Gotta Keep those Tabs Sith vs Mercs
  4. Turtle


    Themercs Versus Sithlords
  5. Heres A Mercs Video Versus Sith. Zeus Youtube Plugged in the Comments TheMercs Versus Sithlords
  6. Themercs Versus Sithlords Thought Id Plug It Here Mercs VS Sith
  7. okay in retrospect. to show you how bad it was an average lv6s Hp is 1.2--1.5k The Event Minion with Payback hits +10 greatness lv6s 966 Damage xD and the owl one in any arena above lv20 had 2x stun and 1.8k Hp so wasnt a one shot. Wack. Hopefully Spring then or you guys maybe split it up every 3 months for example one in Halloween at end 3 months later one end of Snow 3 Months end of Spring another 3 months end of Anniversary that way guilds dont have to wait so long. Because waiting a year inbetween then yall pushing it out even further was super whack.
  8. Agreed with the foods love the T5 food but other Variants stupid rare also what the heck why wasnt there a 50% Guild event this snow like always? super dissapointed.
  9. Turtle

    purchase declined

    I think so too. i was more worried when the transaction wasnt posted in my bank cus thats how you get banned. I think it was just a weird Connection Error
  10. is this last week of event? there still hasnt been the 50% off guild promotion thats there every year.😑
  11. Yeah thats normal amount the discount is automatically factored in on weekend. check monday I think without its like 18.5k or something.
  12. Contact Warspear Support. they can Remove Facebooks. also I suggest contacting facebook and not letting out personal information ive had same thing happen to me.
  13. Turtle

    purchase declined

    Update everything working fine now Transaction been posted after i purchased 50$ and posted as 60 now . So included last 10$ thanks . Maybe Lag? or issue with my bank .
  14. Turtle

    purchase declined

    Tried logging in on a Different Device besides my Iphone... Shows my coins but not on Iphone.... So i think everythings Fine? xD Im not sure eek P.S not using the coins till i get a clear away that im good and its just an unusaul bug. or buying more. Because Transactions not even pending on my Iphone. but coins are Loaded on the PC? and it doesnt show on Iphone @Akasha Update 10 Minutes Later Phones working Fine Transaction still isnt shown as pending though.
  15. Turtle

    purchase declined

    Same Issue just Happened im not sure if it charged my Account though cus it doesnt post the transaction until later its super bugged Right now. I tried 2x so hopefully didnt charge me 20$ and not give me any Coins XD
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