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  1. guyųs can you explain how to do both rides good?
  2. So i was wondering is Saim hain is droping sometgin? if drops he drops something so what? or we can oly get items and so from quest chest?
  3. So i was wondering is Saim hain is droping anything? if he drops something so what? or we can only get items and so from quest chest?
  4. you meen then rogue uses jump on elfs?
  5. Now it clears. but there is any explanation for why it was made that way? becouse its not seems to be clever decision. Thanks r0land.
  6. okay i understand that, but can you answer why cant the system be upgraded and dont give the items which just opposite faction cant use? i think its smart thing and lots of people will agree with me.
  7. Derpin is complaining what he is mountain clans faction player, he opened 200 chests and got the skin of the bow which is useless to forsaken/mountain clan factions players. And this is a big problem with weapons and other stuff which is created to use for opposite factions. And your answer is: Yes, why not? Its like: Who cares.
  8. This is rude...... i dont get it why there is still the posibility to get the items which your faction cant use??
  9. Keep nerfing mc chars, maybe there will be even more elfs players
  10. gradex


    GM so how about the mailbox? i think its more important thing than dungeons or new items. we need features like messaging to offline players. For now as Razal mentioned its very hard to communicate with people. And other very important thing is item transfer. it would be very good if we could send it to other people(or atleast in your own id with characters in it). if item tranfer would be inserted there would be less scams. becouse now if player wants to transfer items from his own character A to character B he cant do it by himself, unless he uses two devices and ID's at the same time. As mailbox is so important thing, why there it is not implemented yet?
  11. it's a bullsh*t, there are too many players who keep trashing low level players ir arena just now, and u want to make even more of them? and its a little bit pathetick, to stay on low levels arena with good enchanted gear and think that you are pro by killing low level players with quest gears and didnt even knowing how to play yet. u are supposed to rise level and move on.
  12. gradex

    Symbian problems

    i think so. symbian is very weak platform. android phone cost not so expensive, just buy one. i think symbian will not even be supporting warpsear soon and its ok. warspear need to refuse symbian and move on with bigger updates.
  13. Hello why ppl can't create new bd, priest, ranger, paladin?
  14. yap its best to stay +8 but i know what this guy is feeling. i remember then i was trying to amp my lvl15 arena sword from +9 to +10. and used 32sets of signs and still nothing, i decided to stop killing myself, but its feels so bad then u spend so much and didnt get what u wanted. its like casino.
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