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  1. Is it a bug or the new mechanics in dg the number of rats spawned has increased and it's extremely hard now. Also relics are bugged now any relic triggers with 100% success rate. Also increase dg time old it's hard to finish in the given time
  2. I'm unable to take chaos pot in bloody court should I redownload the game again or something
  3. Harrads call needs reduced cool down and also adding agro to it would be nice
  4. Still can't log in to the game keeps disconnecting .when can we expect for this to be fixed.
  5. Its one slot every two lvl after lvl 18 so 6slots at 28 7th at 30 off
  6. so...idk if this has been said but I'll put my opinion here1.sun seal has been changed in the upcoming update i.e, the chances of it working against all mobs and bosses has been increased *checked it myself in test server and yup it's true* also it gives 20%lifesteal on affected target so I think it's defensive enough. 2. sacred shield.....nothing much to say your right it sucks compared to all other shields in game devs better buff it soon 3.illumination has also been changed in the upcoming update now it deals damage to all targets kinda like dks skill not a great fix but it's better than the previous one and about pala being defensive it's hard to say yes or no coz pala is the only class on elf side to reach 10k+ def without any buffs from skills and with new skill it definitely makes it more defensive so I say new skill is good as far as pve concerns and also good in PvP if u have good resi going back to all other skills banner is good as always harrads call.mechanics has been changed so u don't need banner to use it now u can just jump like mages teleport skill but the sad part is the number of affected targets has been limited with respect to its lvl repellant strike just another dmg skill with stun over all palas can be great tanks if u have the right build but in the end when compared to dks and barbs pala is as week as always
  7. it's actually lasts 60sec @4/4
  8. if u played ranger u would know . this skill is very much usefull against dk barb and pala ,lets just say all melee class
  9. Try to clear all data of warspear in your phone and reinstall the game. It may work
  10. U guys need to check on heroic tree of seasons it has some issues now might as well check the topic in support section
  11. rakshith

    Hero Tree Bug

    Just noticed it the DG seems to have changed completely. Its gotten a lot harder.1 the ice storms at boss doesn't hit boss now . 2 ice horrors are miss placed idk if it ment to be. 3 ice horrors on the right part of DG have 21k HP+ those spirits keep spawning which makes it very hard to get through .I'm not sure if this is an update to the DG or just another huge bug . whatever it may be I guess u guys need to fix it if its a bug or change it to the way it was if its an update . Hope u guys u get this.
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