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  1. EU Emerald Darkmarek Buy Gt Hood and Gt boots Able to pay up to 300k pm me in game or forum
  2. Problem explained as short as possible i do 5x 20min dungeon kill boss open chest got 1 mage staff 1 moon cloak (warlock) and one mace for pala Cant use them trash in my bag although lucky drops all personal Solution: Make them equipable and not personal -.- what do i need a moon cloak for?! Make instances drop us weapons for OUR faction,mage staff looks good and so.on but.its wasting my bagspace -.- OR make us being able to trade with other faction Thx.
  3. Dear devs Could you explain us why Mc's get Elf weapons and Elfs get mc weapons?! That's pretty dumb, what am i supposed to do with a mace? It just wastes bagspace and is useless for a Warlock. My idea is to make a Faction-across market dealer where elfs and mcs can trade (theres a lot elf stuff like decorative skins and other crap on mc side) or 1. replace the new elf weapons with mc ones and 2. Prevent that we get more elf weapons from chests. That mc get mc weapons and on the opposite the same is the only logical solution, no idea why we get elf weapons too :facepalm:
  4. Started with a mountain cat and well,it escalated quicly xd
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y20XNDAXJ1k&feature=youtube_gdata_player My first Arena compilation ;D
  6. Catched a nice fight on Video.Check it out :blush: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jbon6Jr4evU&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  7. nice guy from the 0.7 times who disappeared when ws became shit like many,many old-time friends
  8. I will pm you this evening if possible :blush: But you're a English speaking guild? I hate when people write something and I dont understand it ;D
  9. Lol i jut randomly came across this thread, read through the posts and saw the screenies of elgard. I downloaded this game on my nexus 7 and daaaaaamn nice game :D Could I join B2K there? Bored of this Warbank Online and Elgard seems to be awesome
  10. I'm sorry if I'm wrong but wasn't this the name of the guy who killed 90+ people in sweden?! :facepalm: If yes this guy is completely brainfu**ed :bad:
  11. There is a official 2.1 update and several 2.3 and 4.2 custom roms so why you still on 1.6 Android?! ;D
  12. Little Pic showing us camping at Bridge before server went down. Waited few minutes until no one writes anything into the area chat to take it ;D
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