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  1. What will be the weekly prizes? Also does only #1 gets it or top 3? And are they all same rating, or also divided by levels like arena?
  2. Learn from your fellow citizens. This is how updates should be handled, and how community should be treated. When their server crashed for 2 hrs, they also gave everyone a 1 day premium. And please don't tell me how Wargaming is a bigger and richer company, because that is complete bollocks in this case. Giving a minor gift, just to say ''our fault, enjoy the game'' doesn't cost you anything. Also i am pretty sure that people would be calmer when updates take hours, if you did something like this. Explaining it in detail, and why is it taking that long and how will we benefit from it. I'm posting this in good faith for players to see, and for administration to see and maybe learn from it, provoked by yesterdays tournament crash. Wasted resources for something that is not our mistake, then getting completely ignored about it on forums. Maintaining good communication with and showing care about community is the most important pillar of online gaming. Without us, there wouldn't be you and this game. Thank you for your attention. http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/package-free-premium/
  3. Thank you for the timely reply and a quick response on making sure community doesn't suffer from your mistakes, keep up the good work
  4. Pls a word about this...Even thought about it or instantly discarded us?
  5. What will happen with the gp made during this unplanned break? Gone? Also many people used upots and staminas in this time....All went to waste.. Some [stamina elixir [Gift]] and [unity potion[Gift]] would be nice thing to make it up to us...just saying
  6. What is the consequence of this? What will happen with the gp, and tournaments and rewards....Could you clear it up please?
  7. Why did tournament results reset on Emerald? As if tour ended, but no reward and total gp is reset. However players in guild have same amount of gp they already made... Pls explain
  8. This is because of positioning bug. Which got quite worse after the update, posing a big problem for any character that has area skills. Fix screen position.
  9. Exactly, so you cant spam afk party. You will get low demands being top rank. Then the other pt will get close to you eventually, and you will both get low demands and fight each other. This way they encouraging more ppl to go arena, so its kept alive whole season. And so you cant just spam 10k tickets in the first week and be cozy #1 until season end. Gotta fight to keep rank now, which is fun and what arena should be.
  10. 1) That's ok, but don't you think it should be divided between lvl branches atleast? Because despite those lvl 10 being top ranks in their branch, they came like served to us in lvl 14, couldn't touch us because of the lvl difference. Just like we couldn't touch lvl 18s with full expert skills. Yet in either case, the higher lvls got more rating points. Isn't that a bit abusive? Shouldn't there be difference between levels and rating gained? 2) So that higher ranked player i mentioned, got more rating because his win/loss ratio was worse than mine?
  11. Thought about it, but pene will go up to 11% anw, harmony good for now. For when i pvp higher lvl healers, mana runs out
  12. If i use harmony belt, its 59 mana regen. I would try get arena helm, body and one ring, but idk will see about that
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