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  1. U can still update ur android Version, if u have a Samsung Handy/Tablet with a Programm called Samsung Kies Good Luck
  2. Buy Gt Hood EU-Emerald / elf side Pm Deamant
  3. Hmm ok im sorry i try to write a better ticket to tech. Support Im Sorry
  4. My Question is : Whats the pass of an account before you change it ? I wanted to change my pass but i made a mistake... If you want to change your pass so you need to write it 2 times ... I just wrote it one time right... I spelld the second one wrong... Then it said incorrect login pass Soooo whats the pass before you change your pass ? Support do not aswer me :/
  5. Bumb :/ What takes it so long
  6. Could support answer me pls Its been nearly 3 weeks since i sent my ticket to tech. Support... Its just a little problem that can be sloved in few minutes I wrote it on this e-mail: [email protected] Thank you Deamant
  7. :) They will be released this year :yahoo:
  8. EU-Emerald / Elf side -Buy Dragon Charmer -Buy 2 extra pocket -Buy 5 set sign / 4 set dmg Pm me ingame or here
  9. Deamant

    Blocking relic

    Its not against the rules to block something like relic. Check the rules if u dont trust us.
  10. Deamant

    Cookies Gone

    Send a ticket to Technical Support ;D They will solve ur Problem as soon as possible xd
  11. R0land already said u to sent a ticket to Technical Support. Use this link http://warspear-online.com/en/Support or write an e-mail to [email protected] They will help u
  12. WA-PA-PA-PA-PA-PA-POW ! ;D
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