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  1. yes.. but that is no rigth way... high lvl guilds work too hard for get high level, and waste time and moeney on process, for that we no understand why no do same for all players
  2. why no lvl 8 or more have discount?? cmon... always same discrimination, at end.. higth lvl guilds have more activa players, if continue on this way .. more people retry of game, review your politics because more and more player retry all day and developers no do nothing, really sad
  3. I mean what, on life exhust skill, GM able to use healing skills like Great relic of Salutary Healig, or why not, Great relic of continuos efect, or able to use stone boby always, even lock get stun... all magic class can use buff for resist stuns and continue using all skills or atk, only lock got that useless skill for pvp. Lock is the class what less great relics can use.. Pd. I no say what others class need be nerfed, i say what locks need be review.
  4. hey guys Im not try already my lock in pvp, cos i set skills for spam event , but i think what lock can able to use great relics for heal (on life exahust skill), cos is not woth what all can use that and only locks cant use. In many updates GM forget something, but i think what druid got mad too cos if fail stun, die too, but they can heal. Hope soon i can test for review more properly
  5. So, all members of guild need run 1 time dg, and run to mortis place, stand 30 sec at cave for done?
  6. Daria please can explain us, guild event mechanical.. pleaaaaseeee
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