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  1. My PvP 12 rogue can get 30% dodge with skill... I'm sure y'all can stack really high...
  2. Remember, rogues are assassin class. Can't just look at it just for pvp... Full dodge rogues is more deadly than high dmg rogues...
  3. Dop.. I took half his go with my low amp mage and almost win awhile back.. Can't tell y'all my mage name lol
  4. I get where you coming but tanks known for high def and hp..
  5. Wish sacred was a inc block skill(passive) lol Or each shield that orbit the pala or whoever you cast it on, blocks(skill points determined how many attacks get block)
  6. Yea I notice that today with bitterness.. Works like reflex..
  7. Can't make classes have the same skill yo... Ranger skill have a different role on this game...
  8. Make sign II/III like all the other spheres lol
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