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  • "Lol. Godsrange. All of what you said is a lie. I'm Blesskillz, Ryder messaged me on facebook. Dont you even dare lie. You deleted my BD ( Axekillz ) Because I wouldnt let you use my demonologist and because I was friends with people you hated. I will always be remembered as a pro and legend, and I'm not bragging but thats the truth. All you are is a selfish,lying, low amped noob. Okay? Okay. Just so everyone knows, Ryder is innocent. He hasnt done anything involving my Bladedancer or Ranger. Godsrange is a scammer and a lier. He used my money and my kindness for his self and I was ao dumb to trust him. I'll be checking this post for anyones questions or replies about this subject.
    -Blesskillz (: "

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  1. This appreciate what you get guys. all "ideas" can be ripped off baron reminds me of the Voodoo man from Princess Frog (Disney) And I think its great. 90% of this game is resused ideas with a twist. get used to it. I farm Everyday. tryna not buy miracle coins. so far its been eh but yesterday it was worth it.
  2. Already got Distortion book and Valdemar just from farming all day today Thanks for the 2x Helpful as shit.
  3. Stun Staff on Mage is Legendary! To bad im lazy to level
  4. Hey nice I won. When will Reward Be Put into bags?
  5. US Still havent succeeded once after patch fix MC cant Kill Pinatas. Elf can about 1/2 of the time. @Akasha Hopefully they make it so you dont rely on other Faction or event will never be completed and 5x Achieve wont be possible.
  6. MC still cant do event somehow 4th stage make it so we dont have to rely on opposite alliance.
  7. Body Piece. And yeah I see it there now. guess just unlucky drop? still need event fix though.
  8. @Akasha Does lv30 Cloth body exist or 28 only? on us sapphire many get 28 but havent seen a single 30 yet. Is drop rate different from other pieces Also need to make event easier US Sapp still hasnt completed. no way SA can either
  9. Drip Drop. Lv30 Here I come.
  10. I appreciate the effort. and im actaully really impressed you replied on a weekend. ive never really seen it before and I think thats awesome.
  11. On Us I know we cant do event even though active The fire stage or whatever heck its called with the bombs too hard. MC always fail
  12. When PT hp Hit below 50% My life steal was not boosted by 10% Sorry if i wasnt clear my LS on avg is 15%. Also Bug is on every device. theres no avoiding it besides PC? Android Mac and IOS
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