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  1. EO3 arrived now and I mapped out the first floor and reached lv5. I really enjoy it and it's a good challange, great lynx is not fun to find early :P playing a unconventional team without tank or healer as primary class, but I will sub my farmer to monk if I can last that long without healer. I love status crippling in general and after people NOT recommending crippling based strategies, it just made me want to do it more! So all synergy is cripple based, I can tell this game has it challanges comeing for me :)
  2. Life is better in pixels for sure and right now im going back to the roots too looking for those singleplayer rpg gems that made me the gamer i am today :blush: . WS sadly just keeps sinking like a swiss cheese on open water and i havent seen the trend changing for over a year now. Im not a chatty person, in any aspect of my social life, but i do miss the poeple i learned to know through WS. Maybe one day, but right now, neither me or night has any desire to play the game WS have become. I shall forever remeber v1.3-1.6, then i was just a nobody friendless punk, but the WS world was purer and not soiled by fanaticism and greed by both players and devs. Keep it cool mecha 8)
  3. Night finishes re4 in 6h25m but she does all rhe side stuff too.
  4. Sweet, once i get the hang of things it sounds fun :)
  5. EQ3 waiting for dispatch, praying it will come early, usually amazon uk have sent my pakages faster then estimates. :drinks:
  6. Ive been reading up and at first i was looking at the 2nd game, cause well beast sounds cute, but then i learned that the beast class gets alot of bashing and not just that its mediocre, people call it the a tank class that cant handle its on taunt-capability. And on the other hand DH and Hex are considered OP which makes me not really want to use those too even though they sound like alot of fun. Reading some of these threads made it hard for me to imagine a team that would give me the satisfaction of being underdogs aswell as being having a satisfying strategi build. Of course ive only been reading alittle but this was my conclusion. Then i found out that EQ3 had a sub-system that can combo 2-classes into a new class, but i should say i havent really read up on it yet. But for example you can play a - Farmer-Prince. Which sounds delightful! At first look i dissmissed EQ3 for remaking all the classes, but now afterhand I do kinda like the remodeled classes. So right now EQ3 looks like the one i might start with, even if i haft to consider EQ1-2 wont be as good if i go back a pre-title later. And yes i do only have a DS-console. They want almost 100USD for the drowned city here at the game store but i found some at ebay for like 20USD with shipping, but thats just for a cassette and nothing else.
  7. I love game boy-consoles and ive totally missed this one. Sounds like a great series. I might haft to try to hit ebay for some real PAL-cassettes. Any tip which onw to start with or your absolute favorite game of the series? :friends:
  8. Anyone played Resident Evil 4? Its nights favorite game ever and she just passed a 1 000 000 000 PTAS (which is the game currency) 8)
  9. ive heard of medabots. I prefer "secrets of mana 2" (or the JPN titel - seiken densetsu 3) over the first game. One of the earliest games i know of that has a sub-class system. Have the original cassette for the remake of secrets of mana nintendo realeased to GBA. They realeased alot of classic SNES games tuned up for GBA. Got metroids too :)
  10. First, alot of people seem to want a tank that has a 100% threat ratio - warrior cant really do this, BUT at higher levels the other tanks dmg output will stay at 2000-3000 max crits while warrior can dish out 20 000 crits with strike that also adds weaken to target. People at lv30-60 might not agree, but warrior is far more useful tank late game then the early game tanks most people favor. So warrior cant relly have 100% threat ratio, without wasting alot of items and SP in taunt. Myself i use lv7 or so taunt and 1 +6 threat item and my warrior got 80% threat ratio. Yes my other party members takes hits too, but aslong as they dont get 1-hitted by a spell/skill thats not a problem for my party-build. But use Grandma or Hugo (needs to be unlocked) to get their +threat bonus and experiment with taunt and items. Remeber you can reset any char at the tavern for a cheap price of 50g so its easy to try your way to a good solution.
  11. Love it - playing NG+++++ difficutly with my party of lv160-190.
  12. Avon update came, but really i have no desire to come back to warspear as things are now... Currently im playing "Knights of pen and paper +1 edition" when i got spare time. I freaking love this humorous pixelated twist of old tabletop RPG-classics like D&D and EON. The storyline is just perfect mixing geeky themes and jokes through out the dialouges. The game itself is the perfect love-child between a tabletop and a turned-based 16-bit concole feel, while it holds good quality and character + class options. Some extra nice features are - You can decorate your room and/or buy in food and drinks for your game table to give your party permanent or temporary buffs. Theirs 5 classes to unlock by completing optional quests (shaman, bard, necro, knight, barbarian) Theirs 5 characters to unlock playing the main quest. (5 pixel-version of actual developers) Has a increased difficulty option like Diablo 2/3. Whenever you finnish the game you get an option to reset the game for the next difficulty. The game can be obtained through Android, IOS, Humble bumble and Steam (as far as i know). The android version is 5USD after that EVERYTHING is bought with ingame gold which is quiet easy to farm and only gets easier as pass the first half of your first campaign. If you enjoyed tablestops, you will fall inlove with this game. Video review -
  13. Ive gotta say "steel hurricane" looks boring compared to other skills like paladins banner, shamans totem or rouges knives that brings gameplay dynamics, strategy options and building effects. Steel hurricane is just another "click" dmg skill with minimal AoE, Zzz. If you wanted to take blizzards classic barb-skill whirlwind, you could of done it alot more fun and interactive for the gameplay. HOWEVER, while i feel like its boring its in not a bad skill in a game where a dmg skill can greatly increase a characters dps it can for sure be that extra punch makes the battle outcome in your favor.
  14. If youre not an oldie from v0.7 or earlier i wouldnt recommend you trying to make a famous-list. I doubt anyone of these are oldies... Ive never seen Hassn around until few patches after amp-system. And be honest - supreme is the only EU barb and before supreme their use to be a barb named Zbir that was pretty rocking around v1.3, but he quit when you couldnt play free anymore. I didnt see any nostalgic or famous names on that list...
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