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  1. When warlock using stone body, why only get 1x heal, While its duration is long enough
  2. They are pro then why counter attack is added to 80%, without that any BD users are too hard to beat. So even if BD user keep silence still all will die. Why should depend on the amount of energy that there is less energy then less magic damage is inflicted, while the other expert skill is not dependent on the amount of energy, although little energy is still the same as damage in the beginning of the amount of energy. It should be a warlock shadow sphere in conformity with other skill experts that do not depend on the amount of energy, and even if they have a small amount of energy the damage is released remains the same.
  3. the chart will be created if allowed to take from other games or a place?
  4. dat too long time , why not after carnival event i cant wait for dat dg solo
  5. well dat theme is RIO 2 and ANGRY BIRDs, but dat cool. great job devs
  6. why not guild tournament get dat suit and usigns? i guess that whould be interesting
  7. 2 hours MT like 1 day for me, when this game up?
  8. there no chest box too, its a bug or something?
  9. nice update and good award, but how about BD's counter skill there no info about fixing it
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