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  1. Nah. I get only when i buy mcoins so idk how u get. Maybe people get different
  2. Buy mcoins and ur chance will increase automaticaly, 5k coins = 4-5drops/week
  3. So better lose weekly ranking while losing last 2weeks to people who shared their accounts, than use parallel n keep spamming legit
  4. Use parallel app to login ur banned acc or other device
  5. Now wait till morning for unban, we gonn lose rank:(
  6. U More than 1 device doesnt mean acc sharing, acc sharing is when more than 1 people playing on it, and ye i have 3 phones n i can multi spam, but if i cant win legit im gonna do same shit as he doing if ur "supporters" lazy assholes. Supporting mcs only, btw i can buy 100k every week, do u ban em then? Gold diggers!
  7. 24/7? He would die from non sleep in 2-3days
  8. https://imgur.com/a/yi3aCyJ 50+ runs in first day, this guy acc sharing, is this alowed, can i share with friends?
  9. dont be crybabys about this update, if u dont like that it is for pay2win players, then just quit game n go play other 2d, dont need to complain, airgrind not gonna lose money from u anyway, cus u f2p
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