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  1. Are u kidding me? Why u give me one more stun for lock? Now lock is a master for pvp and with 1more stun they will be inmortal in pvp fix that man(the others skills are balanced)thanks for read this and srry for.my bad english
  2. like shamans( totems), rogues( dodge skill really op and venom), dks(2stuns +silence... full stun) necro(same than dk), lock( same than dk and necro) barb( up life and dmg and same skill than dodge of rogues and 1p of life skill) u really think bds op? im +10 weps and rogue +8 hard to kill always need first hit in necro and lock for kill same with dk and shami totems hit a lot.... dont worry about bd now counter shit
  3. why dont change rewards of tours? now cc dont work:v we need rare skins(new skins) and rare costumes (new too)or something like that.
  4. roland will do event for anniversary?
  5. we need something for change emails to accs like if we lost our email and other thinks like banned accs need more thinks about that acc ussopp got perma ban and im still searching for reasons of ban:v
  6. wew we will have chance for drop horror items or craft items? say me please gm im confused
  7. gms its 72 books for all server or 72 for one and 72 for other....?
  8. yeah but i say accidental hit or saving one man i die too fast thats a shit
  9. Hello gms fix the dmg of mobs in dg 26 im mage 3400+life and one pt kill me in 0.1secs cant even atract mobs or tank the boss hit me a bit too kill me in 2 hits and im +9 with 17.8life steal and still cant do any in that dg fix that please
  10. heyz r0 land fix the dg 26 please its imposible in 1stam ok we can do in 2 +9+10 ppl but what happend with low amp ppl and poor ppl? not all can buy coins and amp +8+9 or +10 or buy sekker please fix boss only the dg is good but boss so op many ppl +5-+7 amp do that dg in 4-5stams only for boss in waiting ur opinion r0land
  11. we really wait a good event gms not like the impossible dg of horror event
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