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  • "Lol. Godsrange. All of what you said is a lie. I'm Blesskillz, Ryder messaged me on facebook. Dont you even dare lie. You deleted my BD ( Axekillz ) Because I wouldnt let you use my demonologist and because I was friends with people you hated. I will always be remembered as a pro and legend, and I'm not bragging but thats the truth. All you are is a selfish,lying, low amped noob. Okay? Okay. Just so everyone knows, Ryder is innocent. He hasnt done anything involving my Bladedancer or Ranger. Godsrange is a scammer and a lier. He used my money and my kindness for his self and I was ao dumb to trust him. I'll be checking this post for anyones questions or replies about this subject.
    -Blesskillz (: "

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  1. That’s what I thought it was saying . Which imo is gona make it hard on low level guilds from the opposite faction to ever have a chance either A lv12 guild from opposite faction farms it kills any who come near or B. Your own faction kills it so fast no one has a chance to get inside the area for 30 seconds.
  2. Okay first off calm the attitude. Ngl that came off as rude. Second thanks I missed the reputation part that’s why I asked. And alluding to the question what I’m asking is are the bosses farmable? Example if I have guild event done and I Farm Demonoligist can it drop me costume. Or does it have to come from the chest. Because if you can farm it there will be issues between the 4 hour periods and elf will run all over Mc
  3. Got a couple questions, is it like the past where no rep is required to run Dg? Because that’s what made this event Unique. And allowed players to level at a semi decent pace compared to normal leveling procedures. As well as is beholder demonologist etc drop those items? And respawn is 4 hours don’t you think over farming will be insane? Guilds below lv12 won’t have a chance and wars will break out at each location. Just curious thanks
  4. sooo.. will u be nerfing ringmaster in the lv6-12 dgs? cus Non healers cant do it? Never its been there for years it depends on device.
  5. All they do is Bot need to be permanently IP Banned but Developers dont give a shit many people have reported and they give them 2 week bans instead of permanent. @Akasha Any suggestions? Reporting people like this doesnt work 2 week Ban then they do it next season again. Idk why yall dont permanent Ban them. Favoritism to Chinese Again.
  6. Turtle

    Ringmaster Fix

    The Ringmaster is WAY to strong. I like the Dungeon but many cannot run it because of the high HP values the mobs have Ringmaster/Guards Need a Heavy Nerf on Health. about 50% Because in dgs 6-16 if ur not a healer or +10 ls set Your screwed. I even tested with Heal Minion and my +10 full greatness lv6 Ranger and even my 24 +10 Ranger has issues with Ringmaster and My Mage in lv30 as well. because its Health Value with Defense bonus is ducked.
  7. Wtf you mean you pmed me like 2 days ago on Vampire LMFAO Since server down test is up? i wanted to check something before we drop in to see if its worth spamming DDG to exch for craft Points i wasnt able to see the exchange rate
  8. Always been like that on test to include server ID. btw y’all should launch this update today since we’re stuck inside and test was basically flawless
  9. Thats why I stated that?... its just a statement i didnt even have an oppinion attached lmfao but Okay Ya Bot. BTW Class choice is huge to only dmgers have an issue with solo dg healers tanks are fine choose a different class then. Or go Farm M1 or M2 till u can afford some decent stuff 😂
  10. Turtle

    Display zoomed in

    This has been a thing forever no idea how to fix it same issue on Laptops running Windows 7. and when go full screen just zooms in.
  11. Tuesday Im Thinking Yeah if ur leveling its an issue unless ur amped. June.
  12. This is amazing, I love it the entire idea everything hopefully the experience you get from the reputation isn’t trash / super low then the entire aspect is ruined but it’s SUCH a good idea and everything else looks good too... hope the school still has its pvp Circle
  13. Turtle

    Stun parameter

    its still ur choice u just might not benefit as much as other classes will. btw Stun P good on lock too Pool stuns
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