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I want to buy/sell/exchange items


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Buy elf side Emerald Shoes and Helmet level 13 for druid.

Pm me Wassy or Diosita

Sell Favony's small ring (5% sun level 5) and Aquilon's small amulet (5%moon level 5)

Thanks and Merry Christmas  :give_rose:

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Buy Lv19 Cape Us Sapp



Or Buy Rare Costumes Cheap pm me

300cc 100k

Snowman 300k

Ice warrior 300k



Gt Hood 80k

Bracers 50k

and Damage Spheres ^  All mc us pm Turtleduck or Turtlefuc Bacca Oneshotwin on elf



On elf side i buy

Holiday Boy Herald-200k

300cc costume 100k

Icebow Skin-180

and Snow Queen or Holiday girl -180 or 220 Snow queen



Pls Pm me if you have any and are intrested in my prices Ty



Turtleduck Us Sapp~

(Trade mcoin shop items also if intrested) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

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Dat resell. Well you wont be getting snow queen for 220k. XD

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Trading Elfs/chosen side gold to mc/forsaken side gold. I give in elfs you give in mc side. ;)  And its legal http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=98455.msg689924#msg689924

Contact me in forum or in game  :clapping:

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EU emerald - mc side


trading my wedgehead for ice warriors armor or buy one for around 300-400k, pm me here on forum. Im not very active right now ingame.


cheers bloody

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+4 old enhanced twisted charge with moon 40 and 2.5% dodge 65k

+1 trustworthy leather gauntlets with great charm penetration 30k

Great charmed Qualitative pendant has healing and critical hit on it 20k

Great charm qualitative signet-ring x2 with penetration and dodge on it 30k each

Auster's ring level 10 5k






Stormbreaker's bloody mantel we can talk price


Elf side


Deadeagle or magiceagle

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