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    "Lol. Godsrange. All of what you said is a lie. I'm Blesskillz, Ryder messaged me on facebook. Dont you even dare lie. You deleted my BD ( Axekillz ) Because I wouldnt let you use my demonologist and because I was friends with people you hated. I will always be remembered as a pro and legend, and I'm not bragging but thats the truth. All you are is a selfish,lying, low amped noob. Okay? Okay. Just so everyone knows, Ryder is innocent. He hasnt done anything involving my Bladedancer or Ranger. Godsrange is a scammer and a lier. He used my money and my kindness for his self and I was ao dumb to trust him. I'll be checking this post for anyones questions or replies about this subject.
    -Blesskillz (: "

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  1. I quit for six months think ill log on and check it out when I get a Min off work. Good Luck to Everyone
  2. Hope its Added its needed tbh and Ice needs to be Made Purple Rarity.
  3. I liked the Dg Alot Bosses Dr should be lowered i think. And one for lv 6-10-14 . And tbh Costumes were crazy Bad. Hopefully Christmas is less Bleak! Looking to further my Bull crap storage. P.S ( Also The Area Events and Main boss was real crappy... Miss somethin like Sandro or Favoniy Wulturn Etc.) Warspear_Online_2018-12-02-23-29-39.mp4
  4. Everything Arena Battles Heroic Dgs Pvp Rating not just Festive. And Nah all the token costumes are worthless i have nearly every costume in the game and those are ones i rarely flaunt they were 100k On us Even though Drop rate was near 0%
  5. No offense but sorta a stupid event. 1. This costume use to just be in good luck tokens where it should stay its not rare or even that amazing compared to some "Rare costumes". Two if your doing something like this atleast nake it 2x Gp or 2x Dr? Like wtf. 3. Ratings should be for everything hesvi I'll y disagree with no Life Dg spam winning it
  6. It sounds great hope Dg is still easy and not impossible now (Casaully Spams Refresh Button waiting for Maintence to be over)
  7. Hope Halloween is like 2014 Big ass Bosses, Mini bosses with costumes and easy ass Dgs that are fun af. Hopefully I have the right year to I will always remember sir Black jack https://youtu.be/IOJzPDZGDRk
  8. Turtle

    Lab Bug

    I've farmed b3 solo since 2013 and use to Solo b3 with Doom... it's Extremely difficult now because it's a Bug. No announcement was made on change. Not a suggestion or other question and support is here to fix bugs no?
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