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  1. when i link weapons from guild the game go's to restoring connection
  2. Hi i would like to know if this is normal damage for the lvl 20 boss Cruelle the shadow or is it a bug
  3. Hey I have had lots of problems lately when sole farming with my shaman I keep being low healed by other player (those f.uckers) so maybe u can make it so player cant heal other player when they are on the ignore list
  4. well then they can make npc where u can exchange for other weapons
  5. Why do mc get crossbow and longbow drops we can’t use and elf’s can use all weapons it is unfair.running dungeons all day and get crossbow now can’t do anything with it. So maybe can change crossbow to spear and longbow to 2h sword or mace.
  6. If u guys are sorry for the inconvenience give us X2 drop rate the weak lol
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