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  1. There's players with 15+ resi 2500 def and 400 damage rogues outdated build a druid be a winner!
  2. Obviously not they always give a week announcement before it ends
  3. Chicken here are my druids
  4. It is possible to kill sadara you just need 2 pts of high amped players it's how we been killing in us sapphire xD
  5. Looks like you lose again blue Go ahead noso
  6. This is a great idea and many games do it would love to see it placed in the game would make people log once a day to get there chest atleast
  7. People these days *z* bunch of freaks who pretend to be something the are not in a game about their gender it's not hard to tell what you are and I have no idea why you would want to be the other gender #stop the mix up
  8. Best wishes from me I'll be in game at your return good luck in real life Sorry to here you leave ~eaglewars
  9. Not a big deal but the 14 arena cape has 1 less def at +10 then the other 14 capes do... just saying xD
  10. Pimply

    5.1.0 + bugs

    There is a problem with the 14 arena cape it has 1 less def then the other capes at +10 level 14
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