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  1. Now i need say that all the news are amazing and great for that you show my post? *Crazy*
  2. Ohhh perfect!! You fixed the problem that no one really wanted to fix :clapping: Do not care if we can make more gp with daily quest... Is more cool for we all, waste our money or gold in Stam and arena tickets :drinks: Conzt and ty! (sorry my bad english ;) )
  3. New boss in Ayvondil[/color] There is a new mini-boss in Maliat Сloaca with a charming name Spawn. Winning him may bring you Spawn costume, minions, ingots, spheres, books, rings and amulets of 20 level with great bonuses and many other things! Get your bags ready! Mini-boss? How much hp you call "mini-boss" ? :pleasantry: Is only a doubt, I like it anyway!!
  4. SELL Elf side Emerald +1 Baton of Endless War, 200k PM Wassy or Diablita Sell mc side Emerald too Scale Armor DD... 38k? :unknw: Pm Washy :give_rose: Too trade my scale armor for KW Brigadine... I pay with gold the difference of the price. (Sorry my english... and good day for all :friends: )
  5. Sell in elf side EU [black Troll Costum] PM me with offers... Really i dnt know what is right price :facepalm: PM Wassy or Dulcinea. Good Day for all.
  6. OMG! It is ok, good. But amp rings and amulets? Really? :facepalm: Please change title game free :) Everything else is ok...
  7. Buy on Emerald elf side [inferno bow] Pm me pls here or in the game player "Wassy or Diosita". Good day all ;)
  8. I repeat for the last time, I do not consider myself pro, but I was not scammed, the scammed was a druid friend, Gabosky new player ;)
  9. Ah y claro quepa aclarar, esto es tan solo un perfecto ejemplo. Ojalá Suprememan recupere su acc lo más pronto posible :good:
  10. No no fui yo la estafada jajaj mira, estoy al moño del traductor y tu eres bien español asi que mira: Help please « on: Today at 08:02:41 » Quote @ rOland My Necro has been taken from me. I need help to recover please. I ask your help in general because you helped Hassn recover his Buud account, so why cant you help me right? My necro Iambert lvl 19 from EU-Emerald is now lvl 20 Gravesxbr. Name was changed and login info. I am the rightful owner of this account. I have screenshots, bought many miracle for it and spent lots of hard work to lvl it. I had Berengar light set for max hp regeneration, in fact had all Berengar set; rings, amulet, forgotten staff and belt. Also had Doom staff +8 w astral enchant, snow staff from last holiday and guiding hood + gloves. Please help recover. I hope my friends from game see this as they can back up that I am owner of this necro. Ive been playing game for over 4 years, my characters are; Suprememan (barb) Berengars(shaman) Childsplay(rogue) Ioki(lock) Iucifer(DK) Iambert(Necro). Please help guys. Re: Help please « Reply #5 on: Today at 10:51:18 » Quote Yea... Is his necro 100% do something fast tomorrow !!! thank you support team. Ohhh !! Mismo drama :'( Pero claro, como es un miracle friend no es estúpido por confiar su acc (se que fue robada y no hackeada ;) ) en cambio mi amigo nuevo player si, es estúpido por no mirar :fool: ... Lástima verdad? Es hora de dejar de chupar calcetines sudados. Bueno, esto fue el fin, hace tiempo decidí no intentar razonar con personas incapaces de hacerlo :pardon: Jjajajja gracias por tus buenos deseos hacia mi Javi! Y ahora si el moderador quiere traducir esto, lo tiene bastante bien escrito, aunque bueno, hay bosta mucho mas grande que traducir por ahí. Bye y fin del tema para mi :drinks: Fúndeme a - karma si te hace sentir mejor :) mi buen karma está en la vida y no aquí. Bb :give_rose:
  11. This will not happen to me. I know how the game works. But it is regrettable 180k steal a new guy :fool:
  12. You should be aware that there are new players. You call business. I call scam, surely if scammed is your friend you would not say the same. So long as you have the reason You is able to recognize be gay lol. This subject is to warn new people, not to talk with you. Good day.
  13. Elf side, EU-EMERALD Bladedancer level 13 of name WERHASSLT We have a new scammer :facepalm: "Full bag strategy" This player "buy" all kinds of items expensive, valuable, costly... He acts this way: In the first exchange he show the gold agreed (200K in this case) but he cancel exchage because have "Full bag" Second enchange, my friend (and many players more) put of ítem [Winter Knight] CC costume in this case... and WERHASSLT give just 20k :pardon: PLEASE Warspear, ACTION WITH RESPECT THERETO If you too has been scammed, pleasse report here :facepalm: SORRY ALL FOR MY TERRIBLE ENGLISH :unknw: I do this with my best intentions, in order to stop this scam. Thanks to all
  14. Buy elf side Emerald Shoes and Helmet level 13 for druid. Pm me Wassy or Diosita Sell Favony's small ring (5% sun level 5) and Aquilon's small amulet (5%moon level 5) Thanks and Merry Christmas :give_rose:
  15. especially with our fantasy vocabulary and complex sentencesIt is exactly that. No problem, I will decipher hahahah lol :good:
  16. Do you see? I still do not understand, maybe it's the problem of the translator :unknw:
  17. It is difficult to understand translated from English into Spanish. Incoherence :sorry:
  18. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=98870.0 :drinks:
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