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  1. Druid win wlock 1vs1 but cant win if arena 5vs5 5wlock can make all 0dmg with that circle-.- Sorry for bad english
  2. If you a newbie u should play at firstborn/mountain clans the quest is easier than forsaken/chosen. Druid and shaman is nice for pvp and pve too
  3. Lestyz


    Can someone help me? I cant enter dungeon,i have seeker stamina but couldnt too someone plz help me Sorry for my bad english
  4. Trade my auster's ring at elf to mc at us shappire post at here or pm me ingame ty ;D
  5. Reindeer quest call me to collect snow man head
  6. Click the skill you want to up,menu,skill study,done
  7. Quest until lvl 14 go swamp and dont wear equip
  8. I need kill all boss at forsaken map 1 plz i pay 1.5k all boss frop kevin to tucktoot
  9. At elf dont have stun skill but mc have.
  10. Hi i need trade elf gold to mc 1k/trade pm me lesty/kdruidxx at elf thx ;D
  11. Buy ticket 2.2k/set need 30set and sign 2set 60k/sell mage ring lvl 18 125k pm
  12. Ad yg bs inv guild g gw lvl 15 dk.....
  13. Sell impenetrable signet 1.3m pm kjlimo and guiding thread boot 70k pm me kdruidxx for shappire only
  14. Lestyz


    The price of ring is 1.3m and gt boot 70k sorry forgot add it ;D
  15. Lestyz


    Hi i sell some thing if need link/buy pm me :blush: Impenetrable darkness signet [lvl 18] pm kjlimo for link/ buy , guiding tread boots [lvl 18] pm kdruidxx for link thx ;D
  16. Dont put your acc info in forum just put it at support
  17. I agree but it is hard to get item?
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