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  1. There's players with 15+ resi 2500 def and 400 damage rogues outdated build a druid be a winner!
  2. Obviously not they always give a week announcement before it ends
  3. It is possible to kill sadara you just need 2 pts of high amped players it's how we been killing in us sapphire xD
  4. Looks like you lose again blue Go ahead noso
  5. This is a great idea and many games do it would love to see it placed in the game would make people log once a day to get there chest atleast
  6. People these days *z* bunch of freaks who pretend to be something the are not in a game about their gender it's not hard to tell what you are and I have no idea why you would want to be the other gender #stop the mix up
  7. Best wishes from me I'll be in game at your return good luck in real life Sorry to here you leave ~eaglewars
  8. Not a big deal but the 14 arena cape has 1 less def at +10 then the other 14 capes do... just saying xD
  9. Pimply

    5.1.0 + bugs

    There is a problem with the 14 arena cape it has 1 less def then the other capes at +10 level 14
  10. So if I already have 2 items already like 2 rings it will be unlocked? And won't there be 5 items now? Hood cape rings and an amulet?
  11. So this new arena helm if I win that and already have another piece like a ring will the bonus open? Or will you be making more pieces to open it like armor gloves boots?
  12. Season should end in 4 days that would make it 3 months from last time but now no announcement
  13. Maybe Sept 10 but they usally make an announcement when there is 1 week left I'm thinking they will push it back I just have to wait longer for a cape....
  14. Even less famous games have them in and the player mods in some games got paid for being an in game mod but just game currency so if they add this they could give the mods gold in there daily chests
  15. All the troll outfits used to be in the shop then they took them away
  16. If old items makes you good why has no one told me xD and yush if you want some old rune links come elf side I have a few level 12 olds still intact
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