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  1. Hadouken


    Sorry for the late reply, but thank you
  2. I doubt it Favourite film? P.S Jigsaw-PZ, did you just answer your own question?
  3. Also prevents certain guilds kicking members at the last minute
  4. Then it wouldn't say, "Not enough wins in the guild tournament: 4."
  5. Hadouken


    2 weeks time :yahoo:
  6. League is so much better with a mouse
  7. Out of the tons of people who s/t trade accs, its awfully suspicious/unlucky how you only chose him e.e
  8. Sivir's not that bad actually ;D Ryze is ok
  9. Which champ(s) would you recommend i play at the start of the game
  10. So, im playing League, killing minions and stuff, I press the 's' key to try stop attacking them (so i can avoid other champs/turrets agro effect), yet that does not work. Anything im doing wrong?
  11. Help me think of a summoner name for League of Legends :blush:
  12. nty, drop rate is bad enough as it is
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