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    Pelaako kukaan enää warspearia vai onko kaikki metsästämässä pokemoneja?
  2. BUYING: Lvl14 and Lvl5 physical dmg cape. No matter which one. Both in eu emerald legion side. pm here or: Ludebude, Xeriouz, Soldea
  3. Fact #75 Many of the people playing on EU server does not even live in europe.
  4. EDIT: or +9EDIT2: Bought one now
  5. Welcome back Jayrox
  6. Ludebude


    Miksi aina käy näin?
  7. Ludebude


    Niinhän se on armeijassa että aikasin pitää herätä.
  8. Yes this is annyoing. Need to click "send/ready" button on phone keyboard then press again in warspear. Always forget to click the second time and the message will not be sent.
  9. Arena season should be shorter.
  10. In war it is almost impossible to attack the totem because so many players standing on it. My suggestion is to make the totem so that u cant stand on it but you can attack it.
  11. Ei mun omassakaan guildissä mittää rajaa oo. Ihan oman fiiliksen mukaan tehää gptä :D
  12. Its a chipmunk O:-)
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