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  1. True, I enjoy the skills activating barrier now. Thanks Devs
  2. Yea I second that. It needs an animation so I can use it tactically since its not noticeable.
  3. Oh haha I've been playing all day and never noticed the stun Lmao. Oh well
  4. Mage still needs to be fixed. My 3/3 barrier does not go up after every attack. It still takes about 4 attacks after the barrier goes down. Haven't seen that stun on stone shatters yet.
  5. Yeah! I'm back with full lifesteal equips. The barrier and stun on stones should make the mage a real power house in arena.
  6. Thank you devs for making the mage a comparable class again. I will be playing again and ill be seeing you guys on the leaderboards. Travisious
  7. I love this idea! I was thinking just a quick weapon swap. But, you both are right, it would be much more user friendly to swap entire sets. I feel noob when I forget a peice of a set.
  8. I second penetration. Att speed is a joke really.
  9. I've beaten heroic, no plot quests on the main Island. And I still don't have the new quests. Unless it means by "small task" to complete swamp quests to get that quest that wants you to collect the star casket from the gatekeeper in the Astral lab.
  10. GMs please reconsider this idea. As a guild leader of a group of friends who like to play when they have the chance, we will suffer from this update.
  11. I think heal makes up for not being able to catch runners. The spear seems to really put pallys a few notches up on the arena field
  12. Great name haha :) I play regularly now. Most of the time in on my newbie spear pally named Travfifth. Pm me sometime for info or just to talk about the mage.
  13. Fireball should have a knock back effect.
  14. The damage is 103 with 404 magic, and 83 with 301 magic. It hits 5 times with my rank at 3.
  15. That would look great on a bd or rogue! :*
  16. And the faceted circles are non faceted. (faceted means cut like a diamond in a ring) Top right and bottom right of the inventory are the culprits.
  17. Form stronger teams when you go into dangerous territories. This whole convo about ganking and hard cl quests is what Warspear is all about. I personally love it! The great thing about this game is that there are no consequences to dying, minus the long walk back. Tip to "ganker haters" -Run, hide, whine in chat, then get a larger party. Oh and good luck with cl quests! Get them done when the gankers are on lunch break. To truly solve the ganker problem try this Play Barbie Dressup. You don't have to worry about anyone bothering you. :) Be a man fools!
  18. Is there a way to add this feature devs? All guild leaders would like to see bank transactions and who entered/left the guild from the last log in. It's always a surprise to see some armors and potions gone every time I log... Oh damn, I have an idea!!! Instead of explorers and higher having access to the bank inventory, let the leader and heirs have the option to choose what members have access. If you can do that then screw the guild log. :P
  19. And I am motivated to come back. That complement means something coming from someone like yourself. This is what has been taking my free time... Luna, 11 week old Australian Cattle Dog. :)
  21. That one is fantastic! War right out side of the caravan. I dont see that happen much anymore in EU Emerald.
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