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  1. My PvP 12 rogue can get 30% dodge with skill... I'm sure y'all can stack really high...
  2. Remember, rogues are assassin class. Can't just look at it just for pvp... Full dodge rogues is more deadly than high dmg rogues...
  3. Dop.. I took half his go with my low amp mage and almost win awhile back.. Can't tell y'all my mage name lol
  4. I get where you coming but tanks known for high def and hp..
  5. Wish sacred was a inc block skill(passive) lol Or each shield that orbit the pala or whoever you cast it on, blocks(skill points determined how many attacks get block)
  6. Yea I notice that today with bitterness.. Works like reflex..
  7. Can't make classes have the same skill yo... Ranger skill have a different role on this game...
  8. Make sign II/III like all the other spheres lol
  9. Wish the % was a higher or amp relic lol jkjkjk..
  10. Yea I get tired seeing them mf in arena.. They get old lol.. New event PvP gonna be fun... Give me a shaman or necro with my pala
  11. High level ranger is really good to have in pt.. When I want dmg class.. I want ranger or mage.. Mainly ranger. Best single target dmg class.. If I can get a rogue.. I get 2 lol.. Should be a merge event one day lol
  12. Funny... When mc was winning war, we had small numbers of mage and palas.. Now update fixed them, the number grew that inc the number and makes more mixer of participant roles for war. Gotta remember that mc switch side on war as well.. I used to have an mc yrs ago but the stubborn faction I'm stuck on many bosses(still is lol) so new faction was made and I made a pala and mage and got hell of help.. Good side good people teehee:D
  13. Music with game = inc ratings, more active players, devs make more money lol... Arena motivation music was epic
  14. That random mix PvP on the coming event gonna be dope... Should have an arena like the coming up one permenent. Makes PvP interesting
  15. Both class are awesome.. I seen some druid get owned by pro shaman.. Both class can setup kill skill or support for pve... Also support PvP kill skill where you rely on teamwork.
  16. Yea i like the new pala but I still use sucky sacred shield
  17. I like the unbalanced game.. More teamwork than some 1v1 bull
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