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[2016.03.15] Warspear Online 5.6: The Honoring of the Spring King. Release

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Warriors of Arinar!

Final arrangements for this tremendous celebration are complete and we would like to invite everyone to join in. The Holiday will start right after the restart of all game servers. Enjoy an amazing adventure on Blissful Isle and defeat the evil Witch who plans to ruin it. Solo dungeons, dynamic events, bosses, new quests, achievements, Blissful Isle Stash and other treasures are waiting for you! Full information about it - in our recent preview.

Presents for everyone!

We have prepared wonderful gifts for all participants: new spring suits for male and female characters: the Spring Prince and the Spring Princess! You can choose whichever suit will keep the memories of this great holiday fresh in your mind. To get these gifts you will just have to perform a short chain of holiday quests on the Blissful Isle. Hurry along, and this exclusive costume will be yours!

Integration with Google Play Games

Good news for Android owners - you can now easily switch between accounts and gain Google Play Games achievements.

When logging in, your profile data is automatically saved and you can switch between them in one click, without entering logins and passwords again.
By fulfilling unique achievements you can earn experience and level up your profile in Google Play Games.


Bug fix related to the amount of resources required for crafting heavy armour.

Warspear Online 5.6 The Honoring of the Spring King will be available right after restarting our game servers. This magnificent holiday will be available for every owner of Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Windows, OS X and Linux devices. Please, note, that release timings may vary slightly for the different platforms.

See you in the game!

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