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  1. magic pots that give 10% magic damage r bugged , they give max 36 magic increase only. suppose if someone has 500magic then he should get 50 more magic when pot is used bt instead they get only 36 .
  2. Devs, i wana know why i was banned from forum for abt a week , wat was my fault nd who banned me thank you
  3. lets consider ur perspective for one second u say 704 damage hits 440/460 on almost max enhanced rese gear a caster can get so its like 38% damage reduction now with new equips rogues will hav like 900-950 normal( not considering 4% extra of bd ]SO WITH 38% DAMAGE REDUCTION(WHICH IS ALMOST MAX FOR CASTER) A ROGUE WILL HIT CASTER AROUND 550-570 NORMAL IN STEALTH 750 NORMAL SO LETS SEE WAT A ROGUE COMBO CAN DO CONSIDERING UR ULTRA DEF PERSPECTIVE MERCI 800 + 550 NORMAL + 800 JUMP + 350 ROCHETTE + 550 NORMAL = 3050 ONLY IN ONE COMBO ON FULLY AMPED CASTE
  4. exmagador has 863 atk now count in all the new stuff u r almost touching 1k exmagador = +10 bd 19 axes , idk wat he will get with lvl 21 +10 axes
  5. why dnt u come on eu server nd try me out btw u r seriously mistaken , rogues nd rangers with 1k normal damage is overkill think of a rogue having 1300-1400 atk in stealth hitting ur caster nd spamming skills on ya u r dead in one combo u understand wat that means ???
  6. no i want casters get atleast to 500 if physical can get to 1k is that asking too much ???
  7. oh u should really consider casters ring also roland , just a suggestion physical damagers can get 1k normal damage and casters cant even get 500 magic doesnt it sound a bit odd?
  8. New things and bug fixesBug with incorrect displaying health points when using Paladin and Priest skills (“Sun Seal”, “Heavenly light”, “Redemption”)Using Rogue’s “Ricochet” now aborts invisibility.Each town got new interactive objects: muppets for testing skills and damage. In case of winning or losing in PvP-battle you will be getting a chat message with your rival’s name. Cloaks, rings and amulets got new bonus “Physical damage” and also old bonuses “Life stealing” and “Magic power” were increased. this was posted by peter munk , i dnt see any changes in life steal nd magic stats of c
  9. u quote half of things i say with ice queen u couldnt get stats like health dodge accuracy better enchants bt with these items u can get em all with op damage so stop playing dumb nd accept the facts HEALERS NEED TO BE BUFFED ,150 DAMAGE TO PHYSICAL DAMAGERS SO CASTERS SHOULD ATLEAST GET AROUND 80-100 MAGIC MORE END OF STORY
  10. r u acting dumb or u r really dumb , with ice queen u dnt get stats bt these things r giving u benifits with other stats too , also more damage than ice queen much more and abt ur lil healer strategy , its very easy to say bt very tough to do sleep u talk on druid is a chance stun nd anyway rogues deal like 3k + in one go BURST DAMAGE AND BETWEEN WE R TALKING ABT ALL CASTER HERE NOT ONLY DRUIDS AND also ABT UR CASTERS GETTING 500+ MAGIC THEORY , MOREB HAS 500 + MAGIC BCOZ HE HAS ARENA ITEMS DUMB , NOT EVERY1 CAN GET THEM CASTERS ALSO NEED BUFF IN PROPRTI
  11. not a huge change huh ? now u get like 150 damage without losing any stats , if u remember ice queen makes u lose alot of stats , bt i guess u r too handicapped to say the diff is not huge rogues nd rangers walking with 1k normal damage is ok ? nd casters cant even get to 500 ?? quite a opinion u got there (ofc handicapped ) devs really need to fix this or casters r doomed , bam bam 3 hits of a rogue killing a caster :sounds like fun to u huh ? u also know it very well that physical damagers will be unstoppable with it nd yet u want it to be that way only , dud
  12. casters hav damage on each item bt last i chkd physical damage on weapon is much more than magic damage on staffs , so ya if u guys get a 140 damage boost nd we get a 8 -10 damage boost its not fair in my books nd just stop defending the obvious rogues r best damage class and now with new equips they will finish off casters in one go , u think thats fair huh ???/ if U GOT 150 DAMAGE BOOST WE ALSO DESERVE GOOD BOOST , THATS ONLY FAIR , OUR WEAPONS HAV ALOT LESS DAMAGE THAN PHYSICAL DAMAGE WEAPONS MAYBE DEVS FORGOT THAT HAV A GOOD DAY ps- this post is for devs d
  13. in this update u buffed up all high lvl physical damage classes by like 130-140 more damage and all casters got was abt 6-8 extra magic ???? dnt u think its too unfair on casters ????? plz think seriously abt it devs thank you
  14. hello roland peter, in announcement post u mentioned about increasing magic power on rings amulet and cloaks but i dnt really see magic power increased on rings . so if its a bug plz fix it thank you ( expecting a speedy reply)
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