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  1. And this? Spirit on..and no time ! Stamina down..:/ 3 times this!
  2. dude,I said sins 5 years HE is like that...not I play sins 5 years...Anyway . have a good day you too.
  3. I remember when I used to play warspear...Traded or transferred with Johan(Wolfsy) millions gold,hundreds of signs(or even +1000)...rare items..Not even 1 sec I wasn't afraid to do this . Because he is The most trustable player that I know ever.(not saying he is the only one).He is sins 5 years like that,he have a reputation,honor and much more...And I am sure he will be like that forever. You shouldn't care about that "jelly" frustrated kid,Johan...We know who he is...and why he'sdoing this. Kiss you from Paris.:) :give_rose:
  4. Congratulations to all of you who worked hard. Keep going Legends....Kiss you all.
  5. I'd not me...u saw a post on Facebook...so from there is that ss..don't know those ppl..
  6. Hello there...Just wanna replay to your post..I can say too about you,or Bia,or anyone "you are a scammer"..Is EASY . I don't play sins long time ago,but I know Egis very well . Never,but NEVER,Egis did something like that in 1 or 2 years when I played . if he did it now(see?I don't blame you..:)..)please feel free to post a ss or a proven Maybe is not the real owner or... But,again..is easy to say "that one is a scammer"..just because you don't like him or you had some fights with.. Thanks. kiss you Bia.:))
  7. Typical old trick" full bag"...
  8. pathetically and idiot :facepalm:
  9. Tell me when you ready..and start to count that 80%..vs real Legends,not recruits.!Have a nice day.
  10. You look irritated ..Why you insult 30 ppl?Ah..i forgot.Is...you,typical .
  11. Congratz for moderator function:)
  12. Trade GT vestments in mc side for GtV in elf side.In mc side i have it +1 full enchanted. EU Emerald.Chrystall ranger/Mechry shaman
  13. Lol Js .That's what i call a real "br" :rofl: No offence :blush:
  14. I got this...don't know if i have to use it or no for my ranger.What you think about?
  15. And here was faster,we had time to joking in the time that tayu was trying to kill that biiiiig a.ss alone :D
  16. See Bia? :D With a good party, 1 stamina.And earlier we used 2 stamina in normal mode,because of that "ranger" who did less dmg then all of us ( we was casters)xD:D.
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