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  1. Are tou sure you have enough memory on tour device to install the patch? That could be the problem
  2. Holy shit, I had totally forgotten about that. Now that you mentioned it, I remeber collecting items with sun damage (or whatever priest/mage dmg was called) from the dealer right after reading the announcement whixh I then sold post rework for good money. Good business, hehe... And please, no more complicated stats. It is fine as it is.
  3. Haha, good to hear I am eu emerald Thanks!
  4. Well, under the right circumstances it is all good. I have done it before, and I didnt get scammed. It just requires both parts to be trustworhty
  5. Ofc I do, you were all over the forums when I used to be active! Bd's are op? Guess nothing's changed then
  6. Heyy hoo! So after 2 years I thought I would revisit this old little mobile game. Don't know if anyone remember me though, but I used to be quite active and well known on this forum. Any oldschoolers left around here? What have happened in the game? Barb still sucks ass or has it gotten better? Ps. Currently leveling a ranger on elf side euw cuz I always wanted to plsy ranger, dunno. Andn well, I need to transfer some gold from mc to elf so it woul b nice if someone trustworthy could help me with that! Xoxo Deltaman
  7. Even though I don't earn any mega rare costume, these are EXACTLY my thoughts about it...
  8. Still don't feel like I enjoy playing on this map.....either you get lucky and gank the other team in 3 vs 1, or you get ganked instead....
  9. Unfair, I also want to be able to solo-heal bosses...
  10. Yea, this is a goddamn disgrace... WHY THE HELL CAN YOU GET WEAPONS THAT NO ONE CAN USE?
  11. http://ws-db.ru/ I think this is enough. Doesn't have all the new items listeed yet, but they are working on it.
  12. Yea, it has been suggested before. And everytime R0land asnwers saying that he doesn't understand the problem and that you cn sell the crap in market. Like if market gives you 500k for it... Everyone thinks it sucks ass, but still the devs don't seem to care about it...
  13. Yea, I were also extremely confused about it. Apparently they actually did change it, so now you can stun an enemy when there is 1 yards between you. Which is a 2 yards distance. But for some reason they didn't change the description, so now it gives incorrect info, I think it should say "greater than one yard".
  14. Huehuehuehuehuehue sure, sure. Right now you got a skill that hinders walking, one that hinders attacking, and one that hinders attacking and using skills. Sure, an AoE stun is obiously what you need...
  15. Nice and innovative suggestions, some might be a little over powered though.
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