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  1. could've got more if I had a 10% pot I used scroll instead and maybe I could get 6k with priest buff or with dk idk
  2. I'm not a fan of ranting over information about the new features which people hate but this is absolute bullshit.
  3. Jamie's dead I'm back from the dead so call me lord instead of him anyways who r u again?
  4. his personal text "i am from aoa"
  5. Funny , yes. >gets ganked by the entire cave
  6. yea i made a mistake no need to be rude do u ? And i dont do long ass arguments go do that with zethu
  7. You play on eu right? Whats your characters name ?
  8. All indos lmao.. What a contest full of cheats duck the vote system devs should pick the winner them selves
  9. Axe since rogues need that extra damage for more info check other topics
  10. yoshikis , hassn and suprememan. Best barbs of EU which are ACTIVE
  11. Dont use neither , i suggest use divine defence for hunts however for pvping + arena it sucks due to the lack of resiliance u will get. For me this is the best set x2 sd blades with full arena and Az cape (not cloak) If u cant get sd blades go for Lvl 17 axes works perfect and cheap :)
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